Chapter 1077: Stagnation Domain

Chapter 1077: Stagnation Domain

Though this blow from the Mortal King carried extreme speed and extreme weight, Li Qiye didn't care about it enough to even give it a glimpse.

“Buzz!” Li Qiye spread his palm. Under his five fingers, a world of darkness emerged and instantly swallowed the attacking king.

Heaven Devouring Evil Fist — one of the Myriad Dao Fists, an attack capable of devouring everything.

Li Qiye simply didn’t care for the king and instantly carried Chen Baojiao back. He checked her veins and let out a sigh of relief. Fortunately, there was nothing significant to worry about.

“Boom!” The Mortal King broke through the void and rushed back from the world of darkness.

“Fight me again!” He laughed like a madman as his battle intent erupted. He was bursting with absolute confidence. It didn’t matter whether he was facing Li Qiye or Jikong Wudi or Mei Suyao, he believed that he could defeat all of them.

Both Jikong Wudi and Heavenly Emperor Lin turned solemn after seeing the king’s current state.

With the Alacrity Shuttle and Primordial Pagoda boosting him, he had indeed become much more powerful. His Hell Suppressing Physique was able to exert an unprecedented battle prowess.

“The younger generation is quite frightening.” Even a God-Monarch was quite wary of his newfound speed.

“You think I’m afraid of you!” Chen Baojiao’s pride was swelling; she struggled to get up for another round.

Li Qiye stopped her and gently shook his head: “Rest for now, leave it to me.”

She wasn’t convinced by the last exchange, but Li Qiye smiled: “Your grand dao is still not mature, so there’s no need to force a fight. Winning and losing is part of being a warrior. Let me go, you can watch me kill him with one move.”

She finally turned silent and quietly went back while Li Shuangyan came to take care of her.

In fact, she was not afraid of fighting the Mortal King again because she had created her own grand dao. She still had an ace up her sleeve.

She cultivated the Tyrannical Spring Physique. This made her cultivation speed during the later stages much faster. She had surpassed Li Shuangyan’s group and obtained her own grand dao. Partly due to the treasure art that she received from the World Tree, she had succeeded in creating her own personal grand dao. This grand dao was given the name Terra Treasure Art. [1. I was going to leave out Treasure here because it is a bit redundant, but “Treasure” here is Bao — part of her name, so I figured I would leave it. Terra Art alone sounds boring too, it is a bit cooler in Chinese.]

“Li Qiye, come and fight me!” Defeating Chen Baojiao left the king brimming with confidence. He wanted nothing more than to fight, so he challenged Li Qiye.

Li Qiye went forward and lazily stretched his back to say: “So you are confident in defeating me.”

The Mortal King was looking down on the rest of the world with his sweeping momentum and imposingly spoke: “Whether I can or not, just give it a try and find out.”

Despite his complacent demeanor, many people had to admit that his current form was quite frightening due to his superb speed and weight. Even Jikong Wudi, let alone the other geniuses, might not be able to defeat him.

“I have to say that the person behind you is truly smart, using the Alacrity Shuttle to nullify your shortcomings and the Primordial Pagoda to augment your strength.” Li Qiye glanced at him and smilingly shook his head: “Alas, these are just petty tricks, unworthy of mentioning in front of me.”

After being defeated three times on top of being held in disdain, the Mortal King couldn’t accept this. Li Qiye’s attitude towards him was too humiliating.

He loudly shouted at Li Qiye: “Li, come then, I’m going to grind you into mincemeat today!”

“Mincemeat?” Li Qiye glanced at him and lazily pointed a finger at him: “Just one move with my finger is enough to grind you into mincemeat.”

The king’s expression turned red and ugly. Such words were too contemptuous. He came prepared this time despite his previous defeats. After continuous training, he had reached a state of oneness with his two imperial weapons. He was confident in easily crushing Jikong Wudi.

But now, Li Qiye claimed that he could win with just one finger attack. It would be strange if the king didn’t go crazy from this blatant mockery.

“This is Fiercest, so bold and crazy.” People felt that Li Qiye was crazily arrogant, but no one refuted his well-deserved right to act in this manner.

“Little animal, I’m going to tear you to shreds!” The king let go of all posturing and forgot to maintain an image befitting a sect master. He screamed as his blood energy rose like a rainbow that crossed the sky.

“Boom!” He utilized both imperial weapons to their limit. Imperial auras surged, especially the vortex from the shuttle. It allowed the Mortal King to reach a speed that could crush time and space.

“Poof!” A series of his shadows were left behind by him, the sound of his passage not ringing out until after he pierced through the void. His speed had surpassed all things, even the fabric of time and space itself. It left behind an everlasting scar in the sky that should only be possible to create with weapons, yet his body was able to do so. It was quite a fearsome spectacle to behold.

Zhan Shi’s group was astounded to see this attack. It could be praised as an ultimate attack due to its might.

“Humm—” However, this attack didn’t destroy the sky like how everyone imagined. Li Qiye also didn’t counter with a world-ending attack, contrary to the crowd’s expectations.

In the blink of an eye, a light lit up where Li Qiye was standing. When the Mortal King was ten meters away from Li Qiye, everyone could see him clearly.

In this instant, the king’s passage was delayed indefinitely. He became slower and slower until he reached a snail’s pace.

His attack was even faster than lightning, no one could see him before. However, after this one split second, it was strangely slowed down. This scene was quite bizarre.

In one moment, infinite speed; the next second, indefinite delay. Extreme swiftness and extreme stagnation within just a single thought. The contrast between the two astounded everyone.

This was the Stagnation Domain, an absolute territory created by the Soaring Immortal and Hell Suppressing Physiques. Inside this domain, weight was boundless and accompanied by an immeasurable time-slowing property!

“Crack!” Once the king entered this domain, it wasn’t only his speed that was hindered, his armor was crushed at the same time.

“Bam!” Next, he could no longer stand straight and promptly kneeled on the ground. It seemed that the world’s heaviest object was crushing down on him like a planet looming over his shoulder.

Keep in mind that the king cultivated the Hell Suppressing Physique. He himself had boundless weight, yet it seemed so insignificant before the immensity of the Stagnation Domain.

Li Qiye reached out and gently pointed with his finger. Afterward, one could hear the sound of bones breaking. The kneeling king’s bones shattered one by one. He couldn’t withstand this terrifying force.

“Buzz!” The Alacrity Shuttle and Primordial Pagoda under his control were suddenly recalled by someone. They instantly tore through space and used their powerful imperial auras to escape out of sight.

“No…” The king cried out in despair. Without imperial weapons, he was in an even worse position. Before he could finish his desperate howl, his entire body shattered. With more cracking noises, his whole being was completely crushed.

The king was no more. There was only a pool of smashed flesh and quietly flowing blood on the ground.

The spectators were creeped out by this outcome. The king’s battle prowess was as clear as day. Even God-Monarchs had to be somewhat wary of him, but all that was left of him was a pile of mincemeat.

The Stagnation Domain was completely horrifying. It wasn’t simply the combination of the two Immortal Physiques. This was the culmination of the two physiques finding symmetry to form an absolute domain.

This domain was the endless exertion of the physiques’ power. This meant that the raw power of the two physiques was amplified by several dozen times or even a hundred times inside this space.

Two Immortal Physiques appearing at the same time was horrible enough, but once symmetry was reached, the essence of their power became augmented a hundredfold, resulting in this frightening creation.

People could only quiver in fear. From start to finish, Li Qiye didn’t actually use a technique. He simply lifted his finger and just like that, the king was crushed into a meaty paste.

In fact, Li Qiye didn’t even need to lift a finger while inside the Stagnation Domain.

Remember the Storm God praised as a God-Monarch? She could only stand there and accept the beating once inside the Stagnation Domain he casually released.

Li Qiye looked at the sky and said indifferently: “It seems like he is still quite smart.”

The person hiding in the darkness was the king’s dao protector. Alas, he didn’t try to save the king and only recalled the imperial weapons instead. This was because he already knew the outcome and didn’t want the imperial weapons to fall into Li Qiye’s hands.

After seeing this scene, all the other geniuses had grim expressions. They wanted to see a fight between the king and Li Qiye in order to observe Li Qiye’s flaws and possible merit laws.

However, Li Qiye didn’t reveal a single technique in this battle, rendering them unable to find any of his weaknesses.

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