Chapter 1085: Evil Slaying Platform

Chapter 1085: Evil Slaying Platform

“Fiercest is here.” Someone shouted once Li Qiye arrived, attracting countless gazes.

Li Qiye was standing on top of a distant hill and gazed at the platform with the rest of the girls.

He was in quiet contemplation after seeing the profound light being emitted from the guillotine. He was once a devil king back then during his long stay in this world.

Outside of searching for certain things, there was one question that beckoned his curiosity. It was whether dark cultivators could go to a new world after coming to the Evil Slaying Platform.

“What are the requirements for a dark cultivator to go up there?” Chen Baojiao inquired.

Li Qiye shook his head gently: “Nothing. Any dark cultivator can do so. However, their strength does influence the result.”

“In what way?” She asked once more.

He glanced at the blade and answered: “Wait a bit for when a dark cultivator goes up there, you will understand right away.”

Even Bai Jianzhen, who treated her words like gold, had to ask: “Is there really another world?”

The girls had heard Li Qiye and the dark cultivators talk about another world, but they didn’t know the specifics.

“I don’t know.” Li Qiye answered: “Maybe, maybe not. It is hard to say. Plus, each person has a different opinion about this other world.”

Eventually, a dark cultivator climbed up the Evil Slaying Platform before the huge crowd. He had a human form that exuded a terrifying evil aura. Even God-Monarchs would be wary of such an existence.

He silently gazed across the vast expanse beyond the precipice while standing on top of the platform.

The spectating cultivators were stirred. To be able to watch a dark cultivator on the platform was truly a rare event.

Eventually, this dark cultivator made up his mind. He stood before the guillotine that faced the precipice and slowly closed his eyes before placing his neck on top of the frame.

Some cultivators felt their hearts hanging up high at the sight of this dark cultivator situated right beneath the blade. They nervously tightened their fists.

“Crank!” The extremely sharp blade fell down. It easily decapitated the dark cultivator like cutting tofu. His head rolled down from the platform.

“Bang!” In the blink of an eye, a great amount of dark energy rushed out from his severed neck.

This vast energy rushed through the vast expanse beyond the precipice like a tidal wave. This particular dark cultivator was extremely powerful, thus this energy was as majestic as a sea. It tore apart the void and traveled with an unstoppable momentum.

This process continued on with the energy gushing out of his neck for a long time. Eventually, all the energy was gone and the scene became calm again.

At this time, people found that the energy formed a bridge from the precipice to the depths of the expanse.

“Clack!” At this moment, the unbelievable happened. The head that rolled on the ground suddenly cracked and a tiny person walked out from inside.

This tiny person looked exactly like the dark cultivator from earlier. However, he didn’t have a physical body as he was only an accumulation of dark energy.

Li Shuangyan asked: “Is that his true fate?”

“No, it is a devil soul, completely different from our true fate.” Li Qiye gently shook his head.

Everyone held their breaths while watching the tiny person walking out of the skull in astonishment.

The tiny person quickly walked towards the bridge made out of evil energy that stretched into the vast expanse.

At this split second, another shadow suddenly lunged forward. It was a cultivator whose withered blood energy clearly told his old age.

This old man rushed to the long bridge in an attempt to follow the devil soul into the other world.

“Ahh…” However, when he stepped onto the bridge, his feet didn’t make contact as one would expect. The bridge did not accept his body, so he instantly fell into the abyss below.

Cultivators could fly, but not in this vast expanse. Once one fell, they were fated for a death without a grave.

People gasped with shocked expressions after seeing this scene. Perhaps a few of them had the same idea as him and wanted to follow the dark cultivator into the other world. However, it looked like this train of thought didn’t lead to a destination.

The tiny person disappeared into the vast expanse after walking along the bridge. After some time, this energy bridge disappeared as well.

“Just what is it over there?” Someone murmured.

In fact, all were curious and wanted to know about the other side. Many stood there and gazed at it for a very long time. It was still nothing but void, no different from before.

Eventually, the crowd slowly dispersed because they understood no answer would come out of this.

“Is he at the other world now?” Chen Baojiao spoke with concern for the dark cultivator.

“Who knows, this is a trip with no answer.” Li Qiye sighed: “Because after entering the platform, there is no turning back. No one has heard of a dark cultivator being able to return either.”

Chen Baojiao became absent-minded and murmured: “Leaving to never be heard from again.”

Going to the platform was similar to going missing. This was a journey with no return. No one knew if it was a successful trip or not. The people on this side would never find out.

“Dark cultivators already have eternal life, why must they go to that other world?” Li Shuangyan was skeptical: “They should know that it is a road of no return.”

“They know full well about the journey they are embarking on.” Li Qiye glanced at the vast expanse: “As they have said before, this is their will and their fate! No matter how much time it takes, one day, they will step onto this path. This is something all dark cultivators will have to face.”

“The dark cultivators’ Evil Slaying Platform and the imperial soldiers’ Expedition Path.” Mei Suyao joined in: “These are unanswered mysteries across the ages. No one knows what lies beyond these paths.”

“Outside of dark cultivators, can others not go to the other side? Have Immortal Emperors tried it?” Li Shuangyan curiously asked.

Mei Suyao slightly opened her mouth, wanting to answer, but she stopped herself since she didn’t know how to put it.

Li Qiye glanced at her and said: “It’s fine to say it. After becoming an emperor, Immortal Emperor Nu Zhan tried it. He started from the platform and tried to forcefully reach the other side through the expanse.” [1. Nu Zhan = Furious War.]

“Immortal Emperor Nu Zhan.” The girls were shocked to hear this. All of them looked at Mei Suyao while Chen Baojiao exclaimed: “Legend states that he had a grand completion Furious Immortal Tyrannical Physique!”

An Immortal Emperor was already invincible enough, but one with a grand completion Immortal Physique was even more incredible. Immortal Emperor Nu Zhan was the second emperor of the Eternal River School. He was even more powerful and frightening compared to their progenitor, Immortal Emperor Xiu Shui.

“That’s right.” Mei Suyao gently sighed and admitted: “My sect has records of this. After becoming an emperor, he had tried this before.”

“What was the result?” The quiet Bai Jianzhen was drawn in as well: “Is there really another world?”

“I don’t know the exact details, though there are several different theories. The records themselves aren’t very clear. As juniors, we have no way of verifying what happened.” Mei Suyao spoke softly.

“An Immortal Emperor failing is not really a shameful thing. It is just that the Eternal River elders don’t want to talk about it. Otherwise, people will be disappointed thinking that an Immortal Emperor is not unstoppable. A layer of shadows was cast over their might from this event.” Li Qiye said dismissively.

“Immortal Emperor Nu Zhan failed as well?” The girls were horrified by this. In everyone’s opinion, Immortal Emperors were unstoppable! Not to mention one with a grand completion Immortal Physique!

“That’s a possibility.” Mei Suyao spoke unwillingly: “After Forefather Nu Zhan came back, he never brought up this matter with anyone. However, the elders from the sect speculated from his words that he couldn’t do it, so they didn't wish to talk about it either.”

The others could understand why the Eternal River School was hesitant about this matter. An Immortal Emperor should be a symbol of invincibility. If even they failed, it would besmirch their lifelong prestige.

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