Chapter 1135: Benevolent Armament

Chapter 1135: Benevolent Armament

“Ah!” A shrill scream echoed as a huge body fell from the sky.

“No!” This miserable scream came from the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom.

All eyes turned towards the battlefield at this kingdom. Virtuous Paragons activated their heavenly gazes and gasped as they sweated after seeing this scene.

A pale paragon exclaimed in horror: “The divine beast guardian of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom has been killed!”

Meanwhile, the six God-Monarchs guarding the area stopped the offense from the triangular building. One of them shouted at Li Qiye: “Junior, kneel and accept your death!”

Li Qiye laughed and said: “All of you are far too lacking to demand such things.”

With that, he channeled the triangular building once more.

“Boom!” The building sprayed out endless bright particles. They instantly came together to form a generator. With a deafening blast, the particles shot at the sky-high portal like an erupting volcano.

“Ahh!” The terrifying particle-rays rendered many Soaring Immortal disciples into ashes.

The six monarchs had been relying on their six imperial weapons to protect their portal from the onslaught of the building. However, they were unable to withstand it this time. Any disciple who came out was instantly annihilated. If it wasn’t for the imperial weapons protecting them, these six monarchs would have been blown to smithereens as well.

“Who dares to act so unbridled!” Another loud shout came about. Three matchless figures flew out of the portal. The suppressive auras of Godkings swept through the world.

Three Godkings had arrived, and one even had an Immortal Emperor True Treasure.

“Boom!” They unleashed an attack capable of stopping the particle beam from the triangular building.

“Such young Godkings!” People were astonished to see the newcomers. All of them were middle-aged men and not white-haired ancestors.

The three of them working together to use a true treasure made the crowd gasp. It was truly scary to see Godkings this young.

“Junior, accept your death!” The three empowered the true treasure again with their gazes fixated on Li Qiye.

Their thunderous shout caused countless people to tremble. It was difficult for many sects to have even one Godking, but now, the Soaring Immortal Sect sent out six God-Monarchs and three Godkings in one go. Just how strong was this sect?

“Still not enough.” Li Qiye smiled and opened his mind.

“Clank!” A pardon decree flew out and floated above his head.

“Boom!” The abandoned ancestral grounds of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect shot out a ray of light into the sky. It resembled the opening of a door.

“Clank—” Items flew out from the abandoned ground and gathered near Li Qiye.

In the blink of an eye, Li Qiye disappeared. All of the pieces assembled together to form a huge man of steel before the crowd. With a hum, the triangular building immediately opened and turned into a huge pair of wings before latching onto this steel man.

“Clank!” This metallic being now had two wings. Like two engines, they spewed out a torrent of bright particles.

“I should increase the power a bit.” The metallic being opened its mouth and Li Qiye’s voice echoed from inside.

“Boom!” An imperial pond suddenly emerged from the ancestral ground with lightning pulsing inside. The lightning running through the water that was refined by an Immortal Emperor poured into the metallic being’s frame.

“Boom!” Afterward, the being exuded a terrifying light that encompassed the entire world.

Each beam of light spanned for thousands of miles. This made this metallic contraption even bigger. At this second, it was no different than the master of this world. Each of its gestures could annihilate everything.

“Boom!” The gigantic hand of the being reached out to the skydome and caught a star before crushing it completely.

“Yes, this is the power!” Li Qiye’s voice echoed across the nine heavens! He was truly enjoying this power.

“This is…” At the Heavenly God Sect, Li Shuangyan and the other disciples were surprised to see this scene.

They had seen this gigantic being before at the lost civilization. There were many iron men like this in that place.

However, the girls had a deep impression of these creatures after digging so many out. The huge metallic being ahead was different from the iron men back at the forgotten world.

The other iron men had their own life. Despite having a body made out of metal, they were definitely living creatures. Or at least, this used to be the case.

However, Li Qiye’s metallic contraption didn’t have its own life. It was just an armor of sorts with a behemoth size!

The girls were right about this. This was not an iron man from the Machine World, it was simply a set of armor. In the past, Li Qiye found a broken set of armor. After referencing the divine blueprints from the lost civilization, he mended the armor and turned it into this contraption that resembled an iron man.

“Benevolent Armament!” A Godking from the soaring sect was shocked to see this. He recalled a particular legend while glaring at the metallic being: “You are the descendant of Immortal Emperor Min Ren?” [1. I would translate Min Ren as Benevolent now. Benevolent Immortal Emperor. Min = Wisdom/Bright while Ren = Mercy/Humane.]

“It is fine for you to think so.” Li Qiye’s laughter rang out from the huge metal creature.

Someone murmured after hearing this: “Benevolent Armament? What is that? I’ve never heard of it before.”

“Benevolent Armament!” A God-Monarch at the end of his lifespan murmured: “I might have heard of this before. It had appeared once in the legends. Back during his toughest battle, Immortal Emperor Min Ren put on this armor. However, no one saw it again afterward, so it was treated as a rumor from then on.”

“Defend!” The Godkings from the soaring sect were quite alarmed at this moment. They crazily roared as immortal mountains flew out from the portal. The mountain formation formed a huge fortress. It was solid to the point of being impregnable.

“You all are only fledglings.” Li Qiye laughed again inside his metallic armor. The armor placed its hands together.

The particles coming from its palms turned into a huge cauldron and instantly melted this area of space.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The mountain formation was instantly destroyed.

“No!” Miserable screams resounded. The six God-Monarchs were instantly melted. More bellows ensued as two Godkings slowly melted away.

“Bang!” The last Godking used his longevity blood to activate the Immortal Emperor True Treasure. It tore apart the fabric of space and dragged his wounded body back to the Soaring Immortal Sect.

“Bang!” Another loud blast came out. The steel hands crushed the portal. Even the boundaries of this space were melted. If the Soaring Immortal Sect wanted to return to the Mortal Emperor World, they would need to find another method. Otherwise, returning would be an impossibility.

“Eternal exile!” Li Qiye shouted. The steel armor once again tore open the void and opened different temporal layers. With buzzing noises, it banished the Soaring Immortal Sect forever. The immortal sceneries in the sect were nowhere to be found.

“Eternal exile.” A big shot gasped and murmured after seeing this: “The Soaring Immortal Sect has suffered a great loss this time. The space they used to enter the nine worlds has been banished forever. They have to start over from the beginning if they want to come back. It will require a huge number of Immortal Emperor Refined Jades to rebuild this space-time path.”

This scene was so shocking that the entire world went silent. Who could stop a sect with five emperors once they were here?

But today, Li Qiye didn’t only massacre countless disciples, he even killed six God-Monarchs and two Godkings. The biggest loss was his banishment of the sect’s path to the nine worlds. If they wanted to return, they must pay a huge price. And even then, it would still take a long time.

“Clank—” The huge armor left Li Qiye’s body. Pieces fell down to the ground one after another.

“Boom!” The triangular building landed on the Heavenly Crow Peak as if nothing had happened.

Li Qiye was still Li Qiye. He stood in that same spot with his usual nonchalant attitude.

However, a lot of people were shivering. They were awed and terrified by Fiercest. Even Godkings wouldn’t dare to oppose him.

“Benevolent Armament.” Gu Tieshou became absent-minded. He never knew that Cleansing Incense had such a thing. They had never heard of their patriarch, Immortal Emperor Min Ren, creating this imperial weapon before.

However, they didn’t know that it wasn’t an imperial weapon created by Immortal Emperor Min Ren, it was an armor modified by Li Qiye that required a huge amount of lightning essence to power it. Moreover, this lightning essence must be refined by an Immortal Emperor in order to be effective.

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