Chapter 1136: Sweeping Through The Opposing Horde

Chapter 1136: Sweeping Through The Opposing Horde

The entire vicinity fell into a lull. The spectators found it difficult to regain their composure. Many of them were still slack-jawed to the point of their chins almost hitting the ground.

A bystander eventually murmured: “So domineering…” In fact, there was no other word to describe this besides “domineering.”

Perhaps one could use “invincible” or “tyrannical” as substitutes, but “domineering” was still the most appropriate.

To directly banish the pathway of the Soaring Immortal Sect… Outside of Immortal Emperors, it was likely that no one else had ever accomplished a task of the same magnitude.

Even a Godking that traveled from far away had to exclaim: “Fiercest alone is enough for this generation. The rest are unnecessary and can’t reach the apex.”

At this second, everyone understood that no one else would try to compete for the Heaven’s Will against Fiercest. Whether it was sweeping through the contemporary or soaring up above the nine heavens or even controlling myriad dao, Li Qiye had established an unsurpassable record. Since the start of time, it was likely that no one in the younger generation had done so much before.

“Is, is he really Immortal Emperor Min Ren’s descendant?” After hearing the Godking from the soaring sect, some people became suspicious and felt that this was highly likely!

In fact, even the upper echelons of Cleansing Incense glanced at each other. They all knew that Immortal Emperor Min Ren’s descendant was Su Yonghuang. She had performed the ancestral recognition rite.

But today, even they felt skeptical about Li Qiye and his relationship to their patriarch.

This was not to say that Su Yonghuang wasn’t qualified to be the emperor’s descendant. On the contrary, she was quite suitable in both her cultivation of the Solar Physique as well as her own talents, not to mention her ability to lead the sect.

It could be said that among the previous sect masters of the sect, she could be listed among the top five. Thus, no one had ever doubted her roots.

However, Li Qiye was too heaven-defying. His performance made people question his relationship to the emperor. In the past, there was the matter of seeing the emperor in his dreams, and now he could wear the Benevolent Armament.

If Li Qiye declared himself to be the imperial prince at this moment, the son of Immortal Emperor Min Ren sealed through time, no one would doubt him at all.

“Boom!” A loud blast echoed across the entire Mortal Emperor World at this time, lighting up the world. Everyone saw an extremely shocking scene. Bu Lianxiang was controlling her galaxy to assault the imperial formation in the deepest location of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom.

She tore apart the earth and a divine light escaped from inside. The capable spectators saw her dragging out the kingdom’s underground treasury. This was an extremely stirring spectacle.

In a short amount of time, the kingdom’s cry could be heard by all. It was swallowed by despair; sad lamentations were heard everywhere.

She had killed their divine beast guardian and also several of their ancestors along the way. After taking the treasury, she didn’t uproot the entire kingdom. With another stomp to crush the spatial void, she returned to Li Qiye’s side.

Many people murmured to themselves: “It is over for the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom. It is no more…”

Despite not killing to the very last child, Bu Lianxiang had severed its ancestral ground. This meant that even if the kingdom wished to rebuild their land, it would be more difficult than reaching for the heavens. Moreover, with their treasury robbed, it meant that they had lost their treasures and manuals. Even if the kingdom wasn’t divided by others in the future, it was likely that they would still lose all of their imperial laws.

Sect masters were looking at Bu Lianxiang in fear after realizing what she had done to the ancient kingdom.

She annihilated a lineage with two emperors this easily. Even if she wasn’t an Emperor Assailant, she surely wasn’t far off. Who would dare to oppose such an existence?

“Rumble!” More explosions shook the sky and more screams came from the Space Trample Mountain. The once supreme and unreachable mountain was on the verge of collapse; it could fall at any time.

Mu Shaodi and the other two quickly rushed inside and showed no mercy. Under the protection of several generals, the mountain was indeed powerful. However, these generals were too weak compared to the prime general, Xiao Qingtian.

These generals could stop other people, but not Mu Shaodi. This was a genius that once competed with Immortal Emperor Ta Kong!

Today, even though he was weaker than Xiao Qingtian, these other generals still couldn’t compare to him.

“Mu Shaodi lives up to his fame. No wonder why he had such great accomplishments in the past.” Everyone became a fan upon his unstoppable rampage.

“It’s time to end this. You couldn’t take the final step, so it is understandable that you couldn’t beat Ta Kong.” A shout emanated from the sky. It was South Emperor speaking.

At this moment, all the powerful cultivators were gazing at the sky to see the battle between the prime general and South Emperor.

Xiao Qingtian was indeed very powerful. It could be said that one would be hard-pressed to find someone capable of opposing him below the Immortal Emperor realm. Unfortunately, he just had to encounter South Emperor, a genius across the eons!

Despite this being the case, he still managed to hold South Emperor back for a very long time even though he was continuously pummeled back. His offense and defense could be praised as being stellar with his moves and variations.

However, such accomplishments still couldn’t oppose South Emperor. Of course, no one mocked or belittled him. His accomplishments were dreams for many people. Many Godkings and Emperor Candidates couldn’t reach this level.

“Boom!” At this moment, the sky trembled a bit. In an exceedingly short moment, everything disappeared from the eyes of the spectators except for one object — the Sky Piercer.

It floated in the middle of the heaven and earth and continued to assail the nine realms. The entire Mortal Emperor World was being suppressed by this halberd towering in the sky.

It exuded a golden light in a sacred and unstoppable manner. It was the one and only in the nine worlds. Before this halberd, even Immortal Emperor True Treasures lost their colors. This was not to say that it was more powerful than true treasures, it was because true treasures could only unleash their real power in the hands of Immortal Emperors.

The Sky Piercer was South Emperor’s true fate weapon. At this moment, he unleashed an unstoppable strike. Outside of Immortal Emperors, no one could stop the halberd even if they were wielding a true treasure.

This scene confirmed one particular notion, that there was no strongest weapon, only the most suitable one. Of course, the strength of the user was part of the equation.

“Nine Heavens Rampaging Thrust!” People recalled the legend of the past while witnessing the halberd oppressing the world. It was vividly being displayed before everyone!

“Bang!” The halberd attacked without any complex transformations. The nine worlds became dark under this halberd. Even if one wanted to escape, there was no place to hide regardless of how vast the nine worlds were. Not even the most mysterious location in this realm could hide from this attack.

One could only meet it directly and either manage to stop it or die. There were no other options.

Xiao Qingtian faced this dilemma at this time. Of course, even if he had the choice, he wouldn’t have chosen escape. He was not a coward, and dying in battle was fine for someone as proud as he.

He shouted: “Open!” With a loud blast, his longevity blood dyed the saber red. At the very last moment, he used his body as an offering for the blade and mustered all of his power with every fiber of his being to release one last slashe.

“Buzz—” His body began to burn. In the blink of an eye, the prime general, Xiao Qingtian disappeared. Only his saber was left in this world.

“Clank—” The hymn of the saber echoed across myriad realms. Countless other sabers suddenly emerged. The Mortal Emperor World was shrouded in blades and blades only.

“Clank!” The innumerable sabers all flew out at the same time and began to melt together into this final slash. The firmament and the stars were split in half as if they were tofu. Meanwhile, the earth was severed into two halves with ease.

“Boom!” This realm quaked. A devastating impact tore apart the starry sky. Countless stars were instantaneously destroyed and turned into ashes.

Everything became smoke before this exchange. Time, space, power... all returned to the origin and primordial chaos. There was nothing else in this area but a chaotic mess.

“Thump!” Eventually, people could finally see the result. South Emperor was shaken and had to take a step back while the blade from the prime general was split into two halves, hovering in the sky.

As for the general, Xiao Qingtian, he was no more.

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