Chapter 1073: Lacerate

Chapter 1073: Lacerate

Mei Suyao smiled elegantly after hearing this ancestor. This faint smile exuded an incomparable beauty that swayed the minds of others. It was not without reason that people called her the prettiest girl in the Mortal Emperor World.

“Think twice?” She gently shook her head: “Fellow Ancestors should be the ones to reconsider. If you want to fight, this junior will take you on.”

One person against eight ancestors — just how confident was Mei Suyao? Moreover, she spoke with such an insipid tone. This made many people quiver. They now understood that she was more powerful than they imagined, perhaps even more powerful than Jikong Wudi.

The eight ancestors from the ancient kingdom were rattled. Mei Suyao, a junior, wanted to fight the eight of them alone? This was truly not putting them in her sight at all.

One of the ancestors laughed out loud from acrimony and coldly uttered: “Very well, the Eternal River descendant is indeed incredible. It seems like this old man will have to check out your school’s supreme techniques.”

Mei Suyao was not afraid. She calmly stood there like an elegant fairy: “If Elders want to fight, I am ready.”

Such a nonchalant demeanor revealed her confidence and power.

“Suyao.” At this time, Li Qiye who had been sitting loftily on his palanquin waved for her. She didn’t say anything and retreated to his side.

Such a scene left countless people envious and jealous. The number one beauty in the Mortal Emperor World was listening to each of his commands in such an obedient manner — this romantic luck was simply a lifelong pursuit for many people.

In their eyes, a life having a beauty like that would be a life without regrets.

Li Qiye raised his brows with disdain and dismissively said: “Good, since your Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom is acting so bullish, nothing can be better. I like slapping others who exaggerate themselves with no bounds the best.”

With that, he gently waved his sleeve and ordered: “Children, tear them to pieces.”

“Screech—” The dark monkeys kneeling on the ground instantly pounced at the eight ancestors. Their torrential numbers became a devastating onslaught.

“Kill them!” The eight ancestors were aghast and screamed as they attacked in unison. With a strike that carried enough power to move mountains and flips seas, split the sky and boil the ocean, they swept away the majority of the dark monkeys.

“Screech—” In just a moment, the screams of the monkeys echoed everywhere as the horde frantically tried to kill the ancestors.

The eight were immediately surrounded by the ocean of monkeys. Only monkeys could be found around them. Even their screeching howls were enough to kill a common expert.

What was even more frightening was that the dark monkeys that came out from the depths became increasingly powerful. In the back, Monkey Monarchs and even Monkey Kings were rushing forward.

One dark monkey was most likely not that powerful, but an endless number of them was truly frightening. Even a paragon could be easily torn to pieces. Plus, killing a dark cultivator at the Devil World was an extremely difficult matter.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The eight worked together to attack again, but due to the continuous onslaught from the monkeys, especially after the Monkey Kings joined the fray, they were overwhelmed and forced to retreat.

What’s more was that after they split a group of monkeys apart, these monkeys would regenerate after a split second and continue to kill.

The ancestors were injured after a while. Some had scratched arms while others were bitten on the chest. One had his shoulder pierced completely.

These powerful ancestors couldn’t stop the continuous onslaught and began to falter.

The crowd was trembling even though they had evacuated to a safe distance. Moreover, more monkeys jumped from the thick forest to join this battle, as if they were endless in numbers.

“Open!” This battle was too drawn out for their liking. The eight ancestors grew furious and worked together to use an imperial weapon, unleashing its power completely.

“Boom!” The weapon flew to the sky and swept away a large group of monkeys, causing their howls to ring throughout this world.

“Imperial weapons are truly invincible…” Someone murmured after seeing the successful attack.

However, it was too difficult to kill creatures like dark monkeys at the Devil World. Even the sweeping imperial weapon failed to do so.

“Squeak—” The sharp cries of the monkeys echoed again. In an instant, another wave of attacks surfaced to tear the ancestors apart.

“Rumble!” Under the crazed attacks from these monkeys, the ancestors had to shift from offense to defense. They couldn’t unleash an endless amount of imperial power since it required a huge amount of blood energy.

Once the weapon shifted to defense mode, the monkeys couldn’t break through the weapon despite the relentless barrage. This was the strength of an imperial weapon. It was not so simple to penetrate once it was readied.

At this time, Mei Suyao took one step forward with a righteous grand dao. The stars began to move with the sun and moon. The reincarnation cycle of life and death was accompanied by the six paths. In this grand dao, a new generation was born with a single thought, as if billions of creatures and Yin and Yang were merely part of the entire system. The Beginning and end existed at her whim.

Alaya Heavenly Fragrant Dao — this was the grand dao that Mei Suyao cultivated. She had reached a level of profundity that made even Li Qiye nod approvingly.

“Buzz!” She closed her fingers and myriad existences began to change. The stars were moved in the sky along with the other celestials. With a simple gesture, all defensive lines were no more. The imperial weapon seemed to be flipped over and the eight ancestors lost control.

“Boom!” The weapon was shot into the sky as if a giant threw away their imperial weapon.

“Ah!” Screams immediately rang out with blood splattering everywhere. Without their imperial weapon, the eight ancestors simply couldn’t stop the waves of monkeys. They were eventually unable to hold on any longer and finally, the first ancestor fell.

“Ah!” More screams came about shortly afterward. All eight fell as their flesh was mangled and blood flowed, true to Li Qiye’s command from earlier.

The crowd trembled after seeing this scene. They knew Li Qiye was pretending to be a Devil King, but no one thought that he would be able to order the dark cultivators in this realm.

Keep in mind the sheer number of dark cultivators here. Some of them were even comparable to Godkings. Moreover, Godkings had no way of killing these beings!

If Li Qiye could order them, then who would be able to stop his terrifying wishes? It would truly be meet god, slay god; meet devil, slay devil.

An old paragon shivered and commented: “One thought to become Buddha, another to become Devil. Why is he so heaven-defying? At the Buddhist Funeral Plateau, he was able to control its power. And now, at the Devil World, he can order the dark cultivators. It looks like he can rampage wherever he goes.”

Mei Suyao was another cause for astonishment. She immediately flipped over an imperial weapon with her first move. To do so required an overwhelming amount of force.

“She is definitely much stronger than Jikong Wudi.” Someone else whimpered.

Alas, even a genius as strong as her had decided to follow Li Qiye. This made many people here feel a cold chill. Remember that she came from a lineage with three emperors. Gaining her favor matter was much easier said than done, yet Li Qiye managed to recruit her.

From this, one could imagine just how powerful and terrifying he truly was.

After tearing the eight ancestors apart, Li Qiye waved his sleeve and ordered: “Okay, all of you can return.”

The dark monkeys receded back into the thick forest like a tide. They crawled up the trees as if nothing had happened.

People held their breaths while watching this scene. Silence was commonplace with some in the crowd losing control of their legs from fear with blanched expressions.

Paragons from the previous generation were astounded as well. They would rather oppose imperial geniuses like Jikong Wudi instead of Li Qiye.

He looked at the blood flowing on the ground and insipidly stated: “How disappointing, I actually thought that the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom would have some more powerful characters show up. After half a day, only these eight geezers actually came to play.”

“Shen Menghui escaped.” Chen Baojiao spoke.

Back during the fight between the ancestors and the monkeys, Shen Menghui noticed that the situation wasn’t favorable, so he escaped without a care for anything else.

“Let him. I actually want to see if there are any more powerful existences here and if they would dare to protect my enemy.” Li Qiye revealed a nonchalant smile.

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