Chapter 1132: Counter-offensive

Chapter 1132: Counter-offensive

The world was immediately silenced. Both enemies and friends were dazed for a long time.

Even the disciples from Cleansing Incense couldn’t believe that the triangular building had such a use. In fact, even Gu Tieshou’s group found it inconceivable.

All echelons in the sect thought of it as just a place to store treasures and laws. No one thought that it could be used as a weapon.

What was even more astonishing was that this huge building was as agile as a throwing star; it was capable of beheading people with ease.

People eventually calmed down. One person took a deep breath and murmured: “Fiercest is always like this no matter where he goes, always killing till rivers of blood flow. Both the Space Trample Mountain and Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom are not worth mentioning in his eyes. He is a monster, a rampaging monster with nothing holding him back.”

“Pop!” Era Sentinel and the demon ancestor who were captured by Bu Lianxiang were thrown to the ground.

The two legions were annihilated. Even though these two were powerful, they had now become prisoners. Despite being a veteran general under Immortal Emperor Ta Kong, he couldn’t even withstand one strike from Bu Lianxiang.

She was too powerful and the galaxy in her hand was even worse. It was quite heaven-defying, so it was inevitable that these two would be this vulnerable before her.

There were some big shots running here from the Buddhist Funeral Plateau. They had seen her in action back at the Lesser Imperial Devil World before when she killed the Divine Ancestor and the Thousand Emperors Sect Master. Compared to those two, the demon ancestor was much weaker, so this was to be expected.

But those who had never seen her fight before could only shudder inside. A general of the last emperor was captured in such a short amount of time — this was truly an astonishing turn of events.

“Is that an Emperor Assailant?” An old sect master was creeped out by her might. He felt a chill and had sweat running down his back.

An ancestor could faintly guess her power and murmured: “She’s probably not at that level, but she’s definitely not far off.”

Li Qiye kicked Era Sentinel and coldly ordered: “Kneel!”

The general stood up straight and proudly said: “Junior, do as you please! Don’t even dream of making me kneel.”

Despite being captured, he was still quite unyielding. After all, he was a general of an emperor.

“Crank—crack!” Li Qiye crushed his bones with one kick.

“Pop!” Era Sentinel involuntarily kneeled on the ground.

Even if he was more persistent, there was nothing he could do, he was already on the chopping board.

“Even if Immortal Emperor Ta Kong was in this world, I still wouldn’t pay him any mind, who do you think you are?!” Li Qiye glared at him before stomping on the demon ancestor.

“Pop!” The demon ancestor had no choice but to prostrate. At this time, he lacked the power to even bind a chicken.

Many people gasped after seeing this. One was a heavenly general while the other was a demon ancestor, but they were forced to kneel before Li Qiye.

His eyes shifted towards the divine mountain in the sky as well as the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom.

“Prime general and divine guardian beast, so what? Even if the invincible ancestors of the Soaring Immortal Sect were here, they would still have to prostrate before me! I shall behead my enemies for the world to see. In the nine heavens and ten earths, those who oppose me will become ashes even if they are eternal gods!” His cold voice caused the world to tremble.

“Ah!” The moment he made his declaration, both the general and demon ancestor screamed. Li Qiye’s hands were now gripping their heads. With a crack, he ripped out their heads and spines.

This gory scene was truly shocking. All the spectators were creeped out by it.

Two great beings were publicly executed. Only Immortal Emperors would dare to do something like this.

“This is too ruthless!” Everyone was quivering inside, including God-Monarchs and Godkings. Today, they understood what fear was, something that Fiercest didn’t possess. He couldn’t be deterred by anyone or any power.

Anyone who came today must kneel before him. His enemies, regardless of who they were, would be annihilated even if they were the emperors and gods above the nine firmaments!

Li Qiye casually threw away their heads and commanded: “Shuangyan, Baojiao, Baijian, heed my command!”

“Your maids are here!” The three of them stepped out and bowed their heads. [1. This might sound strange in English and a bit degrading, but it is normal/expected speech and pronoun/self-address usage in a formal and public event.]

He uttered coldly: “The three of you, bring some disciples and destroy the Heavenly God Sect for me. Make sure that when the sun rises tomorrow, the Heavenly God Sect shall be no more!”

“Affirmative.” The three girls left. They took some disciples from Cleansing Incense and opened a portal to strike at the Heavenly God Sect.

“Only Fiercest is qualified to do something like this.” Everyone was marveled to see these incomparable geniuses calling themselves maids before Li Qiye.

Li Qiye pointed at Old Devil and the burly man locked by chains: “Mu Shaodi, Mu Shaohuang, the two of you go destroy Space Trample Mountain for me. I do not wish to see it exist after dawn tomorrow!” [2. Sigh. Now we know that these are actual names, not titles. Usually it is the other way around. Mu Shaodi = Young Emperor Mu; Mu Shaohuang = Young King Mu.]

Old Devil and the chained man glanced at each other, but eventually, Old Devil bowed his head and said: “Your Excellency’s command is the supreme will!”

With that, he soared into the sky and headed straight for the Space Trample Mountain!

The burly man also stepped into the sky without any hesitation. His iron chains issued more clanking noises.

“Buzz—” The mountain in the sky knew that powerful enemies were approaching. It activated its imperial formation and readied its legion!

Li Qiye glanced at the mountain and spoke in an awe-inspiring manner: “Arcane, where are you?”

An old man with a paper hat showed up out of nowhere. He prostrated on the ground and respectfully said: “This lowly one is at Your Excellency’s command!”

“Go, lend them a hand. Quickly destroy Space Trample Mountain!” Li Qiye issued his command while pointing at the sky.

“Affirmative!” Arcane Guru acknowledged the order. He carried a golden coffin with both hands as he soared into the sky and chased after Mu Shaodi.

This was an incredible scene. Mu Shaodi’s had been famous for 50,000 years, and many people were quite afraid of him. Meanwhile, Arcane Guru had the strength of a God-Monarch. But now, all of them were obeying Li Qiye while acting as respectful as juniors.

Li Qiye glared in the ancient kingdom’s direction and slowly spoke: “Lianxiang, I’ll leave the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom to you!”

She softly said: “Don’t worry, if you don’t want them to see the rising sun tomorrow, they never shall.”

“Boom!” The void was shattered. With unparalleled speed, she immediately crossed through countless realms to arrive at the ancient kingdom.

Alarms immediately rang at the kingdom. One ancestor shouted: “Who is it!”

“The person who shall end your kingdom!” Her fair hand swept by. There was an immediate sensation that the world was collapsing. The ancestral ground of the ancient kingdom was torn asunder along with its grand formation.

“Rumble!” After noticing the powerful attack, imperial weapons flew out from the ancestral ground, including true treasures.

The divine guardian beast of the kingdom eventually shouted: “Fellow Daoist, we have no grievances or feuds, why are you attacking our kingdom?!”

She domineeringly declared: “My man’s will is the high heaven’s mandate! If he wants to destroy the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom, it shall be no more!”

With that, she took out the Yin Yang Immortal Refining Mirror. “Boom!” Yin and Yang reversed. Two rays of immortal lights descended and shattered the kingdom. One imperial weapon was blown away after another.

“Is this a cataclysm?” Everyone quivered before this blow that caused the entire Mortal Emperor World to quake!

“Open!” The divine beast had to personally come out after seeing the invincible Bu Lianxiang. While controlling two Immortal Emperor True Treasures, he rushed straight for her. These were the true fate weapons of Immortal Emperor Qing Xuan and Immortal Emperor San Dao. Under their onslaught, even the stars in the sky were and the earth below were shaking.

“You won’t do.” The domineering woman took out a galaxy capable of crossing eons. Time stopped and space was confined. Countless stars orbited her. At this moment, she resembled the master of the nine worlds, the overlord of the celestials.

“Bang!” The two began their devastating fight. The divine beast wanted to suppress her using his two true treasures.

However, she was much more powerful than him, especially the galaxy in her palm. It engulfed myriad dao, so he was the one suppressed instead.

“She, she is far too powerful.” The crowd was dumbfounded while watching this scene.

“So overbearing. Only such a woman can be a good match for Fiercest.” Someone murmured in a daze after recalling her words earlier.

“My man’s will is the high heaven’s mandate!” People would become absent-minded while musing these words.

To have a woman like this in life was more than enough!

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