Chapter 118 : God (2)

 Chapter 118 : God (2)

“A godly light as beautiful as blood!”

Hearing this, Li Qiye’s gaze dimmed. A godly light as beautiful as blood — this was the thing he didn’t want to see the most! One had to know that during the ancient times, the Evil Infested Ridge was its own world, a separate piece of heaven, but this was not a peaceful ground.

“What is wrong?”

Seeing Li Qiye’s expression, Li Shuangyan felt something was wrong.

Li Qiye said:

“We will go check it out and see if there are Heavenly Beasts and Longevity Spirits hibernating, or whether they have ran off somewhere.”

In the past, Li Qiye absolutely believed that this thing will not appear. This strange existence was not only mysteriously powerful, but was extremely difficult to deal with. It was extremely tenacious like the wild weeds. It was basically impossible to destroy its roots.

In fact, the first time he came here as the Dark Crow, he already swept through everything once with Immortal Emperor Xue Xi. Later on, he did it again with Immortal Emperor Min Ren and almost turned this place upside down. However, if this ghastly thing could just leave behind a little bit of its roots, then it could tenaciously rise again.

Even though he left behind a method to suppress it as the Dark Crow that year, it seemed like it was no longer there!

“Many cultivators are rushing east and some are even crossing the dangerous area. However, there are no Longevity Spirits or Heavenly Beasts.”

As they were heading east, Li Shuangyan reported back to Li Qiye.

“It was indeed so.”

Li Qiye murmured:

“I also want to see what type of appearance it will have after millions of years of gestation!”

“The treasure of the gods? This is only a rumor, but someone said that the Evil Infested Ridge was a land of the gods and that this place had godly treasures!”

Li Shuangyan looked at Li Qiye and said.

Regarding this matter, Li Qiye smiled and slowly spoke:

“Treasures of the gods? I have never seen them, but there could be a godly bone or two in the sea of bones from the gods!”

“There are gods in this world?”

Li Shuangyan emotionally asked Li Qiye.

Regarding immortals and gods, not just the Mortal Emperor World, there were many legends in all of the Nine Worlds. Some said that this world used to have immortals, but they were exterminated later on.

Some even said that during the ancient eras, there was an era of the gods. The gods used to rule over the nine worlds and ten earths. However, whether there were gods or not, no one could really say. There had been a few who obtained treasures and even Life Treasures, not from the wise sages during the Desolate Era, but of an even earlier age.

These were heaven defying treasures, but because one couldn’t go back in time to find out, some cultivators considered these the treasures of gods.


Li Qiye loudly laughed and leisurely said:

“If there are gods in this world, then I am the lord of the gods. If there are immortals in this world, then I am the king of the immortals.”

These words were too unbridled. Lord of the gods, king of the immortals — anyone who heard this would think that Li Qiye was lying, but Li Shuangyan was used to it. Sometimes, Li Qiye said many arrogant things, but in his hands, matters were easily settled! This was downright frightening!

As they continued eastward, many cultivators were foraging everywhere. They were either looking for spirit pills and medicinal grasses or digging for treasures and godly metals. Many people rushed here when they knew that there were no Longevity Spirits or Heavenly Beasts left.

In a short period of time, this news spread throughout the entire ridge. Someone said:

“I heard that there is a godly treasure appearing in the east and it alarmed many great sects and nations.”

“Right. Even Shengtian Dao was heading east quickly.”

Another cultivator said.

Another added:

“People saw the fierce beasts leaving the east. It was probably because they couldn’t handle the godly treasure’s presence, so they left.”

“We should also go quickly. At the moment, everyone is going there. There will be so many treasures everywhere that will be ripe for the picking. If the dangerous area is no longer dangerous, then everyone will become rich.”

This news quickly passed through the grapevine and, in a short amount of time, all of the cultivator crazily rushed east, wanting to find treasures since the fierce beasts were no longer present.

As for the rumors regarding the godly treasure, no one knew for sure because they didn’t know what it was or whether the gods ever existed in the first place.

As for why many people actually believed in the appearance of a godly treasure, this was because this piece of news came from the disciples of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom.

Particularly, Heavenly Prince Qingxuan. He wasn’t like Marquis of the Eastern River and Shengtian Dao, who were just killing Heavenly Beasts and Longevity Spirits for the beast marrows and longevity blood. He was only searching in the dangerous area, as if he was looking for something.

“Heavenly Prince Qingxuan definitely came here with a goal.”

Finally, this news was confirmed by the old Turtle Monarch of the Flying Dragon Lake:

“The Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom had always been standing strong with two generations of Immortal Emperors, what dao bones would they be lacking? What heaven’s will true stone would they require? The treasury of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom is heaven frightening. At this moment, Heavenly Prince Qingxuan is definitely not here just for beast marrows and dao bones. I’m afraid that he is only here for the godly treasure. If there was something that could cause the mobilization of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom, this would be it.”

The Turtle Monarch of the Flying Dragon Lake had lived for a very long time and was rich with knowledge. If he said so, then many cultivators believed him, that there was a godly treasure appearing in the east.

Li Qiye heading east naturally was not for the treasure of the gods. Whether it existed or not, he knew too well. He was only here for the frog!

However, as he was going to the dangerous area, he met an illustrious character!

“Heavenly Prince Qingxuan has arrived!”

At this moment, an unknown cultivator yelled out. Everyone else lifted their heads and looked towards the horizon.

In the far distance, there was an azure aura that spanned a thousand miles. In a flash, this azure light crossed over the heads of many people.

The azure light swept past the sky with a great presence, like a king patrolling his land. There were many people of all ages flying inside this azure light, led by a young man.

This young man’s stature was proud and tall. He was encompassed by a green light, as if he was born in the chaos, like the son of the heavens. Even though one couldn’t see his features clearly, he wore a godly crown while wearing an imperial robe, like a heavenly king patrolling the world.

What was especially noticeable was the azure aura coming out from his gaze, like a morning celestial, being able to see through all things.

Heavenly Prince Qingxuan — descendant of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom. Some said that he was the son of Mortal King Qingxuan. Some said that he was the descendant of the progenitor, Immortal Emperor Qingxuan. Some also believed that he could be a descendant of Immortal Emperor San Dao.

However, these were not the integral points. What was amazing was that there were rumors that Heavenly Prince Qingxuan cultivated two Emperor Merit Laws at the same time. There was even a rumor that he was cultivating the Heaven’s Will Secret Laws of both Immortal Emperor Qingxuan and Immortal Emperor San Dao.

“The descendant of the Ancient Kingdom, he’s truly a dragon.”

As the aura of Heavenly Prince Qingxuan illuminated the field, many people were shocked. No matter how talented the younger generation cultivators thought they were, in front of Heavenly Prince Qingxuan, they all developed an inferiority complex.

“One kingdom, two Immortal Emperors; one sect, two Heaven’s Will Secret Laws. In this entire world, there is no one who can defend themselves against him.”

Even the older Royal Nobles were lamenting.

Needless to say, all of the Royal Nobles were wary of him, or even avoided him in fear of potentially provoking him. Heavenly Prince Qingxuan was not only powerful, but behind him was the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom.

There was another man next to Heavenly Prince Qingxuan. Heavenly Prince Qingxuan had a powerful and magnanimous presence without peers, but this young man next to Heavenly Prince Qingxuan could follow him without losing too much of his own charm.

This young man was excellent and had a serious expression with the fortitude of a mountain. Even though his presence was not as terrifying as Heavenly Prince Qingxuan, he was still very great.

Aside from this young man, there were also many older men next to Heavenly Prince Qingxuan. Even though they suppressed their aura, but with just their glances, they caused others’ hearts to be chilled. One could imagine that these old men were the experts of the Ancient Kingdom, and their cultivations must be formidable.

“Isn’t that the oldest disciple of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, Leng Chengfeng?”

Seeing the young man next to the Heavenly Prince, someone recognized his origin and surprisingly said.

The Nine Saint Demon Gate didn’t only have a genius like Li Shuangyan. In fact, the oldest disciple of the Nine Saint Demon Gate was also absolutely brilliant. However, for unknown reasons, as the oldest disciple, he was not chosen to be the descendant. Instead, Li Shuangyan was chosen.

Some said that it was because Li Shuangyan had a Saint Fate Palace and a King Physique, so she was greatly valued by the Demon King and chosen to be the descendant. Some also said that because Leng Chengfeng was not a disciple of the Demon King, he didn’t have the qualifications to inherit the position.

In any case, the Nine Saint Demon Gate had two great geniuses and were envied by many sects. Li Shuangyan, needless to say, was a natural Saint Fate and King Physique and had unlimited potential. Even though Leng Chengfeng’s natural talents were not as great as Li Shuangyan, he was very powerful. Some believed that the number one person in the younger generation of the Nine Saint Demon Gate was Leng Chengfeng; he was believed to be even stronger than Li Shuangyan.

“The Nine Saint Demon Gate’s Leng Chengfeng and Heavenly Prince Qingxuan going together… Could it be that the Nine Saint Demon Gate wants to build a good relationship with the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom?”

Some people saw this scene and emotionally said.


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