Chapter 1074: Dark Maxim Palace

Chapter 1074: Dark Maxim Palace

In the depths of the Devil World was a mountain that stood tall. It was not particularly towering or large, but it still gave the feeling that it was suppressing the heavens. Even gods and devils would retreat before its grandeur.

There was a palace at the summit. It was completely black and made from unknown rocks, giving it a very mysterious feel.

There were no luxurious decorations or immortal lights that soared into the sky. It could even be said that the palace was rather coarse and unadorned. The black pebbles acting as the foundation for the palace weren’t polished, making it seem that they were found and built on-site.

However, such a seemingly simple palace gave off a suffocating pressure. Anyone who gazed at its presence on top of the mountain would feel this oppression.

The gate to this palace was forever locked, so no knew who was staying inside.

Dark Maxim Palace! This was the most mysterious place in the Devil World. The majority of the dark cultivators here didn’t dare to come close to it.

Legend states that this palace used to be the location where the master of the Devil World gave orders to all of its inhabitants. Later on, it was also the gathering place of Devil Kings. However, newcomers hadn’t seen the opening of the palace yet. No one knew the situation or what was inside.

There were many cultivators at the base of this mountain right now. They wanted to try climbing to the top.

There were rumors that the Dark Maxim Palace contained the Devil World’s ultimate treasures and weapons. These weapons were even above Immortal Emperor True Treasures.

A tale claimed that as long as one could open the palace, they would be able to obtain the spoils inside.

Since the opening of the Lesser Imperial Devil World, a large group of people had come and tried, but they couldn’t even climb to the top. Those who were able to still couldn’t open the palace. There was no lack of God-Monarchs among them either.

At this time, the spectators were quite excited at the base of the mountain because the current climber was Jikong Wudi. They wanted to see if he would be able to open the Dark Maxim Palace or not.

Outside of the many experts, even Heavenly Emperor Lin, Zhan Shi, and the Jewel Pillar Mortal King were here.

Before Jikong Wudi, they had climbed to the top but failed to open the palace. However, this was not a shameful matter to them because there were no records of anyone having succeeded before.

“Thump! Clank! Thump!” Different sounds rang from the summit. Jikong Wudi activated different types of peerless methods to try and tap on the gate of the palace. However, regardless of his knocking, the palace remained closed.

Eventually, Jikong Wudi also gave up and descended from the mountain. He accepted his inability to open this palace.

No one mocked his failure due to the history of the inaccessible palace. It was not at all surprising for Jikong Wudi to fail.

“The real masters have all tried. I’m afraid this palace cannot be opened by anyone.” Someone murmured.

“Maybe one person can.” His friend added: “Fiercest might be able to. He is an unfathomable person, even climbing the Prime Peak back at the Godwar Mountain. Maybe he will create another miracle and open the Dark Maxim Palace.”

The mentioning of his title alone caused many people’s expressions to change.

Another quietly spoke: “I heard Fiercest has turned into a Devil King. I wonder if he will come here or not.”

When the title Fiercest was brought up, many people here turned quite unhappy. The first to show a visible shift in demeanor was the Mortal King. His enmity towards Li Qiye was quite immense. Jikong Wudi’s expression turned cold as well.

Zhan Shi and Heavenly Emperor Lin, on the other hand, were fine with it. Zhan Shi’s expression remained aloof while Lin was as nonchalant and comfortable as ever.

“Even Fiercest will not be able to open the Dark Maxim Palace.” The Mortal King coldly uttered with an oppressive momentum that soared to the sky. Anyone would be wary of him at this moment.

His battle intent was surging as he entered a peak state like a War God ready to enter a life or death match. It was a very suffocating aura.

Perhaps he was not the strongest among the supreme geniuses, but he was definitely the type who would never accept defeat. His overflowing self-confidence prevailed regardless of victory or defeat.

The speakers here immediately closed their mouths the moment the Mortal King spoke. The more timid ones didn’t dare to add their own opinion.

Of course, there were also those who were dissatisfied with his bullish attitude. An expert quietly muttered: “If you want to act cool, then go find Fiercest and then do so.”

“What did you say?” The Mortal King gave a chilling glare with a soul deterring force. Even an expert would obediently shut up under this pressure.

The king snorted and was determined to have vengeance. Recently, he had been fighting against the imperial troops nonstop. He used blood to train himself and was confident that he had surpassed his weakness. Thus, he was quite eager to challenge Li Qiye again.

Being thrice defeated by Li Qiye had been extremely humiliating to him. He could never breathe easy until he finally killed Li Qiye.

“Brother Jewel Pillar, Brother Jikong, save me!” While the mountain was quiet, someone quickly ran over and shouted from the distance.

This person instantly reached the area and noticed that everyone was here. He acted as if he had just seen his saviors and let out a sigh of relief.

The escapee shouted: “Brother Jewel Pillar, lend me a hand.”

“Brother Menghui…” The Mortal King was surprised to see this person. Even Jikong Wudi nodded his head in greeting.

The three had a good relationship; the king and Shen Menghui were especially close.

After all, Shen Menghui came from the ancient kingdom that had two emperors. Anyone would be happy to befriend him. Moreover, his master was the most powerful ancestor, the Divine Ancestor. This was a mythical Godking. Furthermore, the Mortal King’s school was far weaker than the ancient kingdom. In the future, he would require its assistance in many areas.

Earlier, the Mortal King was very uncomfortable, to the point of being annoyed when someone brought up Fiercest. But now, after seeing Shen Menghui running here with such a ragged appearance, his eyes lit up. It was time for him to release this anger on a punching bag, whoever they might be.

“Who hurt you, Brother Menghui?” The Mortal King spoke oppressively and raised his voice: “Don’t you worry. No matter who did it, we will seek justice for you.”

In his eyes, it didn’t matter who hurt Shen Menghui. He was itching for a fight against an expert to sharpen himself, to use their blood to polish his will to fight. He needed this sensation. The stronger the enemy, the more exciting it was.

“Me.” A languid answer came about. A palanquin was being carried into everyone’s sight.

At this time, Mei Suyao’s group was bringing the palanquin to the base of the mountain. Li Qiye sat on the palanquin and looked down on all existences as a supreme Devil King!

“Fiercest…” Someone shouted. Li Qiye’s transformation into a Devil King was not a secret at this moment.

“Is that really Fiercest?” Others took a meticulous look at him and couldn’t see how this Devil King ahead was related to Li Qiye at all. This devil was full of tyrannical evil energy.

However, true experts understood that Li Qiye was using the same principle as when he transformed into Buddha. This was the embodiment of the famous phrase in this area.

The crowd begrudgingly stared at the girls that were carrying his palanquin. Jikong Wudi’s eyes became quite profound. Who knew what he was thinking at this moment.

There had been rumors of him trying to court Mei Suyao but being met with rejection. Another rumor stated that the Space Trample Mountain had gone to the Eternal River School to propose a marriage, but the school refused as well.

Jikong Wudi himself did not talk about this matter, but some insiders knew that he was indeed interested in Mei Suyao.

Even the unmoved Zhan Shi and the relaxed Heavenly Emperor Lin put on dignified expressions.

Putting the Dual Blade Beauties aside, just Mei Suyao alone was more powerful than them. Bai Jianzhen was once on the same level as them as well. But now, both of the girls were willing to carry Li Qiye’s palanquin. This had an extraordinary significance.

Despite losing to Li Qiye before, both Zhan Shi’s and Lin’s hearts sank again. They once again realized that they had been underestimating Li Qiye.

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