Chapter 1118: Nihility Temple

Chapter 1118: Nihility Temple

“Ah—” Little Autumn forced out a laugh after hearing this. It arched out its chest to put on an awe-inspiring front: “Boss, this little one has never been afraid of anything. Meet god, slay god; meet devil, slay devil. However, in the nine heavens and ten earths, who is more impressive and mighty than Boss? Little Autumn was waiting here to see you knock the teeth out of those monks. Otherwise, I would have burned this place down to the ground long ago...”

The worm declared with great valor, as if it would do something like that. The girls could only smile at the obvious boasting.

“Alright, stop!” Li Qiye slapped it directly this time and teasingly scolded: “If you are really that strong, then I command you right now to bring that broken pot here.”

This really scared the worm into quivering several times. Its neck shrunk while it smiled awkwardly: “Oh, oh, Boss, I was just kidding, just kidding. Please don’t think I was serious. I am only a servant without any ability or courage. How can I be capable enough to go grab that pot?”

“This matter as grand as the heavens needs Boss to personally take care of it. In the nine worlds and myriad realms, no one but you can take that pot, not even Immortal Emperors.” He didn’t stop sweetening up Li Qiye.

Despite the incessant flattery, these words had their truth. If the thing inside could be taken so easily, an Immortal Emperor would have done so already.

Li Qiye angrily glared at him and said: “Well stop uttering so much nonsense. Be good and stay here for me, stop causing trouble.”

Little Autumn’s skin was thick to the extreme. It cheerfully smiled without blushing at all. Of course, if Li Qiye told him to scold and curse at the base of the mountain, it would be happy to do so as if it was its unquestionable duty. However, to tell it to kill its way into the Nihility Temple? It knew its own strength very well.

It had suffered in the temple before. Without Li Qiye’s help, it would have been trapped inside until now, so it knew just how frightening the temple was. Because of this, after arriving, it could only curse at the base of the mountain while not daring to go in at all.

“All the monks in the temple, listen well! My Boss, the tyrant of the nine heavens, the person who will reign over this era, his venerableness has arrived today! This is an honor for your broken temple, so hurry and come to greet him…”

Little Autumn was playing the fox borrowing the tiger’s might. It stood below the mountain and boldly yelled at the temple with great arrogance. An uninformed person would think that it was a villain that recently came across some success.

“No one will think you are mute even if you speak less.” Li Qiye seemed to enjoy slapping the fella.

Little Autumn cheerfully laughed and said: “I am adding to Boss’s prestige, to let the old monks know that you are here.”

Li Qiye shook his head and smilingly scolded: “You are underestimating them too much. Even if they didn’t leave the temple, they would still know who is coming. Whether in this place or even in the entire Buddhist Funeral Plateau, how many things can elude their Buddhist eyes?”

Little Autumn couldn’t refute this claim. It obediently shut up since it knew how terrifying these monks from the past were. In fact, the monks here were even scarier than before.

Li Qiye glanced at the peak and solemnly reminded the girls: “Everyone, stay here. Do not take half a step onto the peak or it will bring about a disaster. Once you are in the process of being converted by the dharma, I won’t be able to shift my focus to save you.”

The girls glanced at each other. They had seen the horrifying power of conversion back at Spirit Mountain. If these monks were all retired Buddhist Lords, then one could easily imagine how mighty they would be. Their ability of conversion must be even stronger than Spirit Mountain’s.

“I’ll come along and open a path for you!” Bu Lianxiang quickly said after seeing Li Qiye wanting to go up.

In the group, she was the only one who was qualified to say this. She was the strongest, and even Godkings had to show her some sensibility.

However, Li Qiye denied her: “No, this isn’t a place that can be solved by force. It is actually the most unwise thing to do.” With that, Li Qiye seriously looked at her to say: “If force could be of use here, then there wouldn’t have been a need to wait until today, and it wouldn’t be my turn either since Immortal Emperor Fei Yang would have done it back then.”

“We will be facing ourselves, our greed and desires, not opponents.” Li Qiye smiled: “This requires me to fight by myself instead of borrowing external forces.”

She looked at him and eventually nodded her head: “Be careful. If it looks bad, retreat right away.”

Li Qiye smiled and went up the mountain. Little Autumn also shouted while watching: “Young Noble, be careful, never listen to that broken pot!”

Even though Little Autumn normally loved to brag and was a bit unreliable, it was more serious than anyone else when it came to big events. Plus, it knew what Li Qiye was about to face, so it became worried for him too.

Li Qiye didn’t look back or say anything. He slowly climbed up the mountain. There was no need for him to turn around or say anything, the others just needed to wait for his triumphant return.

Little Autumn looked at the girls after Li Qiye entered the temple and said: “We should move back a little bit, it is about to begin.”

The girls followed the worm to a safe distance before stopping. At this moment, everyone was watching the temple, full of worries. Little Autumn was the same; it kept pacing back and forth.

Its goal was different from Li Qiye’s. Li Qiye came here for the Space Scripture while it was only here to vent its anger. Back then, its master died in the Nihility Temple, which was why it was swearing right outside of it. Even though it knew that this had no effect on the temple, it did so to feel better.

Li Qiye entered the temple. There was no majestic gold and jade or carvings of dragons and phoenixes. The entire temple could be easily described by the word “ancient.”

One monk with his palms placed together came to lead the way for Li Qiye. His hair and eyebrows were all white while he himself had a friendly demeanor. Who would ever be able to imagine that such a monk used to be the Buddhist Lord of the Buddhist Kingdom with a matchless dharma?

The monk didn’t ask Li Qiye anything. Just like Li Qiye said before, nothing could escape their eyes. Even without asking, they knew what he was here to do and what he wanted.

Li Qiye stood quietly in the main hall and looked around. There was nothing else here, not even a Buddhist statue. Nevertheless, he kept on gazing as if something extremely beautiful was attracting his eyes.

He stood there for a long time while the old monk waited as well with the same pose. He didn’t bother Li Qiye by saying anything.

After a while, Li Qiye stopped looking and asked the old monk: “When will Di Shi come out with his true body?”

“Amitabha.” The monk didn’t have an oppressive Buddhist affinity or its power of conversion. He was extremely ordinary as he responded: “Buddha will come into this world one day.”

These two had no need to show off their power. They looked incredibly normal because at their level the dharma was virtually the same and neither could convert the other. Forcefully doing so would only result in losing face — a waste of time.

Li Qiye laughed and spoke: “His coming will be the start of the great disaster.”

“Amitabha. Break and rebuild. Without breaking, there can be no rebuilding. The new generation requires a new order as well as a new master.” The monk replied without haste.

Li Qiye only smiled and let this go: “I hope for such a day as well. I’m not a pessimistic person, but I am not too optimistic about you guys.”

“Amitabha.” The old monk let out one last chant with nothing more to say.

Li Qiye went into the inner hall with the monk still leading the way. They met other old monks with the same plainness. Of course, they were once Buddhist Lords as well with a boundless dharma capable of converting Godkings.

But now, all of these terrifying existences were willing to stay here as ordinary monks. There was an unfathomable mystery that outsiders couldn’t imagine or know about.

Of course, only truly great people could be welcomed into the temple by another monk. Even Godkings wouldn’t receive such a reception so easily.

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