Chapter 116 : Little Silly (2)

 Chapter 116 : Little Silly (2)

“He came back, Oldest Brother came back–”

After returning to the holy land, a disciple from the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect saw Li Qiye from the distance, and shouted.

Hearing the loud shout, the group of Gu Tieshou quickly came and saw that Li Qiye had returned safe and sound. Everyone was excited; even the cold-as-ice Li Shuangyan was smiling.

“How was the harvest?”

Li Qiye asked:

“How did the disciples do with their hellish training?”

When it came to the harvest, many disciples were excited. Nan Huairen quickly reported to Li Qiye:

“Oldest Brother, at the moment, the harvest is very rich. Even though there aren’t that many high ranked beast marrows and dao bones, we obtained a lot of spirit plants and Grand Dao Life Metals. We dug up quite a few one and two rune Grand Dao Life Metals. The best was a five rune Grand Dao Life Metal, dug up by Big Brother Qu Daoli. Elder Gu also found a six transformation soul plant…”

Nan Huairen excitedly reported to Li Qiye. Even a calm person like Gu Tieshou was also inevitably elated; a six transformation soul plant, ah! Before, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect didn’t even dare to think about it. If this six transformation soul plant was sold, the price would be as high as the sky.

The disciples were very joyful; the sect had greatly profited. This hellish training session also filled the empty treasury of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

“Are the disciples okay?”

Li Qiye shared the happy mood and smilingly asked.

“We conducted several large-scale Heavenly Beast hunting sessions. Even though we had some injuries, they were nothing too serious. The most serious was when we chased a Longevity Spirit over the boundary and three disciples were killed. Luckily, Xu Pei reacted quickly and lured them so that the others disciple could be saved. If Xu Pei wasn’t so smart, then the Longevity Spirit would have killed many more disciples before we arrived.”

Gu Tieshou said.

“This time, Junior Xu Pei made a great contribution.”

The quiet Protector Mo also praisingly added:

“Otherwise, my insignificant life would have been part of the casualties.”

As the oldest sister of the Cleansing Jade Peak, Xu Pei was a little bit shy from all of the praises from her seniors. She had great insight and never tried to steal the limelight from others, but she was meticulous and saw through all things. Even though she usually was a little timid, but when there was trouble, she was very calm.

For cultivators, injuries and deaths were normal occurrences. Three dead disciples could be considered the smallest of losses. Even though it was not perfect, it was still within an acceptable range.

After reporting the recent matters, Nan Huairen cheerfully asked:

“Oldest Brother, how was your hellish training?”

In reality, when Nan Huairen asked, everyone all stared at Li Qiye. Seeing the gazes, Li Qiye smiled and threw his spatial pouch into the ground and said:

“See for yourselves!”

The others didn’t intend to open Li Qiye’s spatial pouch, except for Nan Huairen. He quickly opened it and poured out the items inside.

When the items came out, they dazzlingly blinded the eyes with their brilliance. In a flash, everyone was dumbfounded.

“Th-this, so many longevity bloods…”

Seeing the bottle containing longevity blood, Protector Mo salivated. His master, Elder Sun, was an alchemist, so seeing the blood, he started to drool as well.

“Oh heaven! This is a one hundred thousand year life ring. No, th-this, these are the dao bones and beast marrow of a two hundred thousand year old Sky Shouldering Ape. I, I, my heaven, ah! Isn’t this a three hundred thousand year old life ring?”

Nan Huairen was not shy, he hugged everything in his chest. Seeing the two hundred thousand year to three hundred thousand year old items, in a short amount of time, his sight became blurry and he hated the fact that he couldn’t have all of the treasures in his arms at once.

At this time, when everyone was dumbfounded, even Li Shuangyan — with her rich harvest — was also moved. A three hundred thousand year old life ring — this was a three hundred thousand year old Longevity Spirit! Even an Enlightened Being would have to run away, let alone other cultivators.

Gu Tieshou also didn’t believe his eyes. With his ability, he wouldn’t be able to kill a two hundred thousand year old Heavenly Beast, yet they all died in the hands of Li Qiye — this was truly unbelievable!

As for the other protectors and sectional leaders, they stood there in silence, unable to say anything.

“There is also something good here.”

Li Qiye smiled and took off the one million years life ring in his Master Palace, and threw it on the ground.

“I, I, I, my heaven, ah–”

Even though Nan Huairen’s expression was super exaggerated, he was also completely astonished. Even Niu Fen was shocked!

“A one million year old life ring!”

Niu Fen took a deep breath and said.

A one million year old Longevity Spirit. A man would be frightened to meet one and a ghost would be sad to encounter one! This being was too ghastly; even a Heavenly Sovereign’s blood would be sucked dry.

As for the group of Gu Tieshou, they were stuck with horrors and cold chills. Their hearts were amazed because this was an unthinkable matter. A one million year old Longevity Spirit!

“Young Noble, did you sneak attack it?”

Niu Fen took another deep breath and asked.

“It was because it wasn’t sensible and targeted me.”

Li Qiye shrugged his shoulders and nonchalantly said:

“Since it brought itself to the door, I had no choice but to accept its life ring and longevity blood.”

At this point, not to mention Gu Tieshou, even Niu Fen was looking at Li Qiye as if he was seeing a ghost. Li Qiye’s cultivation was still very far from Heaven’s Primal, let alone Named Hero or Royal Noble. However, he was able to kill a one million year old Longevity Spirit. Even if you told someone this story, they wouldn’t believe you because this was an impossible matter!

However, Niu Fen was only shocked for a moment. At this point, he remembered about the Immortal Emperor’s reinforcement inside Li Qiye’s sea of knowledge. That day, when he tried to look inside, he was immediately suppressed by the Immortal Emperor’s reinforcement. If Li Qiye didn’t spare his life, then he would have soon become clouds and smoke! What type of person was someone who was reinforced by Immortal Emperors? One had to know that the most recent Immortal Emperor was Immortal Emperor Ta Kong, who had disappeared thirty thousand years ago!

However, Li Qiye was only fourteen and he had these reinforcements. How frightening and unfathomable was this?

At this time, Nan Huairen regained his soul and threw away the treasures in his arms. He embraced the one million year old life ring, instead, and spoke while drooling:

“Older Brother, you are too extravagant. This is a one million year old life ring, ah! Yet you threw it down like a piece of scrap metal!”

Even though Nan Huairen’s expression was exaggerated, but in the eyes of everyone here, it was quite appropriate.

“Heh, Older Brother is still the best. If Older Brother personally appeared, then you would be invincible in this world. Slaying the Buddha and Gods that block your path. Heh, what type of person is Oldest Brother? You are the revitalization of our Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, a wise disciple of the Immortal Emperor. Who in this world could oppose…”

Nan Huairen was sucking up to Li Qiye while embracing this life ring.

Li Qiye stared at him and naturally said:

“Don’t you think about this life ring. First, this life ring isn’t suiting for you. Second, you don’t have enough contributions. Since Xu Pei saved so many disciples, she has the highest contributions, so this life ring will be rewarded to Xu Pei, ah.”

Hearing Li Qiye’s command, Nan Huairen’s expression became sad, but he still handed the life ring in his embrace to Xu Pei and flattered:

“Little Sister Xu’s wisdom is unrivaled, this life ring is best for you.”

Xu Pei couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Right now, as she embraced the life ring in her chest, she was still in complete confusion as she asked:

“Th-this is for me?”

A million year old life ring, ah! Even a protector or sectional leader wouldn’t dare to want it, yet it was given to a third generation disciple!

“Hehe, Older Brother, can you give me one item?”

Nan Huairen looked over at the treasures as a ridiculous amount of drool was coming out of his mouth. However, without the command of Li Qiye, he didn’t dare to act recklessly.

“So be it, you have always followed me. Even without any contributions, at least you tried your best. So, you can pick one.”

Li Qiye had never been stingy to his loyal followers, so he nodded his head and said.

Hearing Li Qiye’s words, Nan Huairen’s mood immediately rose again. He embraced the three hundred thousand year old life ring in his chest and laughed:

“Heh, Older Brother, I’ll take this one.”

Seeing his greed, not to mention Li Qiye, even his master, Protector Mo, glared at him. However, he was very glad on the inside. Nan Huairen was his disciple and his future would surely be promising. As the master, he was also ecstatic.

Finally, Li Qiye looked at Gu Tieshou and said:

“Elder, the longevity blood and beast marrows will go into the treasury. Half of them will stay in the treasury while the other half will be the rewards for the disciples with contributions, depending on their actual merits!”

“Long live Oldest Brother—”

Hearing Li Qiye’s words, the disciples here all cheered. Even the protectors and sectional leaders were happily smiling, Li Qiye brought back many good things…

Gu Tieshou agreed and carried out the rewards while Li Qiye and Li Shuangyan stood to the side.

“The trip was not successful?”

Li Shuangyan looked at Li Qiye and finally asked him in a, rarely seen, gentle manner. Even though Li Qiye was smiling the whole time, Li Shuangyan, who had always followed him, noticed his loneliness.

Li Qiye slightly shook his head and sighed without saying anything. This matter couldn’t be assisted by Li Shuangyan nor the Nine Saint Demon Gate, he had to rely on himself.

Li Qiye didn’t say anything so Li Shuangyan stopped her questioning. Finally, she spoke:

“Recently, many things happened in the Evil Infested Ridge. It was quite bloody.”

“You went outside?”

Li Qiye was a bit surprised as he asked.

Li Shuangyan nodded and said:

“I went outside to experience some things. I had some small enlightenments regarding formations and wanted to polish them in order to enhance my killing potential with formations.”

Li Shuangyan’s talents could be described to be impeccable, but her weakness was her insufficient offensive power. She was always immersed in formations so her cultivation techniques were lacking.

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