Chapter 1133: Xiao Qingtian

Chapter 1133: Xiao Qingtian

“Bang!” At this moment, Mu Shaodi’s group had already entered the Space Trample Mountain and met the first layer of defense.

“Rumble!” A great cavalry rushed forward like a flood dragon to meet them.

It was much more powerful than the one under Era Sentinel General. The cavalry was unified and was of one mind. Like a flood dragon, it could easily tear its enemies into pieces.

The demon god commander of this cavalry shouted: “Mu Shaodi, this is a land blessed by an Immortal Emperor, you cannot act presumptuously!”

Old Devil smiled and revealed his yellow teeth: “Praiseheaven Demon God, you are only the captain of the inner-guard regiment, yet you still dare to shout at me? Ta Kong was indeed powerful, so I was wary of him when he was alive. However, it’s not your turn to raise your voice before me. Tell Xiao Qingtian to come out.”

“Kill!” The demon with the title Praiseheaven shouted. He was one with his unit and turned into a flood dragon to kill Mu Shaodi.

“Good, I will test your regiment. Don’t get beaten by me and fall to the ground again.” Old Devil rushed to the sky to fight the demon god and his unit by himself.

The burly man and Arcane Guru didn’t say anything. They jumped deeper into the mountain. Mu Shaodi was more than enough to deal with Praiseheaven and his unit.

“Halt your advance!” Another general led a battalion to stop these two. They activated an imperial formation.

“Boom!” An imperial weapon shot to the sky to suppress this region.

“Open!” The golden coffin the guru carried opened. With a buzz, coins flew out and baited the imperial weapon to follow it into the horizon.

“I’m going to take down the formation, you take care of the rest.” The guru shouted and jumped into the formation.

“Come!” The burly man who had been quiet the whole time roared. With the clanking of his dragon-like chains, he took on the general.

“Kill them!” The battalion and general rushed forward in a dominating fashion. The burly man wasn’t afraid at all. The chains on his arms were his most powerful weapons.

“Rumble!” The fights shook the entire Space Trample Mountain. Under their supreme arts, the sky lit up like fireworks!

“Boom!” The troops led by Praiseheaven collapsed in the face of Mu Shaodi’s powerful offense. The demon god couldn’t stop him either and was blown away by one palm strike. His blood stained the blue sky.

Old Devil laughed and declared: “Don’t think that just because I was a cowardly turtle back then that these old bones of mine are truly afraid of the Space Trample Mountain.”

“Mu Shaodi, that’s the young genius who was three to three against Immortal Emperor Ta Kong!” Both the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect and the faraway spectators murmured to each other.

His three unattractive yellow teeth did not take away from his grand aura. At this time, people finally saw the style of the brilliant and peerless young genius back then.

“Ancestor Mu!” Gu Tieshou was tearing up while looking at Mu Shaodi’s excited face. This was the pride of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, the invincible ancestor who once threatened the nine worlds and competed for the Heaven’s Will against Immortal Emperor Ta Kong!

“Xiao Qingtian, come out and fight!” Mu Shaodi shouted and rushed further into the mountain.

At this time, he didn’t hide anything and completely let go of his shackles. In just an instant, he reached his peak of the past with great spirits and a touch of haughtiness.

“Rumble!” The burly man working together with Arcane Guru was strong enough. At this moment, Mu Shaodi was the vanguard and killed his way forward with an unstoppable momentum. Despite the mountain’s great resources and power, their generals couldn’t halt the advance.

“Mu Shaodi is truly incredible. No wonder why he could compete with Immortal Emperor Ta Kong back then.” The crowd was in awe.

“Clank!” The sound of a saber sang across the sky. At this moment, the prime general at the top of the Space Trample Mountain stood up. He swung his blade straight down with the scabbard still on.

Despite this, his slash severed the six dao and time itself along with the Yin and Yang and samsara. Gods and devils all had to retreat before this attack.

“Good!” Old Devil cried out. His figure shifted like a dragon as he used a great emperor law to meet this slash directly.

“Bang!” Fiery sparks went flying. Countless mountains seemed to have shattered. The powerful impact from both sides shook this location. Luckily, the impact was in the sky or else the Space Trample Mountain would have been in trouble!

“Thump, thump, thump!” Even the unstoppable young emperor was at a disadvantage in this exchange. He staggered more than ten steps back before stabilizing himself.

A middle-aged man came out from Space Trample. He had an oval face with a pair of starry eyes. He was quite dashing and charming despite his old age.

Each of his steps caused the stars to flip and the sun and moon to lose their brilliance. He was more dazzling than everything else while standing in the sky like the moon at night.

He didn’t exude a powerful aura or an endless blood energy. Him casually wielding a long saber with his carefree demeanor already felt quite oppressive; it was as if he was unmatched in this world.

“Prime general—” A darkened ancestor looked at the man and murmured: “Legend states that even Immortal Emperor Ta Kong couldn’t defeat this man in his youth.”

This was the strongest expert under Immortal Emperor Ta Kong. He also competed for the Heaven’s Will with the emperor and had never lost to him. He once looked down on the nine worlds while enjoying an illustrious reputation!

“Xiao Qingtian, you finally decide to show yourself!” Mu Shaodi saw him and laughed: “Come, come, we’ll fight just like back then.”

Xiao Qingtian looked straight at him and replied: “Mu Shaodi, you have stagnated for several tens of thousands of years after your last defeat. You are no longer my match.”

The emperor became a bit dejected after hearing this. He had spent a countless amount of effort because of a certain thing in the last tens of thousands of years, so his cultivation didn’t increase at all.

“Haha, Xiao Qingtian, you are right about that.” Mu Shaodi laughed: “My body is indeed aged and I’m really not your match, but I’m still confident in stopping several thousand moves from you!”

Xiao Qingtian replied: “Fine, let me see your supreme arts then.”

“Mu Shaodi, get back.” Li Qiye ordered after seeing the two itching for a fight.

“Your Excellency—” Mu Shaodi was a bit surprised.

“You are not his match. Exchanging several thousand moves is only a waste of time.” Li Qiye said: “Someone else will deal with him.”

“What a shame. Xiao Qingtian, I won’t be able to fight you before you die. Truly regrettable.” Mu Shaodi looked over at the prime general and shook his head.

Xiao Qingtian’s eyes turned cold after hearing this. He glanced over at Li Qiye with a piercing glare to say: “You must be the current number one of the younger generation, Li Qiye?” [1. This is a formal/respectful you, but it is not quite of the “sir” level.]

“Yes.” Li Qiye met his gaze and flatly said: “You shouldn’t have provoked me!”

The general was quiet for a bit before proposing: “Space Trample Mountain has lost today. We can leave and let go of this grudge between us.”

This proposal shocked everyone. This was the arrogant prime general who only respected Immortal Emperor Ta Kong, yet he actually admitted defeat today.

“Unfortunately, it is already too late.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “If you all realized this in the beginning, then Space Trample Mountain could have survived.”

The general turned fierce with his aura rising to a frightening level. Even the world trembled as it listened to his speech: “I only want to minimize the losses for everyone. I, Xiao Qingtian, am not someone who is afraid of trouble. Moreover, Space Trample Mountain isn’t the only power here today!”

“I know, the Soaring Immortal Sect is here too!” Li Qiye didn’t mind and only laughed: “Alas, both you and the Soaring Immortal Sect can’t enter my sight. Unless Immortal Emperor Ta Kong is still alive, no one will be able to do anything today.”

“And even if he was here, I would still crucify him on the spot!” Li Qiye revealed a murderous glare. At this moment, everyone felt the chill of a slumbering monster awakening after many generations. Once awakened, even an Immortal Emperor would quiver!

“He shouldn’t have opposed me!” This was a pair of eyes that could instill fear into Godkings.

Such words suffocated everyone. For all these generations, who would dare to talk about killing an Immortal Emperor? No one even uttered such words. There hadn’t been anyone who carried out this task, yet Li Qiye was declaring it today.

However, everyone had been learning that Fiercest was not someone who boasted empty words!

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