Chapter 1113: Love And Hate

Chapter 1113: Love And Hate

More people began to wonder after the storm: “Could it be that this princess is Li Qiye’s master or dao protector?”

The majority of the crowd found this statement to be quite logical, and one even nodded: “Only a heaven-defying person like her would be able to train someone as invincible as Fiercest.”

In just a moment, people clamored about and discussed the princess.

“He still didn’t use his full strength.” In the horizon, Zhan Shi was silent for a long time before he softly sighed.

Earlier, Li Qiye was on the verge of death due to the immortal decapitators. Everyone thought that he couldn’t oppose the Divine Ancestor’s group. However, Zhan Shi and Lin who had fought against Li Qiye understood that Li Qiye still didn’t use his full strength even on the brink of demise.

He was still hiding his strength at the very last second.

“Just what kind of opponents will be able to make him go all out?” Lin had a bitter smile. Despite his incredible background, he still couldn’t see through Li Qiye. The person was like an unfathomable abyss, no one could see through him.

No one was aware of just how dangerous and immeasurable he was.

“Maybe even the death of gods wouldn’t be enough to fill this abyss.” In the end, Lin could only emotionally make this comment.

“We are still not his match in the end.” Zhan Shi gently sighed as well.

Lin agreed with this assessment: “I’m afraid neither of us can surpass him regardless of our achievements in the future. He will become a legend, his achievements will forever be unsurpassable.”

Zhan Shi had nothing to add. After fighting with Li Qiye and witnessing his strength and supreme grand dao, he felt helpless. Perhaps one could even say that he felt despair.

With a rock-solid dao heart, he was not so easily shaken. A guy like him would not underestimate himself, but he felt his pride and self-esteem shattered and littered on the ground after fighting Li Qiye.

It was helpless and futile to try to overcome Li Qiye. This was the feeling of being a tiny blade of grass before a divine mountain. The two of them were simply not on the same level.

“We can only say that this is fate!” He acquiesced to being a victim of destiny: “We won’t be able to overturn our defeat.”

“But losing to Fiercest is not a shameful matter at all.” Lin forced a smile: “Regardless of how incredible one might be, they would only face defeat before Li Qiye. Heaven-defying, devilish, whatever. All of these things are not worth mentioning before him.”

“I guess you can put it that way.” Zhan Shi chuckled awkwardly. They could only comfort themselves in this manner.

Although this type of comforting was not part of their nature for they did not wallow in self-pity, they were indeed powerless before Fiercest.

“Brother Zhan, the green hills are still there along with the clear flowing water. This little brother will take my leave now.” Eventually, Heavenly Emperor Lin said goodbye.

Zhan Shi cupped his fists and sentimentally replied: “Being friends with Brother Lin is my biggest blessing, I hope that we will be able to meet again.”

“I hope so too.” Lin felt a bit dejected and returned the gesture: “I’m afraid my sect will not let me out so easily after returning this time. No matter what, I hope we can see each other again, whether it be decades or centuries from now.”

The duo had grave injuries after fighting against Li Qiye. They would need a long period of recuperation after returning to their sects. For Lin, it was an utter defeat, a great humiliation to his sect. It was likely that they wouldn’t let him leave so easily afterward.

“If it is meant to be, we will meet again.” Zhan Shi felt sad as well. Despite their short time together, there was a great saying to describe this situation — friendship is not predicated on the time spent together. He and Lin were friends that could trust each other with their lives.

“Goodbye.” Lin cupped his fists and drifted away to disappear into the horizon.

Zhan Shi watched his departure and gently sighed. He told Old Immortal who was standing next to him: “Ancestor, let us return. This generation belongs to Fiercest, I should leave this stage.”

Old Immortal didn’t respond. He was confident in his sect’s disciple, but he had also seen Li Qiye’s power with his own eyes. Regardless of how powerful Zhan Shi might be, he couldn’t compete for the Heaven’s Will against Li Qiye. To forcefully do so was akin to courting death.

Some time passed. Li Qiye eventually woke up and found that all of his injuries had been treated.

“You’re awake.” A beautiful face full of concern came into Li Qiye’s view.

Who else could it be but Bu Lianxiang? She sat next to him and kept him company. It seemed that she had been here the entire time.

Li Qiye looked at her and gently nodded: “Thanks, Lianxiang. Without you saving me, I don’t even want to imagine the consequences.”

Her stare eventually turned cold along with her response: “You weren’t pretending just to look pitiful?”

“Pretending?” Li Qiye revealed a forced smile: “That would be toying with my life; just one misstep would have ended it all.”

“Really?” She quipped: “What have you ever refrained from doing? Hmph, such reckless undertakings are just a daily occurrence to you.”

“What can I do if you choose to think that way?” He smiled wryly and tried to get up. However, the motion affected his wounds, causing him to bite his teeth from pain.

She quickly helped him and scowled: “You are wounded everywhere, so stop acting strong. You can posture all you want after you are healed!”

Even though she was discontent and voiced her complaints, her actions indicated otherwise for they were full of love.

He rested on her thighs and looked at the beauty inches away. He gently sighed after seeing her flawless features and sighed: “After so many years, you are still so beautiful and enchanting, as if there have been no changes. Back then when everyone called you the prettiest girl in the nine worlds, they were truly correct.”

She maintained her glare and spoke with a distant tone: “What now? Why the sudden change of tone? Are you trying to trick me into doing something?”

“Am I really so rotten?” He treated her jade legs as a pillow and smiled: “I am only expressing my feelings. If time could flow backwards, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to stop myself from chasing after you, the nine worlds’ greatest beauty.”

“Hmph! Going back in time!” Her eyes turned cold like a blade piercing straight through him.

“Okay, okay, I shouldn’t have said that.” He quickly raised his hands to surrender: “What I’m trying to say is, is it too late if I try to chase you now?”

She proudly glanced at him with a noble appearance and uttered: “Hmph, that depends on your sincerity. If you can prove it, then I can think about it.”

“Just think about it?” Li Qiye smirked: “Remember, I am a man loved by all. Whoever meets me will harbor nothing but adoration; flowers blossom before my appearance. If you think too much, someone else will rob me first.”

“Go die!” She rolled her eyes at him: “Even if you are adored by all and flowers blossom before you, I still wouldn’t want you!”

Despite her answer, she unconsciously felt a sweet sensation in her heart. This was like a quarrel between two lovers.

“Time is always heartless.” Li Qiye gently and movingly spoke: “But people are full of emotions.”

Bu Lianxiang turned quiet while staring at the man resting on her thighs. She couldn’t help but gently caress his face. It was a real and natural sensation; an indescribable feeling permeated through her heart.

Millions of years of chasing… this was not a dream right now. Back then, she could only yearn for him under the moonlight. However, when their eyes met from far away, it seemed that it was destined for the two to be together in this lifetime.

Back then, she was only a young lady, but there had always been someone silently watching and caring for her in secrecy…

Throughout the long years, she had suspected that everything was fake. There were indeed lies mixed in with truths. However, this moment right now was reality. By touching his face, she knew that it was real.

Eventually, she softly spoke while still touching his face: “You owe me.”

“After millions of years of entangling with each other, I don’t know who owes who exactly.” Li Qiye gently sighed: “But at the very least, I don’t want to trick you in this generation because this could be my last.”

“Hush.” She pressed her finger against his lips and gently shook her head: “I don’t want you to say such unlucky words. You are eternal and can live on for millions of generations. Even when the high heavens wither, you will still be able to live on.”

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