Chapter 1097: Five Emperors

Chapter 1097: Five Emperors

“Scram!” Li Qiye’s eyes narrowed and his inner physique lit up. At this moment, the Sky Destroyer Physique erupted with enough power to lift up the earth if it had a handle!

It was a physique with infinite might, capable of flipping over the earth and tearing apart the sky.

“Bang!” Even the imperial weapon couldn’t stop Li Qiye’s Sky Destroyer Physique. With a loud explosion, it was smashed away.

The emissary went flying as well while crazily spurting blood. At this moment, even a God-Monarch wouldn’t do.

The crowd was out of breath just by watching this battle.

“You can’t even use an Imperial Massacre yet you still dare to talk big in front of me?” Li Qiye snorted and slammed his foot down, smashing myriad dao and stars alike.

The Hell Suppressing Physique came out and astounded the crowd. They all saw gods and devils screaming and even the heavenly dao shattered from its immensity.

An Immortal Physique cultivated by Li Qiye was completely different from everything else. It was perfection without flaws. No one could challenge the immortal energy in the sky. This was a real Immortal Physique.

“Boom!” The skydome broke apart from Li Qiye’s stomp. However, it was still stopped before crushing the ambassador into a pulp.

In the face of life and death, the ambassador instantly took out an immortal diagram!

“Buzz—” Five majestic figures came out of the radiating diagram to stop Li Qiye’s stomp.

The five stalwart giants were accompanied by extremely powerful imperial auras that suppressed the entire lesser world. All living beings became insignificant and trivial; the celestials above lost their brilliance.

These were five imperial energies. Their appearance caused everyone here to be struck with awe and fear.

“Five Emperors Diagram!” Someone shouted after recognizing the painting.

This diagram was left behind by the emperors of the soaring sect. In the legends, Immortal Emperor Fei was the first to draw his picture. Later on, the four generations of emperors in the sect also drew their pictures as well.

Just imagine, the power of one emperor was frightening enough, but five of them? It was beyond human comprehension. Even gods and devils would prostrate before their figures.

The ambassador heaved a sigh of relief after seeing his Five Emperors Diagram stop Li Qiye. This was his ultimate move. Even though the imperial energies inside weren’t necessarily more powerful than an imperial weapon, in truth it was the other way around by a large margin, the crux of the problem was that he couldn’t unleash an Imperial Massacre!

“It’s just your sect’s power.” Li Qiye opened his forehead.

“Buzz—” A huge hand emerged from his sea of memories. Its reach destroyed all worlds in a tyrannical manner. Even deities would be deterred before its extinguishing might!

The presence of the world-destroying hand caused the five supreme figures to suddenly flash with uncertainty. After a whoosh, this hand easily took away the Five Emperors Diagram.

“No way…” The crowd shouted after seeing this horrifying scene. Even the pale ambassador cried out with a pained expression.

It was simply impossible. How could an outsider take away their soaring sect’s Five Emperors Diagram? Who could actually suppress these imperial energies?!

But the impossible had happened.

Of course, no one knew that although these energies were frightening, Li Qiye’s memory which had been blessed by numerous emperors was even more horrifying.

Remember that even emperors from the soaring sect, such as Immortal Emperor Tun Ri and Immortal Emperor Ba Mie, had blessed Li Qiye’s sea of memories before. The world-destroying hand that reached out earlier was the blessing from Immortal Emperor Ba Mie. [1. Ba Mie = Tyrannical Extinguisher.]

Think about it, Immortal Emperor Ba Mie himself took action, so how could he not take the diagram away from the soaring sect?

“Go!” In the split second in which Li Qiye recalled the Five Emperors Diagram, a spatial portal was suddenly opened by someone next to the ambassador and a shout came about.

The ambassador didn’t need to think, he immediately rushed into the portal to escape. At this point, he didn’t even care for the other disciples.

The Five Emperors Diagram had fallen into the hands of an enemy — this was truly a great disaster, so he needed to save his life first.

“Hmph.” Li Qiye snorted after seeing the ambassador escape and casually handed the Five Emperors Diagram to Chen Baojiao standing next to him.

At this time in the abandoned city, the soaring sect’s disciples were all kneeling along with the experts from the other great powers. Although they were not willing to prostrate, Li Qiye’s invincible momentum left them unable to stand up.

The soaring sect’s disciples were in despair after seeing the ambassador run away. Their sect always had smooth sailings no matter what business they dabbled in, but now, even their ambassador had to run to stay alive. This truly shattered their confidence.

The crowd watched with bated breaths. It didn’t matter if they were big shots or truly powerful, at this moment, they all obediently shut their mouths!

Li Qiye looked down at the kneeling disciples and smiled: “I will not kill you all today. It is not because I am merciful, it is so that you can scram back and tell the old geezers from the Soaring Immortal Sect one thing. When I, Li Qiye, am in this world, stay the hell out of my way. If they dare to hinder me, I will personally crush your Soaring Immortal Sect! Moreover, for anyone who dares to touch the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, I will make them regret being born into this world!”

These domineering words were too much to take in. For millions of years now, who has ever dared to threaten about crushing the Soaring Immortal Sect? But today, Li Qiye was overbearing and did so before everyone. This tyrannical attitude was met with silence. No one dared to utter a single word.

At this time, even though some Soaring Immortal disciples wanted to shout to win back a little dignity for their sect, they couldn’t even stand up due to the pressure. The only thing they could do was to kneel there obediently. All of them became quite docile.

“Scram.” Li Qiye scowled and recalled his imperial momentum.

The kneeling disciples looked as if they were just pardoned and immediately left. They didn’t want to linger since it would only bring about further disgrace.

As for the experts from the great powers, they didn’t dare to fart at this moment. They quickly crawled and rolled away. They wanted to run as far away as possible to never see Fiercest again.

Li Qiye coldly glanced at the crowd. His piercing gaze caused many people to shiver. From today on, even God-Monarchs would be afraid of Li Qiye and no longer want to oppose him. He was truly too frightening.

He turned around and left with the girls.

A beautiful successor from a great power watched Li Qiye’s group leave and murmured: “No wonder why even Mei Suyao wants to go with him. If I could meet such a master, I would be willing to follow him as well.”

The crowd could finally breathe easy now that Li Qiye was gone. From now on, wherever Li Qiye appeared, it would create a lot of pressure for everyone. He was just like a Godfiend looming in their minds.

A few geniuses calmed down and slowly got up.

“Let’s go back, we should all just go back.” These geniuses became quite discouraged.

Someone next to him had to ask: “Young Noble, are we really leaving just like this? No more digging for treasures?”

This descendant bitterly smiled and gazed towards the distance and spoke forlornly: “Treasures? For what? No one can stop him. That is true invincibility. I might as well go grazing in the southern mountain.”

Li Qiye’s achievement was too big of a blow for these people, especially the once-ambitious geniuses. They were at the point of being drowned in despair.

Later on, rumors of Li Qiye began to spread. Many youths decided to go back to their sects and never came out again. They didn’t want to talk about competing for the Heaven’s Will any longer because they knew that it was completely hopeless in this generation.

Even Jikong Wudi was pale. He gritted his teeth and walked away without saying anything.

“Thirteen palaces…” Lin wasn’t feeling so good either this time.

“This is hopeless, we definitely can’t fight Li Qiye. He is too strong.” The indomitable Zhan Shi spoke weakly as well.

Lin eventually regained his mind. He looked at the sky and gently shook his head: “It seems like my senior brother is in trouble. He might not be able to compete against Li Qiye either.”

“Forget it, even though defeat is imminent, we still have to fight Li Qiye again.” Zhan Shi sighed and stated: “We must lose in a heroic manner without any room for doubts! We can’t be cowards who run from battles.”

“Even if we lose, we will still have to fight!” Lin agreed with this sentiment and forcefully said: “We will fight with honor. Even if we lose, it won’t be shameful at all!”

Zhan Shi bitterly smiled and self-deprecatingly commented: “Shameful? To be able to fight against thirteen palaces can be regarded as a type of glory, a worthwhile life. It is not that we are weak, it is that our enemy is too strong.”

They felt a bit desperate at this time. Li Qiye’s achievements were too much for them, but no matter what, they must remain strong unlike others who became disheartened right away.

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