Chapter 1082: Entering The Dark Maxim Palace

Chapter 1082: Entering The Dark Maxim Palace

“Okay, put away the palanquin since I don’t need to pretend to be Heaven Relinquish anymore.” Li Qiye ordered: “We’ll head for the Dark Maxim Palace.”

Even Mei Suyao had to ask: “We can actually go in?”

Li Qiye looked at the girls and smiled: “With the four of you, we have the perfect number to enter. If we had more, I’m afraid not everyone would be able to enter.”

The group headed for the palace. At this time, he used his true form instead of disguising himself as Heaven Relinquish.

At the base of the mountain where the palace was situated, even though Zhan Shi’s group had left earlier, there were still cultivators here. Many of the late arrivals all tried to see if they could open it. However, regardless of their power and talents, none were able to open the palace, just like before.

“Li Qiye is here!” Someone quickly noticed him even before he made it to the base and shouted.

At this moment, the notorious moniker Fiercest was completely unmatched. His brilliance had overshadowed all the other supreme geniuses.

Thus, no matter where he went, he would be the center of attention, a source of dread.

A person in the distance saw Li Qiye’s group and murmured: “Fiercest is here, don’t tell me he came for the Dark Maxim Palace?”

“No one has been able to do it, can Fiercest do it?” Someone had to ask this question.

An expert from the Barren Earth commented: “Hard to say, Fiercest is too devilish. Just think about it, the Prime Peak of the Godwar Mountain was unbelievable too. No one was capable of climbing it, not even Heavenly Emperor Lin’s group, but Fiercest made it to the summit.”

“Haha, I think that Fiercest can do it and create another miracle. If Fiercest can’t, then no one else can. Nowadays, who can actually compare with Fiercest?” Another commenter added.

In a short period of time, Li Qiye’s fame as Fiercest had spread far and wide. He had supporters and even many fans. This was especially true for the younger cultivators. Fiercest had defeated all the other supreme geniuses and had even recruited the prettiest beauty, Mei Suyao. He was powerful enough and also had ample romantic luck. With all of this, how could the young cultivators not worship him?

The people here quickly made way for Li Qiye’s group once they reached the base of the mountain. No one dared to stand in his way.

They eagerly watched and didn’t dare to make a sound. He had an unparalleled authority among the younger generation.

He glanced at the palace at the peak and flatly said before leading the way: “Come, we’ll go up there.”

The girls followed right behind him.

It wasn’t easy to climb up this mountain because the palace was once the location from which the Devil Lord issued orders to the rest of the Devil World. This area was under the suppression of a seal so one needed to be quite powerful if they wanted to scale to the top.

But of course, for Li Qiye and the rest of the girls, it was not a problem.

The crowd held their breaths and stared intensely at Li Qiye. It could even be said that their hearts were hanging on a thread. Some probably didn’t wish to see Li Qiye succeed. However, many wanted to see a miracle as well.

For millions of years, no one had been able to open the palace. If someone could do so right now, then it would definitely be a miracle. To be able to watch such a miracle was a kind of honor for the spectators present.

The entrance to the Dark Maxim Palace was very ordinary and simple. There were no superfluous decorations since the two doors were painted black and were made from unknown metal. They seemed to be quite heavy. Moreover, there was no keyhole, so it didn’t seem like they could be opened with a key.

Li Qiye smiled while looking at the two doors that joined together at the entrance and murmured: “Dark Maxim Palace, one can only imagine its grandeur when the Devil Lord was still here.”

“There are records about the great prosperity once found at the Dark Maxim Palace and Emperors Citadel. I wonder if they are accurate or not.” Mei Suyao added.

Li Qiye gently nodded his head: “They are accurate. The palace and citadel back then were just like Nalanda of today, or to be more exact, the current Buddhist Kingdom.”

Just from hearing this, the girls could imagine it already. In the present, Nalanda was in control of the entire Buddhist Funeral Plateau, the home of countless monks.

Li Qiye lifted his palm. One could hear a clicking sound. The moment the key flew out from his hand, the palace’s gate actually revealed a keyhole. Another click came about. The key inserted itself and unlocked the gate.

“Clank—” The heavy gate of the palace slowly opened and the path inside appeared beneath the group’s feet.

“Follow me.” Li Qiye took the key and began to walk into the inner palace.

In the blink of an eye, the group disappeared. Another loud clanking sound could be heard as the palace closed its heavy gate.

Everyone at the base of the mountain was shocked by this scene. Even though some of them were mentally prepared, they were still astounded all the same.

“It really opened…” His believers were still astonished by this miracle.

Many took deep breaths and murmured: “Fiercest is far too heaven-defying. He actually opened the Dark Maxim Palace.”

Of course, others didn’t know about the deal between Heaven Relinquish and Li Qiye. The item that Li Qiye gave to the devil king was extremely unfathomable as well.

Just by the fact that Immortal Emperor Chen Xue used it to redeem the Storm God’s life was enough to show its worth. In fact, Li Qiye had wanted to keep it for his own use, but in the end, he still made the choice. He didn’t simply want treasures, he needed an answer!

“Entering the Dark Maxim Palace… doesn’t this mean he can pick any treasure that belonged to the legendary master of the Devil World?” Some started to salivate after Li Qiye’s group disappeared inside the palace.

“Strongest of the younger generation, the future candidate to become the Immortal Emperor, able to create miracles and have countless treasures. If it was me, I would be willing to follow Fiercest as well. What a shame that Fiercest wouldn’t care for me.” A beautiful female cultivator lamented.

This news quickly traveled across the lesser world. It caused a huge uproar and shock.

Someone else emotionally said: “No one else can be Immortal Emperor but Fiercest. No one is his opponent, he can even create one miracle after another. Opening the Dark Maxim Palace and climbing the Prime Peak, both of these are his feats alone. They are no less than any Immortal Emperor in their youth. Actually, I think they are even more amazing.”

Jikong Wudi was astonished after hearing this. Even Venerable Ninesword couldn’t stay calm: “This person will definitely be trouble if we don’t eliminate him.”

Jikong Wudi spoke with ferocity in his eyes: “Not just trouble! If Li Qiye is left alive, I will have no chance of becoming the Immortal Emperor. I feel confident against anyone else in the competition for the throne, but I can’t see through Li Qiye!”

“It is best if we eliminate him early.” The venerable slowly spoke with a serious expression: “Once his wings propel him into an Emperor Candidate, I’m afraid it will be very difficult to get rid of him. At that step, countless Godkings in the nine worlds will join his banner! When that happens, he wouldn’t even need to do anything to destroy his enemies.”

“Ancestor, are you confident in killing him?” Jikong Wudi spoke gravely.

At this time, he felt that the longer Li Qiye stayed alive, the more unfavorable it was for him. In his eyes, his chance of becoming emperor was drifting further and further away as Li Qiye became increasingly powerful.

“Hmm…” The venerable contemplated for a bit: “From my observations, that iron man truly has left already but I don’t know if he has any other dao protectors behind him.”

“We have to invite the prime general to come out.” Jikong Wudi concluded: “The prime general will definitely be able to end Li Qiye even if Godkings are protecting him.”

The prime general was the strongest general under Immortal Emperor Ta Kong. According to the legends, he wasn’t too far off from the emperor himself.

“It isn’t that simple.” Venerable Ninesword smiled wryly: “No one can invite him, or at least, I can’t. Unless Space Trample Mountain is facing extinction, he won’t come out for anyone.”

“Should we give it a try?” Jikong Wudi pondered for a bit before asking: “Ancestor, you and I can attack together while Li Qiye is unprepared.”

“There’s no rush, we are waiting for some people.” The venerable spoke deeply.

Jikong Wudi asked: “Ancestor has some reinforcements?”

The old man smiled and said: “They’ll be here soon. Li Qiye killed the eight ancestors from the ancient kingdom as well as the Divine Ancestor’s disciple, Shen Menghui. The ancient kingdom will definitely not let this go. Plus, he also killed the Soaring Immortal Emissary, so the soaring sect naturally will do something as well.”

“I calculated that the Azure Mysterious ancestors and the Soaring Immortal Sect's Chief Ambassador should be here soon. I have sent them a message already; if they come to the Lesser Imperial Devil World, we will talk.” Venerable Ninesword explained.

After hearing this, Jikong Wudi was relieved. With sufficient forces, they would definitely be able to eradicate Li Qiye.

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