Chapter 1163: Ye Xiaoxiao’s Mysterious Bloodline

Chapter 1163: Ye Xiaoxiao’s Mysterious Bloodline

She was furious from being looked down upon like this by Li Qiye and shouted: “Bah, you’re the one with the little body! You dare to not marry me when it is not up to you to decide? That’s it, watch me beat you into a pig’s head!”

She immediately took action after finishing her threat. There wasn’t too much movement since she didn’t even use a merit law. There was only a frightening blood energy. Space seemed to be opening up as she waved her hand. One could hear a clattering sound as a strange flower appeared before Li Qiye.

It was large and had eight bright red petals. In other words, this odd flower was made from extreme Yang true fire.

“Extreme Yang Godflower.” Li Qiye’s eyes turned serious after seeing this flower. In a short period of time, the endless sunfire trapped Li Qiye completely. With a clunk, the flames turned into universal laws. They didn’t only imprison him, they also attacked him like a scorpion’s tail that aimed to pierce his body.

“Clank!” A metallic bang resounded when Li Qiye immediately used his Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law. With a poof, the refined fire laws entered his body.

When fire laws of this caliber pierced one’s body, even if the victim didn’t turn into ashes instantly, they would be burned and suffer a pain worse than death.

However, Li Qiye didn’t show any signs of him being in pain at all. He only smiled and said: “Quite nutritious. This thing is quite rare.”

“Try this then!” She shouted after seeing that Li Qiye wasn’t afraid of her godflower at all. Her vitality soared. With a loud bang, a strange tree half the size of a man emerged. It seemed to be carved out of profound ice.

The moment it appeared, a buzzing sound could be heard as a terrifying power suddenly froze everything. Its target was Li Qiye.

However, Li Qiye’s nine suns law began to blaze. His own refined sunfire circled around him and easily stopped the freezing attack from this tree, leaving him completely untouched.

He didn’t bother looking at the flower and the tree for his eyes were fixated on Ye Xiaoxiao. He spoke with a changed expression: “Little girl, what is this bloodline of yours!”

Very few things in life could move Li Qiye. However, she really did shock him this time. She didn’t use any merit laws, but the godflower and strange tree came out. They were not items created from merit laws, they were real existences.

Her summoning reminded Li Qiye of a very archaic legend about the treants. Perhaps even members of their race didn’t know about it because it was too ancient. Moreover, there was no proof of its existence as it had never appeared before. Even in the distant ages, those who had heard about it paid it no mind because there was no way it was true!

“Hmph, why should I tell you?” She waved her hand and the godflower and odd tree vanished.

Li Qiye stroked his chin and said with a grin: “If you tell me a little bit about your bloodline, I might consider taking you in. And in accordance with your wish, I can also give you an answer to your question about the imperial bloodline.”

“You go first. This lady will listen to you first about the bloodline, then I’ll consider telling you about my own.” She snorted while looking at him.

Li Qiye stared at Ye Xiaoxiao as his eyes flashed several times. She suddenly felt uneasy beneath his gaze. Even though it was not a sharp and scary pair of eyes, they seemed to be able to penetrate all things.

“I see, I see.” Li Qiye noticed her demeanor and slowly spoke: “In the end, you yourself don’t even understand your bloodline, likewise with your isle. You all don’t even understand the mysticisms within.”

“The more accurate reason for this groom selection was to find an answer within the many bloodlines of the human race, it wasn’t just to find a mighty one. You are searching for a bloodline that is truly comparable to your own so that you can analyze its mysteries.” With that, Li Qiye smiled: “If I’m not mistaken, even the items left behind by your treefathers cannot analyze your bloodline.”

“Hmph, what a bunch of nonsense, this is only your one-sided speculation.” She scowled: “What is this about not knowing my own bloodline? I naturally know everything about it. I just don’t want to tell you so that you’ll get mad.”

Despite her strong retort, it was evident that it was all for show.

He gently shook his head: “Girl, there’s no need to be stubborn, you can’t hide it from my eyes. If you tell me the truth about your bloodline, maybe I can even help you.”

Ye Xiaoxiao wanted to speak, but she immediately closed her mouth while turning cautious.

“Clang—clank—” At this moment, the alarm suddenly sounded at Golden Isle. A disciple shouted: “We’re under attack!”

Ye Xiaoxiao’s expression sank after hearing this. Her eyes narrowed as she said: “Which bastard is sneak attacking my Golden Isle!”

With that, she turned and left. A flower bloomed with each step as she soared into the sky.

Li Qiye smiled and went outside the room to look towards the island.

“Splash!” Outside of the islands, sea water rose in the form of aqua dragons. They were completely blue and soared into the sky before plunging down at Golden Isle.

Even the Golden Isle Lord was alerted after this sudden attack. He stood up in the sky and shouted: “Who is it!”

Without a doubt, the assailant didn’t want to show themself, they simply controlled these aqua dragons for the assault.

Bursts of alarms rang across Golden Isle. Keep in mind that it was definitely a powerful lineage comparable to any imperial lineage or immortal gate. It had to be someone skillful to even dare to attack it.

“Activate!” The disciples immediately rushed out to meet the enemy the moment these aqua dragons reached the warning zones.

“Crash!” However, more and more dragons came out of the sea. In the blink of an eye, ten thousand aqua dragons leapt into the sky and attacked these crucial zones with great ferocity.

At this time, Li Qiye withdrew his gaze from the distance and redirected it down to the surface of the water. He turned serious after seeing the sparkling sea water.

Someone emerged from the ocean. It was a girl riding a seahorse.

She wore a blue dress and an ethereal silk veil. In the light breeze, she seemed particularly slim and graceful. Her entire being seemed sway with the wind.

This dark green seahorse resembled both a flood dragon and a horse. With its perfect outline, it was definitely the finest of horses in the ocean.

The girl hid her face so no one could see her true appearance. She emerged from the ocean without any warning or sound, like a ghost. No one noticed her arrival.

If it wasn’t for Li Qiye, no one would have detected her intrusion. Despite being completely soundless, she was extremely fast while riding her seahorse. In the blink of an eye, she was already next to Li Qiye.

“Get on.” She told him while concealing her real voice.

“Why should I?” Li Qiye smiled while looking at the girl; he was relaxed as always.

The girl didn’t waste words. She immediately grabbed Li Qiye and pulled him onto the seahorse so that he was sitting in front of her.

“A bit interesting.” Li Qiye didn’t bother resisting. He seemed to be entertained by this.

The seahorse turned around and snuck out towards the ocean in order to escape.

But before the seahorse could reach the sea, a shout came about: “Where do you think you’re going?!” Ye Xiaoxiao noticed the abduction and immediately attacked with blossoming flowers below her.

The odd tree emerged again. With a buzz, she instantly froze the nearby sea with astonishing speed.

The other girl noticed the frozen sea water, but she didn’t halt. She rode the seahorse into the sky with lightning speed.

“Where are you from, demoness, to dare steal my man! You court death!” Ye Xiaoxiao had a scorching personality indeed. She stomped on a vine below her feet. This swift vine instantly caught up to the seahorse.

With another cry, she attacked once more. A gigantic willow emerged. Its branches were like immortal ropes that intended to ensnare the other girl.

However, this girl was not that easy to mess with. Her delicate and jade-like hand unleashed a palm attack.

“Boom!” Ice dragons instantly rushed out of the frozen water and attacked the willow branches with unparalleled speed.

“Pop!” The willow branches tied up the dragons. Shortly after, the dragons and willow branches began to fight; neither side wanted to give in.

In this split second, the sea horse suddenly leaped forward. This one leap alone caused space and time to reverse. The area ten million miles away suddenly appeared beneath the seahorse.

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