Chapter 1154: Great Maelstrom

Chapter 1154: Great Maelstrom

Endless stars in the sky illuminated the world like diamonds. Each of them was beautiful and moving, especially their twinkling starlight that caused one’s heart to throb.

Deep in the recesses of the sky was a floating platform. This great platform had withered without any brilliance left. There were no boundaries or visual coordinates.

This was the door of the Mortal Emperor World that led to the paths towards the other worlds. This place used to be quite prosperous with many cultivators coming and going. Back then, intercommunication between the nine worlds was a normal occurrence.

Unfortunately, the battle between the emperor and the dragon king tore the Heaven’s Will apart. This closed off the world boundaries and severed the connections of the nine worlds.

From then on, this pathway was abandoned until no one in the Mortal Emperor World came here anymore. Only Godkings would come here to recklessly try to open the pathway.

Li Qiye crossed through space and appeared on top of the platform before the desolate door. His eyes peered at the yellow stains.

In order to reach the Heaven Spirit World, he still needed to borrow this door because the current boundaries had all been sealed. He was not strong to the point where he could stabilize a portal and forcefully cross the world boundaries by himself.

Thus, this door was the stabilizing factor he needed before going crossing the world boundary to his destination.

He placed his palm on the door. With a buzz, the dao portal emerged with the image of the world boundary. Inside were many different coordinates.

He locked onto one of these coordinates and, with a loud blast, he crazily released all of his energy into the sky like a flood breaking through a dam or an awakened monstrosity.

“Whoosh!” The dao portal trembled under his power. He melted the boundary that resembled the surface of a lake and opened another portal.

This was a method of forcefully passing through the wall. It would take him into a chaotic space-time. One misstep in such a situation would leave him stranded forever.

Li Qiye’s current strength did not necessarily allow him to travel worlds. However, his cultivation of the Space Scripture changed the story.

He had absolute confidence in space right now. If he couldn’t do it, no one else could.

No person or thing in this world had more knowledge of space than this scripture; it contained all the mysteries of space. Even though he did not reach the apex in its study, he had grasped enough of the fundamentals regarding spatial travel.

He wanted to do this by himself instead of getting help from Magu, Bu Lianxiang, or the Realm God. The reason was very simple. His destination was a place full of mysteries and danger.

The truth was that he had one speculation about that place, but he was not completely sure since there was an item there that he had never managed to obtain before.

This was a very bold decision that stemmed from a completely new conjecture that he came up with after finding the Ancient Void Rune and Heavenly Dao’s Primal Chapter. It was a completely new idea.

No one could help him in this matter because no one had ever obtained both of these items at one time. But now, Li Qiye had both of them.

At this moment, the boundary wall melted and seemingly pierced through the Mortal Emperor World. The coordinates on the other side slowly emerged. In a split second, he locked onto one of the coordinates. It was so convoluted that no one could figure out its location.

“Buzz—” He didn’t hesitate after successfully determining the destination. The two coordinates immediately connected to each other to link the Mortal Emperor and Heaven Spirit Worlds.

He stepped into the dao portal to instantly cross the boundary wall for the Heaven Spirit World. He found himself in a realm where different dimensions were intertwining with continually shifting images. They changed far too quickly, so quickly that it would make others think that this was either a dream or an illusion.

These images varied by quite a bit. Some were shattered palaces and citadels while others were of gigantic floating bodies and mountains made out of bones. Sometimes, a peaceful world was found as well…

They were quite bizarre and frightening. In fact, for millions of years, the many powerful existences forcing their way through these boundaries would all see similar images.

Different explanations were given for these scenes, but no one was truly certain which was correct. Some assumed that they were only illusions and not real.

Li Qiye saw several images and gently sighed: “Who actually knows how long time has been flowing. Countless ages turned into smoke with nothing left before being destroyed only to be rebuilt again…”

He didn’t stop at all after his comment and continued to cross the spatial field.

“Rumble!” Deafening blasts echoed. The entire world seemed incredibly insignificant before the magnitude of these blasts.

Everything was tiny in front of the giant maelstrom in the Heaven Spirit World. Nothing could reach the apex. Even gods would have to stop and Godkings' expressions would change in here!

The maelstrom resembled an ancient beast opening its jaws, a beast capable of devouring the sky and all other existences. Even time and space would be victims.

This maelstrom was the largest one in the Heaven Spirit World. Its size was beyond imagination; endless miles of oceans were orbiting it. Regardless of how vast this world was, it couldn’t escape this maelstrom.

A continent would instantly be ripped into pieces the moment it made contact with this vortex. Only powdery specks would be left behind.

If one could fly to the highest part of the maelstrom, they would find an incredible scene — a power of suction that devoured everything. If the sky wasn’t high enough, it would be dragged down and swallowed as well.

People would feel their legs give in if they could see the full picture of this maelstrom. None outside of Immortal Emperors, even the most invincible of Godkings, would dare to venture deeper.

Endless seas surged wildly in this region. The waters churned at crazy speeds before eventually entering the bottomless black hole. The entire process was astonishing. Nothing could stop more sea water from pouring into the whirlpool.

This was a taboo location in the Heaven Spirit World. Very few people knew what was at the bottom. It could even be an entirely new world.

At the same time, a figure appeared on the distant horizon, falling with great speed.

The mighty suction of the maelstrom frantically pulled him down towards the terrifying whirlpool.

Even a Godking wouldn’t be able to withstand this force, let alone other people.

It was Li Qiye that was falling down. With a casual point of his finger, a door appeared below him with a buzz. In a split second, he crossed through space to avoid the absorption force of the maelstrom. He re-emerged on the left only to be met with the same force, but this gave him ample time to prepare.

“Boom!” A Resplendent Break interrupted the power of the maelstrom. It was a blow that could surprise even Immortal Emperors and suppress this world. Its name was the Pentadao Timeless Seal.

It became the most powerful defensive barrier for Li Qiye. He was no longer affected by the suction force. He reached out with one hand again; a new door emerged. He stomped on it and emerged on the opposite side. He repeated this process to appear to his upper right.

Opening new doors and changing his position… just like this, he continued to escape the suction of the maelstrom. His shifting was completely different from just jumping from one location to another. To be exact, he was shifting from one space to another.

He used the mysteries of the Space Scripture to make tiny changes to his own spatial location. Each step was extremely accurate without the slightest mistake, everything was under his control.

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