Chapter 1134: One Halberd Rampaging The Nine Heavens

Chapter 1134: One Halberd Rampaging The Nine Heavens

Xiao Qingtian responded: “Very well, I will witness your ultimate arts.”

Li Qiye looked at him and smiled: “Your opponent is not me, my opponent is the Soaring Immortal Sect.”

He didn’t bother to look at Xiao Qingtian after saying this: “Guo Gu, slay him.”

“If Sacred Teacher wants his life, he won’t live to see the light of dawn.” A lazy voice came about. Someone appeared before Xiao Qingtian.

No one saw how he arrived there; it was as if he had been there the entire time.

It was a young man with a lackadaisical appearance. However, this didn’t affect his aura.

No matter where he stood, he would give others the feeling that he was equal to the heavens. This world would topple because of him!

“It’s South Emperor, the Era Evader from the Mysterious Bamboo Mountain!” Someone shouted after seeing him.

Even Xiao Qingtian was shaken to see South Emperor. He had heard of the young emperor’s fame before and knew exactly just how great the guy was.

“You are South Emperor, one of the ten grand eonic geniuses?” The prime general was very cautious before this young man before him.

South Emperor freely smiled and said: “Ten grand eonic geniuses? That is flattering me too much. In my opinion, if the list contains twenty eonic geniuses, then I can enter that list.”

Although such words sounded quite humble, people took deep breaths after hearing this. How many geniuses have appeared across the ages? Among them, how many would dare to claim to be among the top twenty? However, South Emperor did so in such a relaxed manner — this was enough to show his confidence.

Xiao Qingtian became very serious. As the prime general, he was a battle-hardened veteran. Even though he had never seen South Emperor before, he immediately knew just how terrifying the young man was from looking at his style.

“Clang—” Xiao Qingtian slowly unsheathed his saber. It was a blade as white as snow and as bright as the stars. With it in his hand, he could sever all things. He was alone in this cosmos; everything else became meaningless.

The spectators felt insignificant before this saber because it could end all things. Even Godkings felt a bit breathless before it.

“Prime general, one saber to rampage throughout the heavens.” A distant Godking saw this saber and felt a chill. This person knew that he was no match for Xiao Qingtian.

“Wonderful, to be able to cultivate the dao of the saber to this level. It is not enough to just call you the prime general.” South Emperor smiled leisurely and reached out: “Halberd, come!”

“Buzz!” The Sky Piercer Halberd flew out of the Mysterious Bamboo Mountain. It crossed the world and fell into the hands of South Emperor. [1. This is the name of Lu Bu’s weapon, popularized by him in fiction. Dynasty Warriors was one of my favorite series growing up. I recommend playing this game and then reading the Three Kingdoms. It was a bit of a dry read however, especially in English. The Vietnamese version was fine, but I found myself skipping a lot of the poetic verses and songs; I probably read it 5-10 times already, skipping the sad sections. Maybe Chinese readers appreciated the poetry more than I did.]

“One halberd to rampage throughout the nine heavens!” An ancestor who came from the Barren Earth recalled a legend the moment he saw South Emperor wielding the halberd. It was a legend that would excite all listeners.

It said that there was a genius in the Mysterious Bamboo Mountain. As long as his halberd was in his hands, he could rampage throughout the nine heavens and no one could surpass him! Who would have thought that this genius would turn out to be South Emperor?

The ancestor was startled before this sight. In a split second, it was as if he saw an Immortal Emperor. It was a pity that he couldn’t take the last step to reach that level.

With the halberd, South Emperor suddenly changed completely. He was no longer carefree and relaxed for he had become a pillar supporting the sky. He exuded a violent aura as if he was the only person left in this world. Thus, no one could surpass him. He stood there among the earth and all the other geniuses had to retreat before his presence.

“Nine Heavens Rampaging Thrust.” South Emperor gently lamented: “Across the long years, is there still someone who can withstand the ultimate strike from the Sky Piercer?” [2. Here is another difficulty with titles and phrases in translation. The problem lies in flow/grammar versus a proper sounding title. In Chinese, there is no distinction in this particular case. The name sounds good and works just fine when used in the narrative. If we were to describe the halberd and the emperor in the legends, then “One halberd to rampage throughout the nine heavens” fits better. If we were to use this name as an attack, which it is in this case, then “Nine Heavens Rampaging Thrust” is better.]

This was an extremely domineering statement, but everyone who heard him right now was silent. He truly wasn’t bragging.

Back then, he was the arch-rival of Empress Hong Tian. Although he gave up competing for the Heaven’s Will in the end, no one dared to look down on him.

South Emperor stared at Xiao Qingtian and slowly said: “I have always fought unarmed after the battle back then, but today, you are worthy of seeing my halberd.”

He could be described as someone who held the nine heavens in disdain, but he did not show such contempt in this battle against the prime general. It was a show of respect.

“It is my honor.” Xiao Qingtian held his saber with both hands and slowly moved it vertically in front of him. When his body pulsed, the entire world pulsed. A portal seemed to be appearing as his voice echoed across the world: “Saints from the Soaring Immortal Sect, it is time for you to grace this battlefield!”

“Clank!” With that, he cut through the void and illuminated the nine continents. Under this slash, everyone felt their soul leaving their body and their strength being sapped from within.

“Well done.” South Emperor laughed before this attack. He stepped once and immediately soared into the far horizon. He watched the snow-white slash approaching and slightly shifted his halberd back.

“Boom!” A huge star cracked in the sky before more exploded with blinding flashes.

His halberd began to dance; the whole sky was pulled in by its rhythm. This area turned into a black hole and, with the halberd’s rotation, it slowly turned into a vortex.

The saber slash cut the spinning black hole and severed it right away. A terrifying scar was left in the sky.

“Clank!” Despite the blade managing to cut the vortex, the halberd’s momentum didn’t stop. It thrust forward through time itself, a thrust capable of killing deities. Even Godkings would feel their knees giving in.

Xiao Qingtian crazily shouted: “Die!” He lunged towards the sky with his saber ready to stop South Emperor’s Sky Piercer!

The two peak existences fought in the deep recesses of the sky. Even though their battlefield was very far away from the Space Trample Mountain, the horrifying force still loomed over the world. Countless cultivators in the Mortal Emperor World were alarmed and found themselves lacking in the face of this power.

“A top-level fight!” A powerful Virtuous Paragon opened his heavenly gaze to look at the distant battle. At this time, many people were very curious, but they didn’t dare to go up there and watch.

“Buzz!” At the same time, a huge portal emerged above the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. An immortal light spewed out from it.

People could faintly see divine peaks inside the portal. There were countless swaying trees and blooming lotuses. Immortal birds were flying with springs surging like waterfalls and pouring down from the sky.

“Is that the immortal world?” Many people were shocked after looking through the portal and felt that they were simply frogs at the bottom of a well. This alone was enough to let them imagine how great the world behind the portal was.

“No, that’s the Soaring Immortal Sect.” A God-Monarch who came to watch the fun paled and murmured: “The Soaring Immortal Sect is coming, they want to descend to the Mortal Emperor World. It didn't appear during the three generations ruled by the Black Dragon King, so it looks like they have finally lost their patience.”

“Buzz—” Many Soaring Immortal disciples equipped with armor flew out from the portal in the sky.

“Scram as far away as possible in my presence!” Li Qiye’s eyes turned serious. He slightly waved his right palm and the triangular building immediately rushed to the sky.

“Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!” It decapitated the first group of disciples that exited the portal.

“So untethered! This is simply enraging the Soaring Immortal Sect!” Regardless of how many disciples were descending, they were all beheaded one by one. The spectators were shocked to see each head flying. This was not just a massacre, it was a direct mental suppression.

For eons, how many people would dare to kill the disciples of this sect? But now, Li Qiye was doing so in such a blatant manner. This scene was too domineering.

“Bang!” Eventually, powerful characters from the Soaring Immortal Sect finally descended. Six God-Monarchs came out with six imperial weapons to immediately fortify the area, stopping the triangular weapon in its tracks. It allowed the other disciples to come down to this world.

The six God-Monarchs shouted: “Who dares to be so impudent?!” They looked incredibly young. A guess would put them at around thirty, yet they were very powerful and aggressive.

An ancestor muttered: “This behemoth is way too strong. Even the oldest of these God-Monarchs was still born during the Difficult Dao Era.”

Everyone knew that in present times, no one in the Mortal Emperor World had become a God-Monarch at such a young age. Even geniuses born during the Difficult Dao Era had yet to reach this level!

Anyone would be moved by the sight of these young God-Monarchs. If the sect could send out God-Monarchs this easily, what level would an ancestor have reached?

“Reaching God-Monarch from that generation… no lineage in the nine worlds has the capability to produce such disciples.” Many sect masters became envious, even the ones from imperial lineages.

The generation they were referring to were the young ones who were born during the Difficult Dao Era. No one from this generation had become a God-Monarch in the nine worlds yet.

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