Chapter 1182: Kill Without Mercy

Chapter 1182: Kill Without Mercy

It only took a single blink for him to crush her wrist and then grab her neck; it was too late for anyone to even try and save her.

“No—” Both Teng Jiwen and the citadel lord were jolted with shocked expressions.

“Save, save me…” Her face turned red due to a lack of oxygen from being choked.

“Junior, what are you doing!” The Hao Ancestor was shocked. Very quickly, the disciples from the citadel completely surrounded Li Qiye.

Outside of a few ancestors from the Hao branch, many elders from the citadel itself were present as well.

Li Qiye maintained his grip and coldly glared at the group before nonchalantly declaring: “Still want to play? Try and stop me and I’ll crush your heads!”

“Wait, let us talk it out first.” The citadel lord was sweating. He quickly mediated: “Sir, we can slowly discuss this again. Just let go of my niece first.”

“Sir, we can still talk it out.” Teng Jiwen was quite scared as well and hurriedly told Li Qiye: “There’s no need to ruin the friendly atmosphere. It was only a misunderstanding.”

Li Qiye lazily declared: “There’s nothing to talk about. Either scram to the side and don’t bother me or I’ll cut all of your heads off!”

In just a moment, everyone’s expressions turned quite ugly. This was no longer about the internal competition. Li Qiye’s blatant contempt had humiliated and antagonized the entire citadel.

“There is nothing to discuss now.” The Hao Ancestor coldly said: “Let go of Yuzhen right now and surrender before you risk your own life!”

“With just you all?” Li Qiye dismissively responded: “Only a bunch of nobodies, not enough to even be an appetizer.”

The citadel lord was speechless. He couldn’t mediate anymore, so he said with a bitter expression: “My little ancestor, just let go of her and I can guarantee your safety.”

Teng Jiwen had no words to say. The deal was supposed to be smooth, but look at things now. Just one word of discord could cause blood to splatter every three steps!

At this time, all the experts and ancestors of the citadel were glaring at Li Qiye. He was completely provoking their city’s prestige and authority. If they didn’t teach this ignorant person a lesson, people would think that their city was easy to bully.

“Junior, you are being too arrogant. Let go of Yuzhen or we’ll end your dog life!” Even those who weren’t part of the Hao branch were shouting, unable to contain their anger.

If it wasn’t for her being a hostage, they would have pounced forward and cut him into countless pieces already.

“Li, listen! Even a Godking would die if they come to our citadel!” With so many ancestors backing her up, Hao Yuzhen became more courageous despite being in his clutches. She struggled to breathe before shouting: “Just let me go. Break your own arms and legs and end your cultivation, then we’ll spare your—”

“Crack!” It was a familiar scene. Before she could finish, he had crushed her neck. She didn’t even have the chance to scream since death came too quickly.

Everyone became dumbfounded. In the middle of the encirclement, he still dared to kill his only hostage. This was the same as cutting off his only path of retreat!

No sane person in this predicament would kill their only hostage. This truly stunned all the experts and even the Hao Ancestor.

“No…” Teng Jiwen was completely frightened. He spent painstaking efforts to convince the ancestors to agree to this deal. But now, everything had turned into smoke.

“Incomparably foolish, threatening to break my arms and legs as well as my cultivation under this situation.” Li Qiye didn’t even bat an eye. He threw her body to the side like trash.

“Little animal, I’m going to grind your bones to dust!” The Hao Ancestor’s roar echoed to the clouds. He unleashed a palm capable of chopping tides and splitting the ocean.

“Bang!” Li Qiye remained undaunted. With a tyrannical pose, he unleashed a direct punch, a fist that could shatter the past. It was a quiet fist that didn’t create gales or display an overbearing momentum.

One could hear something fracturing. The Hao Ancestor’s arm shattered after receiving this fist. He had to take several steps back while spewing out blood.

This shocked everyone present, forcing them to take deep breaths to calm down. The Hao Ancestor was still a grand character at the citadel, but he wasn’t a match for Li Qiye.

The ancestors became cautious right away. They took out their weapons and began to circle him. The other experts instantly left the battlefield to give room to their ancestors.

This level of battle was not something the juniors could participate in. They would only get in the way.

The Heavenvine Citadel Lord was completely stupefied. He thought that the ordinary-looking Li Qiye was just an alchemist, he didn’t expect him to be heaven-defyingly powerful.

Teng Jiwen couldn’t speak at all. This had escalated out of his control. It was up to the ancestors to decide now. He had wondered how powerful Li Qiye was, but this remained a mystery until now. He finally got a general concept of how strong the guy was.

“Zzz—” A buzz resounded as the shattered arm of the Hao Ancestor quickly recovered. However, he was in a frenzy. Being seriously injured by a junior was truly a disgrace in his eyes.

With a twisted expression, he took out his true weapon and coldly said: “Little animal, if our Heavenvine Citadel doesn’t peel your skin, sever your tendons, and drink your blood, we won’t need to stay in the Heaven Spirit World any longer!”

Another ancestor yelled at him: “Junior, it is not too late to surrender!”

Li Qiye sneered at the experts and said: “Surrender? In my eyes, all of you are mere insects. I can trample all of you to death with one stomp.”

“Naive fool, still blustering before death.” The Hao Ancestor shouted: “Brothers, what are we waiting for, let's chop this little animal to—”

“Xshhh!” Blood spattered everywhere. Before the ancestor could finish his words, a tree branch came out of nowhere and pierced his skull. His eyes dilated from confusion about his sudden death.

The spectators were dumbfounded by this scene. To their surprise, a long vine was wrapped around Li Qiye’s arm. This vine actually grew out from their ancestral vine’s body.

The elders audibly gasped after seeing this sudden development. They turned pale and retreated while staring at Li Qiye in disbelief.

A vine growing from their ancestral tree actually killed the Hao Ancestor! How could such a thing happen?!

In their citadel, the ancestral vine was not only their progenitor, it was also their divine guardian that had been sheltering them for generations. But today, instead of killing the enemy, it killed an ancestor from their city.

If such a thing were to be spread, no one would believe it. This was already inconceivable, even when they witnessed it in person.

An ancestor murmured in astonishment: “Evil art, this is definitely an evil art…”

This was the only explanation they could come up with. Li Qiye used some strange and evil witchcraft to control the ancestral vine to kill the Hao Ancestor!

A frightened ancestor screamed: “He cultivates an evil art! We can’t let him live any longer, kill him at all costs!”

“Kill!” The rest of the ancestors present all roared together and unleashed their weapons to slay Li Qiye.

They wouldn’t mind paying any price to stop Li Qiye from leaving the citadel alive. Otherwise, he would certainly become a great menace in the future.

“A bunch of fools.” Li Qiye coldly glared at them and simply flipped his palm over, not bothering to give them another glance. A large leaf that was growing from the vine tree suddenly shot out.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The weapons attacking Li Qiye all shattered before this leaf.

With another loud blast, the flower swept through the ancestors like the end of autumn, sending them flying while spurting blood.

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