Chapter 1106: Heaven Suppression Fist

Chapter 1106: Heaven Suppression Fist

This result caused many people to be shaken with astonishment. A few returned from the momentary lapse of concentration and grew ecstatic.

Someone spoke with joy: “Maybe Lin and Zhan Shi’s new grand dao can actually restrain Fiercest.”

“It’s truly amazing.” An old God-Monarch murmured: “This is not only due to their supreme talents but also due to their commendable character that puts all of us to shame.”

“Right, the two of them sincerely poured their hearts into creating this supreme heavenly dao.” Another big shot added with emotion.

No one would doubt the talents of these two geniuses. However, creating a heavenly dao was no easy task. More importantly, it was a combination attack.

Outside of having an incomparable mutual understanding, they must also be genuine with each other while establishing absolute trust.

Keep in mind that the creation of this type of dao requires utilizing every single merit law these two cultivated as well as their cultivation circumstances. Both sides must let the other know everything about them.

Cultivation was an extremely private matter, especially the merit laws from one’s sect. They absolutely couldn’t be passed down to outsiders. Even brothers from the same sect wouldn’t share these laws without great trust.

However, Zhan Shi and Lin had done it, sharing all of their knowledge with each other. It was quite an unbelievable task based on absolute trust. They believed that the other wouldn’t steal their merit laws or teach them to a third party.

Such trust was priceless and commendable. Very few people could actually stay true to this since there were plenty of temptations and benefits.

“It is enough in life to have such a close friend.” Anyone would exclaim this after understanding the intricacies within.

“Bang!” Li Qiye was blasted away once again. This time, blood was everywhere on his body. It was all his since Zhan Shi had not taken any damage.

It could be said that under the Divine Ascension Dao, Li Qiye was completely suppressed by Zhan Shi without being able to do anything about it.

Li Qiye wiped some blood away, still nonchalant as ever. He revealed a carefree smile: “It is quite an enviable thing to have such trust between the two of you.”

“Thank you.” Zhan Shi slowly replied while holding his spear: “I hope Brother Li will go all out so we can see your supreme grand dao.”

The majority of the spectators were shocked to hear this. So Li Qiye still hadn’t used his full strength despite showing a power capable of fighting God-Monarchs.

“Very well, I have understood your Divine Ascension Dao as well as its mysteries.” Li Qiye slowly smiled: “It is time for me to start.”

“Boom!” The thirteen palaces emerged in an instant and became incomparably bright.

“Heaven Suppression Fist.” Li Qiye’s words were eternal as a fist slammed down from the sky to suppress all things.

“Open!” Zhan Shi shouted. All of the accumulated energy from before condensed on his spear. He thrusted it towards the sky with a might capable of killing gods and devils.

However, the Heaven Suppression Fist and the dazzling palaces were above the nine firmaments. It ruled the universe and myriad realms within while freely using their power.

At this time, no matter what it may be, everything was suppressed by this attack, including heavenly dao. The Divine Ascension Dao was no exception.

Regardless of one’s might, they could only tremble in submission against this punch from Li Qiye.

This fist caused time to stop with an eternal deterrent. The high heavens lost its brilliance. Nothing could stop it. Even the experts in the horizon instantly kneeled on the ground after sensing its power.

“Boom!” Everything returned to the origin, an insignificant beginning before this attack.

The Divine Ascension Dao was annihilated. Both Zhan Shi and Lin were blown flying away. They were completely covered in blood while vomiting more.

This fist didn’t only destroy their Divine Ascension Dao, it also gravely wounded them. If Li Qiye didn’t show mercy, they would have been rendered to ashes under its suppression.

“What fist technique is that?” With pale expressions, even God-Monarchs felt their knees trembling after seeing the attack. It was too frightening, even for them. The high heavens itself quivered, let alone mere God-Monarchs.

It left behind an inerasable mark in everyone. Prior to this, people were in awe of Li Qiye. But now, they could only fearfully tremble while looking at him, losing even the courage to speak.

“Crackle!” Peals of thunder roared in the sky with clouds gathering in the vicinity. However, the heavenly wrath did not descend.

Li Qiye only smiled coldly at the sky, giving it a quick glance without saying anything.

“Invincible…” The crowd could only describe Fiercest with this word since they couldn’t come up with anything else. Or rather, at this moment, any words used to describe him seemed to pale and be powerless in comparison.

Lin and Zhan Shi both crawled up at this time with bloodied bodies. Even though they were incredible geniuses, they still stared nervously at Li Qiye. His attack earlier was too shocking. Even their dao couldn’t turn that attack into something they could use. It was above all laws, so their dao was immediately suppressed.

“You lost.” Li Qiye slowly said while looking at the two: “However, your Divine Ascension Dao is more than enough to feel proud about.”

All the bystanders were quiet. No one would laugh at the two despite their defeat. Many even felt respect for them, not only because they created the Divine Ascension Dao, but due to them having the noblest of qualities for cultivators.

“What a shame that even though we tried our best, we still couldn’t see your supreme dao.” Lin was in a daze and gently sighed.

However, Zhan Shi was still quite spirited as he awe-inspiringly asked: “We can still fight, will Brother Li accept?!”

Despite being covered in blood with an embarrassed appearance, he was still very lively with a surging battle intent. It made other people respect him even more.

“He still wants to fight!” The crowd was surprised to hear this.

No one would taunt him about not being able to accept defeat or say that he wanted to cheat. They understood that he simply wanted to try once more, regardless of his inevitable defeat. This type of determination was unshakable.

Li Qiye glanced at him and slowly asked: “Again?”

The duo glanced at each other once more. There was no need for words, just a single glance was enough for the two to reach an agreement. They simultaneously nodded determinedly.

Lin solemnly said: “If Brother Li doesn’t mind, we would like to fight you again. Your punch is absolutely peerless across the eons and able to seal the high heavens. I trust that your supreme dao is even more unique. It will be the shame of a lifetime if we don’t get to witness it.”

Li Qiye stared at the two and said: “Think it through carefully. The moment my grand dao comes out, you two will be utterly defeated and annihilated by its crushing power. When it erupts, even if I wanted to spare you, it would still be impossible.”

“To die by your supreme grand dao is a blessing with no regrets.” Zhan Shi was ready to fight to the very end. His eyes lit up with a surging momentum.

Lin echoed this sentiment: “That’s right, we don’t care about life and death. If we don’t see your dao, we will be full of regret! Real men don’t covet life or feel woe in death!”

People’s expressions changed after hearing this. They couldn’t express their feelings with words at this moment.

“Using one’s life to test the dao — a man should live in this manner.” Someone said with emotions.

Li Qiye continued: “If you are willing to risk it all to see the dao, then I shall fulfill your wish.”

“Thank you, Brother Li.” Both Lin and Zhan Shi cupped their fists. Lin immediately disappeared afterward.

“Boom!” The Divine Ascension Dao emerged once more in this world while Zhan Shi stood in the center with his spear.

“Brother Li, please give us some pointers.” The spear loomed across the sky while its master had a solemn demeanor, just like an invincible god of war.

People were even more hesitant to watch this time since these two were willingly heading towards their demise.

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