Chapter 1167: Humans Are Only Sojourners

Chapter 1167: Humans Are Only Sojourners

Li Qiye smilingly said: “Then let’s go to the land of the peacocks, it will be our first stop.”

She didn’t say anything else, only pulling the reins of the seahorse to lead the way. Her actions were quite natural without any hint of suddenness.

At this moment, she herself was startled at the lack of awkwardness. She was the lord of the Exquisite Valley, a great figure at the Heaven Spirit World, but today, she was acting as a mere guide. No one would believe it even if they were to see this scene.

“Little girl, come on up, stop dawdling around.” Li Qiye then patted the seahorse.

Kong Qinru took a quick look at him. She didn’t say anything before jumping up and gracefully sitting behind him.

Li Qiye once again used her chest as a pillow. His head sank into her valley as he spoke: “Go.”

She was immediately infuriated. She thought that he was acting like a gentleman and didn’t want her to walk on the long journey. However, it turns out that he only wanted to use her as a pillow!

She had the impulse to kick this man off the horse, but after what happened earlier, all of her anger went away. This was strange because if it was any other man, she would definitely kick him off to the horizon if they took advantage of her in such a frivolous manner. However, this man ahead looked natural and carefree as if this was no big deal. Nothing could ever faze him and he would just do as he pleased. There were no sexual thoughts or perverted intentions in his actions.

Ultimately, resting on a beauty seemed to be a natural course for this man. It didn’t matter if the girl was a goddess or a fairy from the heavens.

In the end, Kong Qinru could only wryly smile and urge the seahorse forward.

This seahorse was superb with incredible speed and few flaws. It was even more uncatchable in the sea since it came and went as fast as lightning.

“Earlier, why did you say that the Heaven Spirit World is not a home for humans?” She looked at him leaning against her chest and asked the question that had been looming over her mind.

“This has never been a suitable place for residence.” He said: “Even though the nine worlds are sealed right now, humans should be staying at other places. For millions of years, many invincible generations of humans have appeared in the Heaven Spirit World. However, the majority of them didn’t establish sects here; they would rather travel away from this world.”

“The truth is that I do admire the courage and determination of your valley’s progenitor. Building a lineage here must have required great courage.” He blinked and looked at her at this point.

“Why is it unsuitable?” In her opinion, there was no problem with the Heaven Spirit World. At the very least, she really liked living here.

“There are many reasons.” He flatly said: “For example, the human race is born to live on vast lands; the Heaven Spirit World, on the other hand, is full of oceans — this is not in accordance with human nature. Another reason is that the human race has been weak for a very long time in this world. We’re far from being comparable to the charming spirits, sea demons and treants.”

“These are not the root cause, right?” She could pick out a few clues from Li Qiye’s words and said: “If an Immortal Emperor really wanted to build a lineage in this world, he could shift the earth and oceans. There would be no need to live at sea.”

“Good observation.” He closed his eyes and continued: “Yes, they are not the main reasons. The point is that this world is not the world of us humans. In the end, we will still have to leave for this is not where our root is.”

“Why specifically must we leave?” She consulted respectfully while feeling that her knowledge was quite shallow compared to this man, despite being the valley lord.

“Because of the root of this world.” Li Qiye lightly stated: “If you wish to understand it, you would have to trace back to very ancient and unrecallable matters.”

He went on: “To keep it simple, why is it that only this world has treants and sea demons? Why can’t they leave the Heaven Spirit World? Even if they did, they would have to return eventually…

“Let’s take treefathers as an example. Once someone is strong enough to be at their level, they would be comparable to Immortal Emperors, but eventually, they would still come back here to take root to become a tree that shoulders the world and protects their descendants. For what reason?”

While Li Qiye was speaking, Kong Qinru was deep in thought. This had always been a part of life in the Heaven Spirit World. No one would give it a second thought, but now, it seemed to have some other intriguing implications.

“In the end, this world is not ours. It is a world for treants and sea demons.” He said: “Humans are only passing travelers in this world. The majority leave, only a few remain.”

She asked: “Then what about charming spirits? Why can they stand strong here?”

The strength of the Charming Spirit Race was even mightier than the treants and sea demons. They took root in this world without being affected or weakened at all.

“Charming spirits?” He smiled and said: “They are the favored children of the heavens. Humans can’t compare to charming spirits in many aspects. At least, this is what people say. Moreover, they have secret resources and reserves in this world that are beyond your imagination.”

“I don’t quite understand.” She inquired: “Though I have never left this world, there are records stating that humans can reproduce and take root anywhere.”

“That’s true.” He smilingly replied: “If charming spirits are the favored children of the heavens, then humans are the thorns in the heavens’ heart. They take root everywhere they go and nail themselves down. You can imagine humans as locusts. Moreover, their reproductive capabilities are second to none.”

With that, he opened his eyes again and said: “Earlier, I wasn’t saying that humans can’t take root here in the Heaven Spirit World. Not having a continent and being few in number aren’t real problems. If they really wanted to make this their home, no one would be able to stop them.”

“But ultimately, the answer is still the same!” He paused to sigh at this point: “This is ultimately not a home for humans. Those who have been to the other eight worlds, even if they aren't very powerful, will still instinctively not want to stay in this world…

“At the end of the day, only humans incapable of leaving or those who don’t want to leave would take root here. Of course, there are also those determined to grow strong in this world like your Exquisite Valley. As for the powerful Immortal Emperors, they were able to see through a few things and didn’t want to take root here.”

“Why is that?” She inferred a few things from the conversation and felt quite inquisitive: “What secrets are hidden in the Heaven Spirit World? Are there more stories behind it?”

Li Qiye stared at her for a good while before slowly starting again: “You won’t be able to understand a few things, it is beyond your level of comprehension. Knowing too much is not necessarily a good thing sometimes. For example, the current you feels that the Heaven Spirit World is a great place for a home. Isn’t this a wonderful and happy feeling?”

“My lack of knowledge does not deter my willingness to learn.” She sincerely said: “You can give me guidance, after all.”

He raised his head to take a serious look at her beautiful face before smiling and resting back on her soft and plump breasts. While appreciating the sweet fragrance, he said: “What will you do after knowing, can you change things? This is something that even Immortal Emperors can’t accomplish, let alone you. If you want to change, it is very simple. Move the Exquisite Valley out of the Heaven Spirit World. That will be your change.”

She asked: “What about the other humans here?”

“Look at the sky.” Li Qiye leisurely said: “As long as it is a place with life, there will be humans. Not to mention that you are only a cultivator, even if you were creation itself, you still wouldn’t be able to control everything. Humans scatter all around the nine heavens and ten earths, will you be able to manage all of them?” He smiled: “If you really are thinking about the human race, then move out. As you can imagine, your valley spreads many bloodlines and even more humans in this world. Plus, a large number of humans are staying in this world because of your valley as well.”

Kong Qinru’s heart felt quite heavy after hearing this. Her valley was the most powerful human lineage in this world. As its lord, she had a great responsibility. Whether intentional or not, she felt that, in a way, the valley had to shoulder the human race…

“There is no savior in this world. Even if there was one, they could save the world, but not every single person in it.” He slowly said: “If you want to make a difference, then don’t focus on the small stuff and instead the overarching situation.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” She took a deep breath and solemnly nodded. His words made her even more determined to make a change.

Li Qiye smiled and rested once more. He had said everything he needed to. As for the future, let it be up to her own fortune.

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