Chapter 1130: Mu Shaodi

Chapter 1130: Mu Shaodi

Old Devil smiled, revealing his three yellow teeth alongside his wretched demeanor: “I have forgotten about it. It has been a while since someone last said my name.”

“What, he, he is Mu Shaodi!” Everyone’s jaws dropped to the ground after hearing this. Even the spectators on the horizon were shocked as well. Old paragons from the previous generations didn’t dare to believe their own eyes.

“But this is too outrageous, he, he was the number one genius of the Grand Middle Territory back then?” An undying who had seen Mu Shaodi before couldn’t believe his eyes.

This old undying carefully analyzed Old Devil. No matter how he looked at him, there was no semblance of Mu Shaodi in this wretched old geezer.

Both the young and old of Cleansing Incense were skeptical as well, especially those above the protector level.

For them, Mu Shaodi was the same as a god. Many of them worshipped Mu Shaodi. Even though they had never met this ancestor before, they still admired him all the same.

Mu Shaodi was the strongest genius 50,000 years ago and competed with Immortal Emperor Ta Kong for the Heaven’s Will with a record of three defeats to three victories. Even though he failed to shoulder the Heaven’s Will in the end, his fame still spread far and wide in the nine worlds. Even his lifelong enemy, Immortal Emperor Ta Kong, had nothing but praise for him.

At the same time, outside of being an exceedingly powerful genius, rumor has it that he was quite a dashing man with a gallant temperament. He was also heroic and famous. During his generation, countless saintesses and princesses adored him.

No one, especially those who had seen him in the past, would believe that the handsome and heroic youth that once stood above the world was now this lowly old man before them.

Gu Tieshou was slack-jawed. Even though he had never seen Mu Shaodi, he had met Liu Sanjian who had left an inerasable impression in his mind and Mu Shaodi was Liu Sanjian’s grandmaster. One should be able to imagine the young emperor’s invincible style from looking at Liu Sanjian.

However, not even in his dreams would he think that the young emperor's appearance would so completely contradict the image in his mind. What was even worse was that the Old Devil whom the entire sect thought was a pervert that only hung around at Happy Crimson was their ancestor, Mu Shaodi. This was almost like a dream.

“Growing old will change someone.” Old Devil laughed boisterously. There was no semblance of his old style. Of course, he didn’t care whether he was handsome or ugly.

After hearing Old Devil confirm his identity with his own mouth, Era Sentinel took a step back. Even though he was a general under the emperor, he was still quite apprehensive about facing the young emperor. The guy was famous for a reason back then, he had an even record against Immortal Emperor Ta Kong!

Era Sentinel coldly uttered: “Mu Shaodi, you really haven’t died!”

Old Devil’s three yellow teeth were too eye-catching. He smiled in response: “I can’t die before you old bastards. Xue Hongyi, I did not delve into your sect’s involvement back then, but you aren’t being very sensible today. You actually came, wanting to destroy my sect.”

Back then, the Heavenly God Sect took over the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect’s territory with the Space Trample Mountain and Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom in the background.

The mountain also guessed that Mu Shaodi was still alive, so they didn’t go overboard to the point of attacking Cleansing Incense’s ancestral ground.

Now, they felt that they were powerful enough, so they wanted to destroy Cleansing Incense in one go.

Era Sentinel declared: “Mu Shaodi, it can’t be denied that you are very powerful, but even your presence will not be able to save Cleansing Incense. It shall be destroyed today!”

Old Devil narrowed his eyes and glanced over at Era Sentinel and then the Heavenly God Ancestor: “With just you and this ignorant junior?”

Such words exasperated the Heavenly God Ancestor. He was quite famous in the middle region, but the young emperor viewed him as worthless.

But before him, the ancestor had to restrain his arrogance. Mu Shaodi was an existence that competed against Immortal Emperor Ta Kong. He truly was much more powerful than him.

Era Sentinel coldly uttered: “Mu Shaodi, you are greatly underestimating the Space Trample Mountain. You think this is all of our forces in this campaign?” With that, his blood energy shot into the sky and became even brighter than fireworks at night.

“Buzz—” A portal appeared in the sky. Its huge doors opened and another steady stream of soldiers rushed out.

This huge legion hovered above the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. They carried a majestic aura like a vast ocean, causing this region to be suppressed and breathless.

Very few sects in the Mortal Emperor World could instantly teleport such a great legion.

“A legion from the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom!” Someone screamed after seeing this legion.

Cleansing Incense was shaken once again when they saw this gigantic army in the sky. They were already struggling to stop the imperial weapon from the Heavenly God Sect before the coming of this great legion.

The worst part was that this new legion was far stronger than the Heavenly God Sect’s army!

“Hahaha, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect should have been wiped out back then.” An old man stepped out from the legion. He had platinum hair and a silver armor with a big circular reflector in front of his chest. It didn’t hide his fat stomach, however, which made him look quite silly.

However, to look down on him due to his appearance would be a mistake. Profound images emerged behind him. They were of a gigantic beast that might devour the world at any time. Spectators were quite scared of this phenomenon.

Not many recognized him at all. Old Devil caught a glimpse of him and said: “Azure Mysterious Demon Ancestor, a pig demon like you still dares to come here? Come, I’ll take care of you, fat pig.”

Such domineering words made the Cleaning Incense disciples boiling with excitement. Even the experts in the distance were in awe.

“Azure Mysterious Demon Ancestor.” An expert from the previous generation murmured after hearing this: “He is a demon taught by Immortal Emperor San Dao. Even after so many years, his blood energy is actually still as virile as before.”

According to rumors, this demon ancestor used to be a wild boar. After meeting Immortal Emperor San Dao and obtaining his blessing, it eventually cultivated into a demon and became an ancestor. In order to show his gratitude for being enlightened by the emperor, it stayed at the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom to protect it.

So now, when this demon ancestor personally led the kingdom’s legion to attack Cleansing Incense, it truly showed the kingdom’s determination to destroy the sect.

“This is too incredible, it looks like they won’t give up until Cleansing Incense is history.” Even a ruler of a country was astounded by this.

The Cleansing Incense of today was no longer an imperial lineage. In the eyes of many, it was only a third-rate sect. But now, Era Sentinel General and the Azure Mysterious Demon Ancestor personally led their armies to attack Cleansing Incense.

Even a fool could see that the Heavenly God Sect was only the scouting cannon fodder. The real masterminds behind this battle were the Space Trample Mountain and the ancient kingdom.

“Heh, junior, you really are strong enough to be recognized by the Heaven’s Will. However, even if you were stronger, you still won’t be able to escape death today.” The demon ancestor laughed before shouting. His shout echoed across the world.

“Boom!” An azure energy soared to the sky from within the ancient kingdom. It turned into a surging spring that towered for countless miles. Its vastness flooded the heaven and earth.

“Raaaa!” A huge figure appeared from this endless azure energy like a divine beast entrenching itself in this spot while emitting a primal aura. This beast loomed over the land, causing many living beings and even the entire middle region to tremble. Its aura was truly terrifying, as if its awakening was the start of its all-devouring journey.

“That’s the divine guardian of the ancient kingdom!” Someone murmured: “This is unbelievable… this divine beast hasn’t appeared for millions of years, but it is actually coming into being right now. How outrageous…”

However, it did not end there. With a buzz, a projection of a large and incomparable legion emerged above the vast mountains and rivers in the flying continent.

Great warriors and generals came out from this projection. The moment this army completely emerged, an invincible steel aura engulfed the world. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that even the starry sky above was affected.

“Is that the legion left behind by Immortal Emperor Ta Kong?” Even though people could only see the visual projection and not the whole picture of the legion, they were still frightened all the same.

A regiment of Immortal Emperor Ta Kong, regardless of its actual size or capability, was appalling enough.

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