Chapter 1081: Devil World’s Secret

Chapter 1081: Devil World’s Secret

After his monologue, Li Qiye stopped for a bit before eventually sighing softly: “Even the Buddhist Funeral Plateau has persisted from one generation to another, this is all because of a single pursuit.”

“Since you think you know everything, what do you think the plateau’s plan is?” Heaven Relinquish finally took the initiative.

“Heaven Relinquish, there’s no need to test me.” Li Qiye shook his head: “I know full well what the plateau wants to do, or rather, what Di Shi wants to do. How about we make another deal? Tell me what the Devil Lord told you back then and I will tell you the secret of the plateau.”

“Hmph.” Heaven Relinquish snorted: “It looks like you don’t only want the key to the Dark Maxim Palace, you led me out to find out more about the Devil Lord as well.”

“Frankly, I don’t have much interest in your Devil Lord since I know all the things that I want to already.” Li Qiye said dismissively: “I only want to know what he told you back then.”

With that, he peered at the king: “If I am not mistaken, before the Devil Lord left back then, he summoned you and told you certain things that the other Devil Kings didn’t hear! This is what I want to know!”

After hearing this, the king’s gaze immediately turned fierce with evil energy rampaging about him in a frightening manner; all of his attention was focused on Li Qiye.

Li Qiye was unperturbed; he leisurely sat there: “There’s no need to look at me like that, you know full well that you can’t do anything to me. Plus, this wasn’t considered a secret either. The other Devil Kings knew about this matter, just not about what the Devil Lord told you.”

It looked like the devil king didn’t wish to entertain this conversation since he sat there emotionlessly.

Li Qiye took his time speaking: “For millions of years after the Devil Lord went to that world, many dark cultivators and devil kings climbed up the platform and left the Devil World. However, you have been doing nothing while staying in the Devil World’s underground, enduring from one generation to another!”

“To tell the truth, I am not looking down on you when I say this. I have analyzed all the devil kings here, you are not the most exceptional or powerful among them. However, one thing is for certain, you are definitely the most patient one! Because of this, the Devil Lord picked you. And sure enough, you have been waiting all this time until you are completely sure before climbing the platform!”

This was also met with nothing but a cold stare from the devil king.

Li Qiye looked him straight in the eyes and spoke: “Tell me the Devil Lord’s words and I will tell you the secret of the plateau.”

The devil king looked at Li Qiye for a bit before shaking his head: “Not interested. Also, I won’t let you borrow the Dark Maxim Key.”

With that, he threw Li Qiye’s item back to him.

“My Heaven Relinquish.” Li Qiye smiled: “You really are patient. However, let me remind you, you yourself can wait, but the opportunity won’t wait for you.”

“What do you mean by that?” There was a tinge of surprise in the devil king’s expression.

Li Qiye sat there leisurely and replied: “Heaven Relinquish, you think that you can’t die so there is more than ample time. You feel that you can wait until everyone goes up to the platform and it doesn’t matter if you take your time. However, I can tell you something right now, you only have one or two generations at most.”

“Such fear-mongering.” The devil king coldly spoke: “The Devil World is indestructible and eternal. This has been the case for millions of years.”

“Really now? Do you think the Buddhist Funeral Plateau will wait for countless generations? Will Di Shi wait for this long?” Li Qiye laughed.

“So what if they can’t wait?” The king retorted: “If the plateau could destroy the Lesser Imperial Devil World, they would have done so long ago. It doesn’t matter if the seal has been imposed on this world, this world will continue on forever.”

“Heaven Relinquish, you still don’t understand.” Li Qiye coldly said: “The plateau and Di Shi will not destroy you and the lesser world.”

“But…” His eyes turned cold at this point while glaring at the king: “But Di Shi will fight to the end! The Buddhist Funeral Plateau will accomplish its mission! Ever since its inception, it has always been waiting for that day!”

The devil king’s expression changed after hearing this.

Li Qiye went on: “Like our conversation earlier, ever since the immemorial era, through the Legendary and even now, great men have been searching for the answer to two questions — immortality and the final battle! Since I have told you this today, it should show my sincerity!”

“The buddhist plateau will take action within three generations. At that time, the Devil World and the Imperial Border — this entire lesser world will only be a chess piece tied to their war chariot!” Li Qiye stated slowly.

The Devil King’s expression turned cold. He knew what was going to happen after hearing this.

“Thus, both dark cultivators and imperial soldiers only have two options. They will either have to enter the path or platform earlier or be tied to the plateau’s war machine and become Di Shi’s cannon fodder!”

He continued on: “You are a devil king so you should be able to sense just how powerful the Buddhist Funeral Plateau has become. Think about it carefully or calculate with your fingers, just how much longer will your so-called immortality last?”

Heaven Relinquish started to contemplate at this moment. Perhaps Li Qiye was right. They really didn’t have much time left.

After a while, the devil king looked at Li Qiye and coldly asked: “What do you want to take from the Dark Maxim Palace?”

“This doesn’t concern you.” Li Qiye flatly responded: “You just need to lend me the key.”

“You should know that there is an entry limit. Moreover, you can only take one item.” The king replied.

“I know that after thorough investigations. If I came unprepared, I wouldn’t have asked you for the key.” Li Qiye said.

The Devil King stared at him for a while and formulated another question: “Do you think you will be successful? I don’t think so.”

At this point, he could faintly guess what Li Qiye wanted.

Li Qiye smiled and nonchalantly stated: “I will. Since I was able to become a Devil King and an imperial monarch, I am destined for success in this.”

In the end, the king slowly took out a black key after a long silence: “You can open the Dark Maxim Palace. The key will remain inside and it will naturally return to my hands.”

Li Qiye threw the other item back at the devil king and smiled: “You finally thought it through. This is a good thing. A few items will have no use if left back at the palace because you all will never be able to gather the other things.”

The devil king snorted and put away Li Qiye’s item.

“Wait, I still have a little toy.” Li Qiye smiled and took out the devil prayers from the Wooden Sword Dark Saint and others: “Bring these things along after you climb up there. These are some matters you will have to take care of before leaving this world.”

The king scowled and accepted these wishes. Since this deal was settled, these prayers were only trivial matters, so he was too lazy to bargain with Li Qiye any further.

Li Qiye stood up and said: “What a pity. I still want to know what the Devil Lord told you, but if you don’t want to tell me, I won’t force you.”

“If you really want to know, you can go ask the Devil Lord yourself.” Heaven Relinquish stated insipidly.

“If that day comes, I will.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “But at that time, whatever he told you will no longer be important because I would know all the secrets already.”

The devil king snorted again, seemingly have lost interest in this matter.

Li Qiye turned around and was about to leave the temple.

“What is your pursuit, your goal?” As he had just stepped out of the door, Heaven Relinquish’s voice came from behind.

Li Qiye stopped and turned around to meet the king’s gaze. The king continued: “You came from the nine worlds with the ability to become a devil king and imperial monarch, allowing you to have immortality! Then what is your pursuit? Treasures? Or is it just to find out the secrets?”

“No.” Li Qiye shook his head and solemnly answered: “I want to kill to the very end. My pursuit is very simple, all I want is an answer!”

With that, he left the ancient temple.

Heaven Relinquish watched his back and after a long while, he finally murmured: “Immortality and the final battle… for what reason? What is waiting for us on the other side? Your Majesty, I hope you have arrived safely.” Once the words came out, the devil king also disappeared, as if he was never here at all.

“Young Noble, are you alright?” The girls outside saw him coming out and quickly came to welcome him after heaving sighs of relief.

He had been in there for quite a long time so they became worried that a fight broke out. Of course, due to their confidence in him, they stood outside and waited without breaking in.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “What can even happen? It was just a small matter so Heaven Relinquish wouldn’t fight me over it. Plus, even if we fought, he wouldn’t have any advantage either.”

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