Chapter 1164: Mysterious Girl

Chapter 1164: Mysterious Girl

This leap from the seahorse crossed space instantaneously. Even Li Qiye sitting on it had to praise: “Incredible, this is an exceedingly rare divine horse.”

A gap was instantly created after this jump. Even though Ye Xiaoxiao’s vine used its top speed, it was unable to catch up.

The seahorse made it out of the frozen sea. It instantly dove into the vast ocean and submerged itself.

The veiled girl then hid their presence and traces. Without a doubt, she came prepared.

The seahorse leaped a second time under the surface of the water. This was even faster than the leap in the sky. The ocean was its playground, so it could cross from one sea to another. People would be rendered speechless by its speed.

“Shameless demoness, you better not let me find you or I’ll show you. Stealing my man now, huh?” The chasing Ye Xiaoxiao had lost her target and angrily stomped her foot.

At a certain place in the Jade Sea, there was a towering cliff with large shoal rocks and deep underwater gullies. After water flowed into these gullies, one would hear a loud roar. The water fell straight down like waterfalls. Waves of currents were wrestling with the boulders down here. Of course, there were also circular channels around the cliff in the form of whirlpools…

This particular location was quite dangerous. Ordinary cultivators wouldn’t want to come here.

A loud bang occurred below the steep cliff. The seahorse climbed up from the water to the top of the cliff. There were two people riding it. Of course, it was Li Qiye and the mysterious girl.

A panoramic view of this sea was available at the top of this cliff. The sea breeze was carrying water vapor everywhere. The waves loudly roared as they galloped in this place. The scene ahead was quite extraordinary and precarious in a supernatural yet marvelous manner.

Li Qiye was still at home while riding the seahorse and bathing in the sea breeze. His head was resting against a soft and plump chest. This was indeed a time to be cheerful.

The girl’s temper took a turn for the worse when Li Qiye rested against her chest like this. She coldly said: “It is time for you to get off.”

Li Qiye remained unmoved while his head was still in the middle of the valley. His faint grin told the story of his comfort and enjoyment. “Little girl, if you want something, you have to pay the price. You might be thinking that I am taking advantage of you, but the truth is that you are taking advantage of me. If I was unwilling, you wouldn’t have been able to take me along.”

This answer left the girl silent. It was arrogant and narcissistic to an unreasonable level.

She jumped down from the seahorse and looked around at the sea nearby. Who knows what she was thinking.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye was still leisurely sitting on the seahorse while closing his eyes to enjoy the breeze. After a while, he murmured: “The sensation of the Heaven Spirit World really makes people feel attached with strong sentiments.”

She finally turned back to look at him with a cold glare: “You should talk about your circumstances now.”

He finally opened his eyes to look at her and smiled: “Little girl, if you want to negotiate with me, you should put on a friendly attitude. If I am in a good mood, maybe I can point you towards a clear road.”

The girl became annoyed and asked: “Are you always this narcissistic?”

“Narcissistic?” Li Qiye laughed and replied: “Little girl, I don’t know what narcissism is, and you haven’t seen when I truly act smug. When I feel cocky and put on airs, a little girl like you can only stand to the side since even gods and demons have to prostrate before me.”

She stared at him for a good while. If it wasn’t for his sober appearance, she would have thought that she had caught the wrong person, a complete psycho.

“Don’t look at me like that.” Li Qiye lazily looked at the distant sea and said: “This is the best your Exquisite Valley can do? You’re able to carry a few bloodlines, but your vision for the overall situation is still completely lacking. The criticism from before still stands; your valley does not lack fresh blood, it is lacking in wise strategic foresight.”

The mysterious girl was surprised and immediately took one step back while staring at Li Qiye with a chilling glint flashing across her pupils.

She had hidden everything so that others wouldn’t recognize her background. Even a God-Monarch wouldn’t be able to see through her, so she was astonished that this seemingly ordinary man was able to instantly deduce her origin. She was completely confident in her concealing technique, but now, she felt an urge to kill.

“Again, there’s no need to look at me like that.” Li Qiye was basking in the sea breeze as he calmly stated: “If you have any disrespectful thoughts about me, it will be your own undoing. I am not someone who enjoys plucking flowers, but when necessary, I have no qualms about eliminating beautiful women.”

The girl was bewildered and couldn’t guess his background at this time. It was quite pitiful how little she knew about him.

After a while, she calmed down and stared at him: “You are Li Qiye?”

He ignored her and took a deep breath to say: “What a world this is.” He smacked his lips afterward before speaking: “Among all the people I’ve met, I am the only person called Li Qiye.”

“Can’t you be any less narcissistic?” The annoyed girl found this answer quite exasperating.

He raised his brows and said: “And then? You mean like this?”

The girl was a bit speechless. The situation had somehow reversed. The man ahead was the one in charge, so she tried to take back the initiative: “Do you have an imperial bloodline?”

Li Qiye was bored and reached out to brush her hair that was blowing wildly in the wind. However, she immediately made some distance between them and coldly said: “You better act properly!”

Li Qiye withdrew his hand and stared insipidly at her: “What does it matter? Is this bloodline worth talking about? After so many years, your Exquisite Valley still relies on bloodlines for business. Back and forth, back and forth, only to go around in a circle. A nice way to put it is cultivating talents while a more offensive way is to call it a brothel. Marrying excellent bloodlines to powerful lineages — not much different from a breeding stable.”

The mysterious girl quivered with rage after hearing this. This was simply humiliating her lineage; he was treating them as if they weren’t worth a single coin.

“You better start acting more respectfully to me!” She shouted. If it wasn’t for her great self-restraint, she would have already taught a lesson to this guy who didn’t know the immensity of the heaven and earth.

Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t say anything else, or maybe he was too lazy to do so.

She took a deep breath to calm down and then said in a serious manner while looking at him: “If you have an imperial bloodline, you should have a different plan. There are wider paths for you to take, battles await your advance.”

Li Qiye turned to slowly and carefully look at her. She didn’t know why she felt so uncertain when subjected to his glance like this. She felt as if she was being completely stripped by his insipid eyes. All of her concealing methods were useless.

“Have you seen enough?” She raised her head and coldly stared at him.

“A very good bag of skin.” He withdrew his gaze and flatly said: “Worthy of being from the Exquisite Valley.”

She felt like vomiting blood after hearing this. She wasn’t only from the valley; if she revealed her true identity, she could look down on the entire Heaven Spirit World. Countless men would want to marry her.

But according to Li Qiye, she was only a “good bag of skin.” If this could even be considered a compliment, it was the most disdainful one she had ever heard in her life.

A homicidal impulse arose from Li Qiye’s triggering words. She had to try quite hard to stabilize her emotions.

“Little woman, don’t you know?” Li Qiye lazily glanced at her and said: “If I wanted to stay as a son-in-law at Golden Isle, then you would have spoiled my business. If that was the case, then you would have to be my concubine to make up for it, no, you are still not enough to even be a bedwarming maid.”

She had managed to calm down a second ago only to be infuriated once again. She gritted her teeth while trembling.

“Would you die if you stop boasting for a single second?” One could hear the sound of her teeth grinding together. If she didn’t want to maintain her ladylike demeanor, she would have ruthlessly bitten big chunks out of him.

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