Chapter 1105: Divine Ascension War Emperor Dao

Chapter 1105: Divine Ascension War Emperor Dao

“Start!” Lin and Zhan Shi began at the same time. At this moment, Lin began to circle around Zhan Shi while increasing his speed. In the blink of an eye, Lin disappeared completely.

Li Qiye was their enemy, so logically, Lin should be spinning around Li Qiye, but he was spinning around Zhan Shi instead.

“Buzz!” In an instant, Zhan Shi’s position was full of light. Strands of heavenly dao laws emerged and turned into a supreme grand dao in the form of a huge domain.

“Rumble!” As this supreme dao began to spread, a door seemed to be opening above the firmament. With great explosions, a dao power like the primordial flood poured down.

It instantly blotted out the world. It was extremely new and bountiful, as if no one had ever used it before. This was the most primal source of the dao.

With it permeating the surroundings, the majority of the spectators here felt their own dao resonating with it. In fact, their dao were happily dancing as they gave their power to Zhan Shi.

It was not the forceful process of stripping someone else’s dao power for one’s own. This process of borrowing was a mutual resonance. The dao from other people here were willing to help this brand new dao.

“A completely new high heavens dao that belongs to these two.” Amidst the rumbling explosions, the crowd felt their own dao resonating with Zhan Shi’s dao and became quite surprised.

When a genius creates their own heavenly dao, they will have embarked on the path towards the high heavens. This was a road that led to the acceptance of the Heaven’s Will, the throne of the Immortal Emperor.

“Buzz!” Zhan Shi’s domain instantly expanded. This dark field engulfed the entire sky, including Li Qiye.

One could only see darkness inside. Even Lin disappeared and only Zhan Shi stood in the center of the domain.

Zhan Shi was immersed in his supreme grand dao. He was sacred and mighty as if he was the tyrant and ultimate existence in this domain.

This was the two’s grand dao, allowing them to be the masters within this domain. No matter how powerful one might be, they would have a hard time escaping this domain.

“A terrific heavenly dao.” Li Qiye smiled while standing in the dark domain and commented with feelings.

At the center, Zhan Shi held his battle spear once more and pointed it at Li Qiye: “Brother Li, please give a few pointers.”

“Good.” Li Qiye did not act reserved. He shouted: “Taste my fist!”

Having said that, he jumped into the sky and unleashed a punch.

Myriad Dao Fists, Hell Suppressing Godly Fist. This punch carried the might of immeasurable mountains and headed straight for Zhan Shi. Under this attack, the space of this dark domain greatly trembled as if it was about to cave in.

The power of this fist could destroy all things and suppress gods and devils.

“Clang!” Zhan Shi shouted and thrusted his dragon-like spear through the sky again. The spear screamed with a powerful annihilative power.

However, the spear was not the only thing attacking. Along with the force of this spear, the sound of a fist roaring through the wind emerged as well all of a sudden. The combination of the spear and fist could suppress all things. The spear seemed to be much heavier and capable of collapsing the heavens.

“Boom!” Li Qiye’s punch and Zhan Shi’s spear finally met directly.

This time, Li Qiye was the one who staggered backward because Zhan Shi’s spear also carried the heaven-suppressing power of Li Qiye’s own Myriad Dao Fist.

In a sense, Li Qiye was repelled by his own fist.

“Clang!” Zhan Shi didn’t stop there. His momentum continued on with another swing of the spear. This attack still contained the Hell Suppressing Godly Fist just like before.

“Open!” Li Qiye shouted against this fierce momentum and unleashed another fist with endless power. It could flip over all things in its wrath.

“Boom!” The power of this fist was too great. Space immediately shattered into little pieces and the dark domain of Zhan Shi sunk as well.

Sky Destroyer Fist, the most destructive punch in the world.

“Pop!” The fist met the spear once more, causing fiery sparks to fly all the way into the firmament and the stars to explode.

“Thump! Thump! Thump!” However, in the second direct confrontation, Li Qiye was still the one who was repelled. He thought that Zhan Shi’s spear would contain the power of the Hell Suppressing Fist again.

However, at the moment of impact, the power of the Sky Destroyer Fist was added on top of everything.

Without a doubt, Zhan Shi and Lin’s grand dao was absorbing Li Qiye’s power. This direct exchange pushed Li Qiye back quite far.

“Brother Li, try this!” Zhan Shi cried out and chopped down with his spear that contained his own power and the two previous fists; one destructive and one suppressive.

In an instant, Li Qiye’s speed was faster than lightning. One punch crossed through the void, bypassing Zhan Shi’s spear and heading straight for Zhan Shi’s chest.

Soaring Immortal Fist — this attack reached the limit of speed. Even if Zhan Shi was faster, he wouldn’t be faster than Li Qiye.

However, in this split second, the unthinkable happened. Zhan Shi’s spear frantically accelerated and actually managed to stop this attack. Moreover, this defensive maneuver contained all the characteristics and powers from the Hell Suppressing, Sky Destroyer, and Soaring Immortal Fists.

“Boom!” Even though it was just a horizontal sweeping motion from Zhan Shi’s spear to stop Li Qiye’s attack, it instantly blew Li Qiye away due to all the different powers encompassed within.

To the dismay of the spectators, Li Qiye actually spat out a mouthful of blood from the blow. Everyone thought that this was impossible, but it actually happened.

They assumed that even if Zhan Shi and Lin fought together, they still wouldn’t be a match for Li Qiye. But now, the two had drawn blood and shocked the crowd.

Someone murmured: “How can this be? Fiercest can actually be injured?”

Recently, Li Qiye’s showing had been heaven-defying to an invincible level. Everyone thought that no one could match him, so his injury today was astonishing.

“Not bad.” Li Qiye wiped away the blood at the corners of his mouth and smiled inside the dark domain: “Divine Ascension Dao is just like its name. So Lin acts as the dao foundation while you act as the dao weapon. Your heavenly dao accumulates all the enemy’s attacks and in the blink of an eye turns them into your own. In order to have such a great effect, Lin’s speed must be the basis while your firm dao serves as the activator.”

Zhan Shi admiringly stated: “Brother Li’s knowledge is amazing, truly a marvelous thing. You’re actually spot on.”

“Very well, I want to see what level the two of you have reached.” Li Qiye smiled and flew to the sky. He formed a heavenly seal that instantly came crashing down. The sun and moon were annihilated while the dark domain was shaking from this suppression. This seal aimed to destroy Zhan Shi’s heavenly dao.

“Activate!” Zhan Shi shouted again and directly attacked with his spear once more.

The result was clear. Li Qiye was still at a disadvantage in this exchange. The Divine Ascension Dao stacked up all of Li Qiye’s attacks again, making it the same as Li Qiye facing himself and all of his prior attacks as well.

“Bang!” Li Qiye was blown away once more as he vomited more blood.

“Clang.” The sound of the spear resounded across the sky. Zhan Shi carefully walked towards Li Qiye and unleashed an incomparable onslaught. Each of his moves was watertight; no one could shake his momentum at all.

Anyone who met such a firm opponent would find it quite difficult. Zhan Shi’s offense and defense were without fault. This type of opponent would give one an extremely annoying headache.

Li Qiye’s attack was the culmination of the grand dao. Each technique was profound and mysterious. Even the most simple gesture contained the mysticisms of the grand dao. However, despite his destructive power, he was still only a punching bag under the Divine Ascension Dao and was continuously forced to retreat.

Moreover, as Lin and Zhan Shi’s Divine Ascension Dao stacked up even more attacks from Li Qiye, the two became increasingly powerful.

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