Chapter 1108: Long Distance Chase

Chapter 1108: Long Distance Chase

The moment Jikong Wudi appeared in the sky, many people’s eyes opened wide. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

“This, this is too shameless.” Someone quietly spoke.

“Not good…” Li Shuangyan and the others regained their composure and immediately rushed to the place where Li Qiye had fallen.

“Heavenly Imperial Malediction…” Older people began to calm down after slightly quivering and murmured: “It is way too vicious.”

According to legends, this type of powerful and terrifying curse was from the high heavens and would be directed at Immortal Emperors. Even these emperors would have to pay a huge price to survive.

After the endeavor, lightning would descend from the sky to create the Heavenly Imperial Malediction. No opponent would be able to escape this curse. The limit was that it could only be used once.

Zhan Shi and Lin were shocked after seeing the curse pierce through Li Qiye’s chest, charring his body. They didn’t expect for this to happen.

In fact, no one thought that Jikong Wudi would resort to such a wretched method.

For millions of years during the struggle to become Immortal Emperor, many people engaged in sneak attacks from the shadows.

However, Li Qiye and the duo were fighting a battle between gentlemen. To ambush someone during this battle would result in them being despised by the crowd. Moreover, Jikong Wudi came from an imperial lineage. He was the descendant of an emperor and had three saint aptitudes. Alas, he still committed such a despicable act.

Although people didn’t directly call him “shameless,” they had nothing but contempt for his action. This made his status in their minds drop all the way to rock bottom.

In their eyes, such an action made a mockery of his fame as a brilliant genius.

The shocked Zhan Shi snapped at Jikong Wudi: “Jikong Wudi, what are you doing?!”

Jikong Wudi stood proudly in the sky while keeping an eye out for Mei Suyao. He glanced over at Zhan Shi and Lin to slowly utter: “Brother Lin, Brother Zhan, I have eliminated a powerful foe and saved your lives. You two should be thanking me.”

Mei Suyao coldly looked at him and spewed with disdain: “How shameless.”

Lin also had a cold demeanor: “We didn’t need you to interfere with our battle. Such a move is truly contemptible!”

Zhan Shi and Lin made it too clear. They were drawing the line between themselves and Jikong Wudi for they did not consider his action a favor.

Jikong Wudi ignored them and flatly said: “Victors shall become kings while losers are treated as bandits. History is written by the victors; from now on, the battle for the Heaven’s Will is between us.”

The duo only snorted dismissively at Jikong Wudi.

Many people here also felt that Jikong Wudi was too despicable and degraded his own prestige.

“Victors shall become kings while losers are treated as bandits. Are you talking about yourself?” A carefree voice came about. Li Qiye was propped up by the girls among the rubble.

Even though his chest was burnt to a crisp, he was still calm and cool. The curse couldn’t kill him.

Mei Suyao heaved a sigh of relief after seeing Li Qiye alive. She knew that he wouldn’t die so easily, but she still felt worried. After seeing him in high spirits, the heaviness in her heart finally disappeared.

“Thank the lord…” Both Lin and Zhan Shi were relieved as well. If Li Qiye died in this manner, they would be full of regret for the rest of their lives.

“Impossible…” Jikong Wudi, on the other hand, was aghast to see Li Qiye still alive despite being penetrated by the malediction.

“The Heavenly Imperial Malediction is indeed incredible. Alas, such a thing will only act as a supplement for me.” Li Qiye chuckled dismissively.

An old rune emerged from his forehead. It contained the great power of heavenly lightning. At this time, the power of the curse was hovering around it and was refined into the rune.

The Ancient Void Rune was taken from the Void Gate. It could absorb all the curses within this lightning strike. Of course, this was only one of its many mystical effects.

Such a terrifying curse would kill anyone that it had directly penetrated. However, the ancient rune absorbed it and instead became even stronger.

“That’s Fiercest for you… still invincible.” Both his friends and enemies sighed after seeing this.

Even his enemies felt that if he died in such a manner, it would be incredibly indignant. It would cause the entire generation to become less brilliant.

Only an existence like Fiercest would be able to illuminate an era into a new golden age.

In a split second, Jikong Wudi stomped the sky like an ascending immortal. A spatial gate opened, allowing him to cross this world with a swift speed. Even a God-Monarch might not be able to catch him.

People were speechless after seeing his quick escape. Meanwhile, a paragon revealed the method: “Ascension Physique!”

Mei Suyao snorted and wanted to take action after seeing this. However, Li Qiye smiled and stomped the sky as well to accelerate and gave chase just as quickly. Mei Suyao halted her offense and followed right after him.

The other girls also followed the duo. Meanwhile, Lin and Zhan Shi had forgotten about the duel and chased them as well. As for the spectators, they naturally wouldn’t miss this exciting event.

Jikong Wudi exerted his speed to the extreme. His blood energy seemed to be urging time itself, causing him to turn into a meteor that streaked across the sky. With this speed, it seemed as if nothing could catch him.

However, even if he was faster, he would be no match for Li Qiye. The moment Li Qiye used his Soaring Immortal Physique, he instantly drew near.

Jikong Wudi was aghast at this sight. His life wheel instantly floated up while his palaces emerged. He used the most powerful longevity blood to fuel his speed even more in a reckless manner. His speed broke through its limit and he soared through the world again with a speed that would put God-Monarchs to shame.

Jikong Wudi was praised for having three saint talents, but this wasn’t truly the case. He had a natural born Saint Wheel and Saint Fate, but only a King Physique. Alas, he cultivated the Ascension Physique, one of the eighteen Saint Physiques. It was in the same branch as the Soaring Immortal Physique with a focus on speed.

Even though the Ascension Physique from Jikong Wudi couldn’t compare to the Soaring Immortal Physique, he had a Saint Wheel and Saint Fate. This granted him powerful blood energy and life force. The moment he channeled everything, his physique became much faster.

However, regardless of how much his speed was boosted as he soared across the world, he still couldn’t shake off Li Qiye.

Time seemed to stop the moment Li Qiye activated his physique. Countless miles seemed to be contained within a single step. He walked, step by step, right behind Jikong Wudi with the intent to chase him to the ends of the earth.

Not too many were able to keep up with them. The closest one was Mei Suyao; the other experts were left far behind. Even God-Monarchs could only barely match the pace.

Jikong Wudi was both angry and scared to see Li Qiye leisurely following behind him, but there was nothing that he could do. At this time, running for his life was the only option or else he would die a miserable death.

In fact, it wasn’t difficult for Li Qiye to catch him. Li Qiye would rather play a game of cat and mouse. The plan was to first scare him out of his mind. It wouldn’t be too late to kill him afterward.

During this game, they saw many cultivators along the way. However, due to their lightning speed, only old paragons were able to see them clearly.

A paragon was startled and murmured: “This is too heaven-defying. Jikong Wudi is being chased by Fiercest like a dog that has lost its master!”

Regardless of whether they were watching or only heard about it, the first reaction was to gasp. In the past, Jikong Wudi was incredibly awe-inspiring with a supreme status. As the descendant of an emperor as well as three saint aptitudes, he had many pride-worthy aspects that allowed him to stand tall wherever he went.

But today, the peerless Jikong Wudi was being chased by Fiercest like a beaten dog. This was truly a shocking event.

Li Qiye took his time keeping up with Jikong Wudi and slowly uttered: “Even if you flee to the edge of this world and obtain the protection of gods, I will still take down your head and use it as a chamber pot.”

Jikong Wudi, on the other hand, was driven mad from anger. He wanted to cut Li Qiye into countless pieces. When had he ever been so embarrassed and downtrodden like this?

After running for a long time, he suddenly stopped the moment he made it to a particular mountain and turned around to look at Li Qiye.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but chuckle while staring at Jikong Wudi on top of this mountain.

Next, the rest of the girls made it here along with the older experts that wanted to watch the fun event. The others slowly caught up as well.

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