Chapter 1079: Heaven Relinquish Devil King

Chapter 1079: Heaven Relinquish Devil King

Li Qiye viewed these beautiful curves under the water. In terms of figures, Chen Baojiao had the best and Bai Jianzhen was next.

Bai Jianzhen had a loose sword robe. When she was wet, her figure finally became noticeable. It was very close to Chen Baojiao’s. Towering plump breast and round buttocks with a pair of slender legs below her thin and soft waist… It was indeed sexy.

Needless to say for Chen Baojiao, she was a natural temptress. Her figure absolutely caused one’s blood to boil. In this aspect, maybe no one was her match. Erotic charm — these words were on full display from her body.

“What are you looking at…” Chen Baojiao coquettishly quipped after seeing Li Qiye’s eyes leering over them.

Li Qiye only chuckled leisurely: “Beautiful things are meant to be appreciated, so how can I not look?”

Such words left the girls cutely pouting while glaring at him.

He laughed before lying flat down in the nectar: “Relax your dao heart like melting snow. Let go of your troubles and anger.”

The girls immersed themselves inside and followed his directions by letting the nectar cleanse their dao hearts.

Li Qiye closed his eyes and did the same. For someone like Li Qiye, even an immortal aqua wouldn’t be able to cleanse his dao heart completely. However, when this nectar flowed by, everything became incredibly ethereal and distant as if he was lying on a white cloud. The gentle breeze and blue sky took him far from the mundane world, as if everything had become unimportant.

He was deep in sleep since he wanted a slumber without scheming, killing, and responsibilities. Unaffected by karma and effects, this was the sleep he desired.

After some time, someone gently rubbed his temples in a gentle and natural way. He opened his eyes and found that it was Mei Suyao before closing them again. She was gentle and meticulous. As the prettiest beauty, she had no hint of weakness, yet her feminine virtues were on full display.

Time seemed to flow slower as the world became quiet. Everyone was immersed in this peace and nothing else mattered.

Eventually, Li Qiye suddenly opened his eyes and immediately stood up while muttering: “He’s here.”

“Who?” Bai Jianzhen instantly turned vigilant.

“Heaven Relinquish Devil King.” Li Qiye exited the pond and said: “Come, we shall meet him.”

The group all got up and at this moment, all of their exquisite and sexy bodies were in full view for Li Qiye. He couldn’t help but take a careful look several times, causing them to feel very shy.

They left the thick forest and eventually climbed on top of a peak. There was an old temple at the summit. It initially had several dark cultivators guarding the perimeter. However, upon his arrival and issuing a commanding gesture with his sleeve, the cultivators immediately left.

Li Qiye waved his sleeve and told the girls: “You guys wait outside, I will wait for him.”

The girls left the old temple while Li Qiye closed his eyes and quietly sat inside, waiting for the devil king’s arrival.

After a good while, his eyes abruptly opened. At this time, a cloud of smoky evil energy gathered inside and quickly turned into a devil king with an engulfing flame that looked exactly like Li Qiye.

If any dark cultivator were to see the two devil kings that looked exactly the same, they would jump from shock.

“I heard someone was pretending to be me.” Heaven Relinquish stared at Li Qiye. His devil eyes were extremely frightening. His intense glare could devour the soul. Even those with strong dao hearts would be scared out of their minds under his gaze.

Li Qiye stood still and only smiled. He slowly turned back to his true form and leisurely sat there: “My Heaven Relinquish, it seems like you have buried yourself quite deep, to only awaken after such a long time.”

Heaven Relinquish continued staring at Li Qiye without taking any action as if he wanted to see through the person.

“That’s a good devil heart…” He finally uttered: “An actual outsider having a devil heart! Who would believe this? No wonder why you could fool the others.”

The devil heart in the lesser world was not about one’s brutality or their kill count. The devil heart was a kind of obsession, a willful thought.

One thought to become Buddha, another to become Devil. This was the magical aspect of the devil world and the Buddhist Funeral Plateau!

Li Qiye only chuckled and sat there comfortably, allowing Heaven Relinquish to stare as long as he wanted.

“I have heard of a legend before.” Heaven Relinquish eventually spoke: “There was once a person who left the lesser world after accomplishing two things: becoming an imperial king at the Imperial Border and a devil king at the Devil World! Finally, he left this place and became a miracle, a legend.”

“It is an old matter, old enough to be forgotten.” Li Qiye leisurely replied.

Heaven Relinquish continued: “There is a question in my mind. The lesser world has been sealed, outsiders shouldn’t be able to become a soldier or devil. How can a living being become both an imperial king and a devil king then leave so easily?”

Li Qiye smilingly replied: “All of this doesn’t matter. You don’t wish to enter the nine worlds, so is there a need for you to know?”

Heaven Relinquish stared at Li Qiye for a while before finally asking: “For what purpose did you lead me out?”

Li Qiye stared back and said: “Don’t you want to climb the Evil Slaying Platform? After God Tyrant, no other devil kings have gone there.”

Heaven Relinquish was quiet, but he didn’t refute this claim.

Li Qiye smiled: “Just like you said, I have stayed in the lesser world for a long time. I understand both the Imperial Border and the Devil World very well. If you tell me that you don’t want to go there, it is definitely a lie.”

“Understand them?” Heaven Relinquish asked: “If you know so much about the lesser world, how much do you know about the other worlds?”

Regarding this question, Li Qiye had to ponder a bit before slowly answering: “The Devil World’s Evil Slaying Platform and the Imperial Border’s Expedition Path are both journeys with no return. Once embarked on, there should be no regrets. It is a courageous trek forward until the very end. That is all I can say.”

Heaven Relinquish’s glance slightly shifted: “It seems like I have been underestimating you. You really do know a thing or two about the other side!”

“I don’t know for sure.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“A different world, not a part of the nine worlds and not the legendary tenth world! Just what is that place?” Heaven Relinquish stared at Li Qiye, wishing for the answer.

“I can’t answer you.” Li Qiye refused: “If you want to know, you can board the Evil Slaying Platform. If you are fortunate enough, perhaps an answer will show itself.”

Heaven Relinquish was clearly affected by this response. The evil energy in his eyes turned into a bright glimmer.

Li Qiye smiled: “Heaven Relinquish, I know you are very powerful and I’m very aware that it is extremely difficult to kill a devil king inside the Devil World, but do not forget, I was able to become both an imperial king and a devil king, so I do not fear anyone in this place! Even if the buddhist lord and imperial lord returned, I still wouldn’t fear them!”

After a while, the glimmer disappeared from Heaven Relinquish’s eyes as he slowly sat down.

Li Qiye sat there and spoke: “The two lords entering the platform and path did it for a reason, don’t you think?”

Heaven Relinquish did not wish to dwell on this matter. He intended to board the platform, but in his mind, the time was not ripe.

“What do you want?” He looked up and asked: “You didn’t lead me out here just to tell me these things, right?”

“I want the key to the Dark Maxim Palace.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

“Don’t have it.” The devil king rebuffed his request right away.

Li Qiye had to laugh: “Heaven Relinquish, you can’t trick me. I know the key is in your possession. In the Devil World, no one besides you can have it.”

“So what if I do have it?” Heaven Relinquish coldly uttered: “If you want to seize it, I’ll take you on any time.”

“I don’t plan on fighting.” Li Qiye smiled: “I am only here to discuss it with you and will give it back after I’m done with it. Of course, I will not take advantage of you, we can make a deal.”

“A deal?” With a cold expression, the devil king responded: “Dark cultivators do not have desires, what is there to make a deal about?”

“That’s not what I’ve heard. That’s right, you guys do not need treasures or manuals, but dark cultivators still have desires!” Li Qiye chuckled.

Here, he stared at the devil king to say: “Perhaps, you are not like those dark cultivators with a devil prayer, but you do have some things you want, such as boarding the Evil Slaying Platform!”

“So what?” Heaven Relinquish kept his cool with his response.

Li Qiye continued: “I know you have always been preparing for the day when you set foot on this platform. In your eyes, the time is still not right. Maybe you are missing an item. If you have it, it would be time to set off.”

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