Chapter 1096: Standing Strong Against An Imperial Weapon

Chapter 1096: Standing Strong Against An Imperial Weapon

Thirteen palaces were supreme, especially the thirteenth one. It was higher than the nine heavens, higher than all in this world and myriad realms. Only by having thirteen palaces would one be able to escape all restraints as the pinnacle of existences.

Many people felt despair after seeing them. The young masters and prodigies had dreams and aspirations. Even though they were not as great as Li Qiye or even Jikong Wudi’s group right now, they thought that as long as they kept on trying, they would be able to surpass even Li Qiye one day.

But now, the supreme palaces left them devoid of hope. It was not something that could be surpassed with effort!

Jikong Wudi’s face twisted while looking at the thirteen palaces. An unspeakable jealousy completely distorted his heart.

All along, the glory had always been his. He was the most impressive genius, the one most qualified to become the Immortal Emperor. His three saint aptitudes were incomparable and gave him an unparalleled advantage.

But now, Li Qiye had deprived him of his spotlight. Before the thirteen palaces, all of his advantages and talents were worthless. His teeth clattered from rage as he swore that he would never exist alongside Li Qiye!

Heavenly Emperor Lin and Zhan Shi training in the far distance also saw this scene. Their expressions quickly shifted to the point of being pale. Both of them lost their minds.

They were confident with firm dao hearts. They accepted that Li Qiye was stronger than them, but they were still determined all the same as they had one chance to fight against Li Qiye. However, when the palaces appeared, it was as if they could see their confidence collapsing before their very eyes.

After a long time, the two finally calmed down and glanced at each other. They felt a bit helpless at this moment. This feeling left them greatly frustrated.

The two thought about how it didn’t matter how powerful they became or what achievements they have, they would never be able to surpass the thirteen palaces. Even if they became Immortal Emperors in the future, it was still impossible to surpass them. These palaces would forever be a shadow in their hearts.

“Why did we have to be born in the same generation as him?” Zhan Shi murmured. Despite his unwavering, nigh-peerless dao heart, he was still lamenting his ill fate at this moment.

“We were still underestimating Li Qiye.” Lin bitterly smiled and was speechless.

In a different location, Bing Yuxia was embracing two beauties on both sides and saw the thirteen palaces. She also became shocked and let go of the two girls. After a long time, she struggled to regain her sanity: “Is he still a human? Even gods and devils wouldn’t be able to create such a miracle.”

The world went silent before the palaces. None of the cultivators in the lesser world dared to breathe lest they break this tranquil moment.

In the blink of an eye, Li Qiye stood before the abandoned city where the chief ambassador resided.

At this time, the ambassador was seated on the imperial throne with an attitude full of disdain for the rest of the world. His God-Monarch aura rampaged, causing people to feel fear. The disciples of the soaring sect stood to his left and right in lines. There were also cultivators from great powers who wanted to curry favor.

The ambassador was not pleased to see Li Qiye’s blatant provocation. This was simply a slap to their faces. His eyes turned cold after seeing Li Qiye’s thirteen palaces. In his eyes, regardless of the cost, he must eliminate this junior. The reason was not only because of Li Qiye’s slight towards the sect, but also because he must pave the way for the Soaring Immortal descendant in the future. Otherwise, if this junior ahead became the Immortal Emperor, it would be a disaster for their sect.

“Just the Soaring Immortal Sect alone dares to posture before me?!” Li Qiye hovered in the sky and coldly glared at the ambassador.

At this moment, no one said anything. None of them felt that Li Qiye was being arrogant after seeing his thirteen palaces. His eligibility for acting imperious was proven.

A disciple of the soaring sect shouted: “Junior! Cease, cease your impudence!” Even though they understood just how scary and powerful Li Qiye was, they wouldn’t allow anyone to challenge their sect!

“Kneel!” Li Qiye glared at the guy. In the blink of an eye, an imperial momentum exploded and suppressed the heavens. Li Qiye was the emperor of gods; he was in control of myriad realms and all living beings must prostrate and worship him.

“Bang!” All the Soaring Immortal disciples here uncontrollably kneeled to the ground. Even though they struggled to get up, it was impossible under the pressure of the imperial momentum.

And it wasn’t just the disciples from the soaring sect, many experts all around who wanted to support the soaring sect fell to the ground as well. Among them were even paragons from the previous generation.

This result left them angry and ashamed. There were some rulers in this group, but today, they were kneeling before a junior. It was a truly humiliating crisis.

Li Qiye’s actions made the ambassador’s expression turn ugly. It was simply breaking all pretenses while fiercely shattering his prestige.

In a fury, the ambassador stepped into the sky with a terrifying blood energy that could support an entire world.

“Junior, don’t you think you are being too arrogant?” He spoke: “Your achievement is indeed astonishing, but the Soaring Immortal Sect is something you will never be able to provoke. Your future path is still very long, antagonizing my soaring sect—”

“Haven’t I provoked it by now?” Li Qiye gave him a quick glance in a domineering manner. His imperial momentum pressed on as he coldly said: “Even if this world was bigger, there is no one that I can’t afford to provoke!”

“How insolent!” The ambassador could stand it no longer. He shouted and prepared to attack. In an instant, the Heaven’s Will cried out. Supreme strands of grand dao emerged. His first attack was a Heaven’s Will Secret Law!

To be able to start with such a great technique showed that he was indeed a monarch of the soaring sect. This capability didn’t only display his confidence but also proved the frightening power of the soaring sect.

It was a God-Monarch attacking with a secret law. With just one move, Yin and Yang were buried, myriad dao were boiled dry while the reincarnation cycle was disintegrated.

Even a God-Monarch would be aghast in the face of this move and wouldn’t be able to block it.

However, Li Qiye didn’t even bat an eye. He gently pushed his palm forward. This was the Dragon Subduing Palm.

“Boom!” It easily struck down this secret attack.

The ambassador was caught off guard and knew that he had met a powerful foe. Even though this junior was not of the God-Monarch level, he could challenge one due to his thirteen palaces!

“Junior, you are strong enough, but there are many people who are stronger than you in this world.” He coldly uttered while taking out an imperial weapon.

The weapon in his hand poured down strands of imperial auras. Each strand was as wondrous as a galaxy and capable of crushing the whole world.

The terrifying imperial weapon in his hand seemed to be waking, causing others to tremble. Even though it was not a true treasure, it wasn’t so simple when the wielder was the ambassador.

“Junior, accept your death!” He didn’t waste words. He cried out and jumped into the sky before unleashing his imperial weapon.

“Boom!” The void was shattered by its might. An imperial light soared to the nine layers of the heavens with meteors raining down. This was a painting of an apocalypse. A huge black hole emerged, causing the world to turn dark as if the sun had been cut down.

In just a second, many people were terrified and scared out of their wits. They prostrated on the ground from the unstoppable pressure and couldn’t get up even if they wanted to.

“Bang!” A powerful shockwave blew away all the debris in the void. Even the black hole was annihilated by this impact. The sky seemed to have been battered back to the origin, a vast nothingness.

Amidst this faint space, everyone saw an astonishing scene. Li Qiye actually used his fist to meet the imperial weapon head on. The crowd would never forget this scene for the rest of their lives. He was bare-handed without treasures or weapons.

Myriad Dao Fist, Indestructible Diamond Fist! Even imperial weapons couldn't destroy Li Qiye’s indestructible fist. With the power of the thirteen palaces, he could directly withstand an attack from the imperial weapon.

“Stopping an imperial weapon with his bare hands, and an attack from a God-Monarch at that...” Many people were astounded. Not to mention the younger generation, even a God-Monarch wouldn’t have been able to do this.

This was a miraculous feat for anyone. Before taking the gap in cultivation into consideration, even those on the same level wouldn’t dare to take an imperial weapon straight on.

Another God-Monarch watched from the distance and emotionally murmured: “Everything is possible with thirteen fate palaces.”

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