Chapter 1115: The Journey Begins

Chapter 1115: The Journey Begins

Even the Imperial Kings were shaken to see this mighty army of heroes. One of them murmured: “The Kingdom of Emperors is one of the rare behemoths in our border.”

They were very wary of this great army because this particular kingdom had already turned into a legend in this place. Ever since the strongest behemoths back then entered the Expedition Path, no other kingdoms dared to oppose it.

The three current empires were strong, but even if they combined forces, they were still quite weak compared to the Kingdom of Emperors.

This mighty army was led by Zhan Qi. The moment this army reached the base of the path, the atmosphere of this region became extremely solemn. Its might alone was enough to render everyone breathless.

It was indeed invincible. At the same time, an existence like Zhan Qi wouldn’t be weaker than any Godking, further augmenting this army’s prestige. Anyone would feel quite insignificant before this army; they would feel like a mantis trying to kick a carriage down.

The world was silent. This heroic army from the kingdom did not make a single sound. The armies from the three empires were quiet as well. Of course, the spectators were too afraid to say anything.

After an unknown amount of time, someone spoke: “Li Qiye is here.”

The majority of the spectators turned around and saw Li Qiye approach in the sky. He wore his imperial armor and exuded an engulfing imperial momentum like an invincible Imperial King. Outside of Mei Suyao and the other three girls, the awe-inspiring Middle Continent Princess was present as well.

Everyone held their breaths upon his arrival. No matter who they were or which sect they came from, no one dared to say a word in front of Li Qiye, let alone show signs of disrespect.

Today, Li Qiye was qualified to provoke anyone and any lineage!

“Your Majesty!” The heroic army cried out upon his arrival. Their chant shook the world and scared countless people.

Many paled and staggered backward in confusion after seeing the reverence this army showed towards Li Qiye.

No one knew how he became their master. This was a force capable of fighting against any Immortal Emperor’s legion. If Li Qiye brought this army outside, then it would be too frightening. Any lineage would have to take the long way around him.

Li Qiye quietly glanced at the great army and then Zhan Qi. Afterward, he turned towards the far horizon.

Evil-eyed Emperor spoke with gravity: “War Emperor, are we ready to depart?”

Li Qiye was still looking towards the distance as he answered: “Wait a while, someone should be coming!”

“Who?” Erudite Emperor also asked: “In the Imperial Border, is there still someone worthy of making our armies wait?”

“Di Wei.” Li Qiye only said a name without looking at the kings. He was still waiting to see if the person would appear or not. [1. Di Wei = Imperial Guard. It could be a title, but it feels weird to have this as a particular title because there should be more than one guard. It would be a cooler word if it was meant to be a title.]

The truth was that he already knew the answer in his mind; he knew what Di Wei would pick, but he still hoped that the guy would change his mind at the last second.

For Li Qiye, rather than risking it all by placing his trust in the plateau and becoming its cannon fodder, he wished for Di Wei to enter the Expedition Path with the four empires.

He knew what would happen the moment the plateau decided to go to war. There was still a chance by entering the Expedition Path since there were some uncertainties and a sliver of hope, but only death awaited those staying at the Buddhist Funeral Plateau…

After hearing the name “Di Wei,” the three kings were astonished. They also stared into the horizon like Li Qiye with great hope.

In their minds, if Di Wei actually followed them on the Expedition Path, then their chance of success might be even higher.

Others didn’t know who Di Wei was, but since they were three Imperial Kings, they knew just what kind of existence he was. He was the personal bodyguard of the Imperial Lord and knew many secrets of the Imperial Border as well as his lord. Of course, his strength was indisputable. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been the personal bodyguard of the Imperial Lord.

Moments passed and there was still no sign of him in the distance.

Li Qiye turned away and sighed. He knew that Di Wei had made up his mind and didn’t change his decision.

The three Imperial Kings were disappointed as well, but this matter couldn’t be forced.

Li Qiye looked over at Zhan Qi and spoke with a solemn tone: “Are you prepared?”

Zhan Qi looked straight at him with determination in his eyes before nodding.

Li Qiye placed one hand on Zhan Qi’s head. With a metallic clank, pieces of the imperial armor on Li Qiye’s body flew out towards Zhan Qi. In the blink of an eye, the imperial armor was on his body instead.

“Boom!” Li Qiye’s imperial momentum resembled a flood breaking a dam. It endlessly entered Zhan Qi’s body. As Zhan Qi was accepting this unbelievable momentum, his body trembled along with the ground.

Eventually, all of Li Qiye’s momentum transferred over to him. With buzzing noises, wondrous images emerged behind Zhan Qi. He became the new supreme Imperial King that ruled over all the kingdoms in this world, an emperor that was personally presiding over an expedition.

“Today, I bestow upon you the title of War Emperor. You shall lead the heroic legion of the Kingdom of Emperors to embark post haste onto the Expedition Path!” Li Qiye announced with his hand placed on Zhan Qi’s head.

While kneeling on one knee, Zhan Qi accepted the bestowment. He then prostrated and shouted: “Your Majesty is everlasting and invincible across all the eons!”

“Your Majesty is everlasting and invincible across all the eons!” The heroic legion prostrated as well and shouted loudly with their eyes upon Li Qiye. This would be their last prostration.

Li Qiye lifted Zhan Qi up and solemnly said: “Your Majesty, rise. From now on, you are the Imperial King of the Kingdom of Emperors.”

Zhan Qi formally said goodbye to Li Qiye once again, and the legion behind him did the same.

Li Qiye sighed after looking at the sky before telling Zhan Qi: “It is getting late, go now.”

With a serious demeanor, Zhan Qi’s fierce eyes looked over at the other three kings. The kings nodded after glancing at each other. Triumphant turned around and looked at his own cavalry: “March!”

“March!” Evil-eyed and Erudite issued commands to their troops as well.

“Pa! Pa! Pa!” In the blink of an eye, the imperial soldiers from the three empires flew into the sky and paved a path made of Regal Gold.

“Rumble!” The three empires were the first to embark on this road into the Expedition Path.

A cultivator murmured after seeing this: “So this is the Expedition Path.” Many people understood that the Expedition Path was paved with Regal Gold.

After getting on the path, the three armies continued on. The legion from the Kingdom of Emperors also got ready.

Zhan Qi looked at Li Qiye for a long time before bowing again. He didn’t look back and ordered: “March!”

With that, he led the great legion onto the Expedition Path.

Li Qiye watched the march for a long time in silence.

“Rumble!” After the heroic soldiers entered the Expedition Path, the battalions in the rear picked up the Regal Gold that had just been paved.

Just like this, the four empires continued forward while the soldiers in the rear kept on breaking the path to recover the gold. In this fashion, they went further into the vast expanse.

In spite of this, the Regal Gold was being damaged each time it was paved. After a certain amount of usage, the momentum inside would be depleted and it would become scrap metal.

Someone murmured: “What is waiting at the end of the Expedition Path?” Virtually all the cultivators were looking at the imperial soldiers building and breaking the path into the vast expanse.

No one could give him an answer since no one knew just how long this path was.

An Imperial King murmured: “In the legends, the Kingdom of Emperors has a vast amount of Regal Gold. With the addition of the Regal Gold from the three empires, maybe even three generations of all of the remaining kingdoms digging wouldn’t result in as much as the amount gathered here.”

A different Imperial King added: “If they can’t reach the other side despite having so much Regal Gold, then we should just stop thinking about it. If we excavate for another ten generations together, then it might be possible.”

Meanwhile, Li Qiye kept on watching until the heroic legions disappeared into the void. His gaze still didn’t move.

The only thing he could do now was to pray for them and hope that they could reach the other side safely, that there was a place for them over yonder.

“Let’s go.” A cultivator spoke some time after all the imperial soldiers disappeared from sight.

At this time, most of the cultivators had already left. The Expedition Path was just like the Evil Slaying Platform. There was no answer regarding the final destination.

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