Chapter 1072: Azure Mysterious Eight Ancestors

Chapter 1072: Azure Mysterious Eight Ancestors

Due to her innate Immortal Bone, such a method couldn’t deceive her eyes, so she was able to instantly catch the hidden perpetrator.

The crowd heaved a sigh of relief after seeing the person being caught. It would have been miserable if Li Qiye took it out on them.

They didn’t want to say anything after seeing the perpetrator from the ancient kingdom. Earlier, the group was secretly cursing the perpetrator and wanted nothing more than to kick him to the front. But now, they really didn’t want to offend the ancient kingdom. It was still a sect with two emperors. Moreover, their descendant, Shen Menghui, was right here.

The captured disciple was pale and horrified. Li Qiye was a mortal enemy of his kingdom. As its disciple, he naturally had the responsibility to eliminate Li Qiye. Thus, after Li Qiye entered the forest, he wanted to reveal Li Qiye’s fake identity as a Devil King so that he would fall prey to the dark monkeys. This would have been a great contribution. Alas, he didn’t expect that his method was useless. Li Qiye remained unaffected while Mei Suyao caught him.

Shen Menghui was startled as well. This was adding a formidable enemy to the kingdom.

“An imperial lineage having to resort to this type of scheme...” Li Qiye was too lazy to care and commanded: “Since you dared to move against me, learn the taste of death. Slay him.”

After hearing this, the crowd could finally breathe easy. They no longer needed to be the scapegoat.

In the face of death, this disciple didn’t care for anything else and yelled: “First Brother, save me…!”

Shen Menghui’s expression darkened. He quickly walked to the front and shouted: “Wait!”

As the ancient kingdom’s descendant, he couldn’t stand and watch as a disciple from his kingdom was publicly executed. Moreover, this disciple had asked him for help. If he didn’t do anything now and just watched the execution, how could he maintain his place in this world? How could other disciples trust and respect him?

“What, you want to save him?” Li Qiye averted his gaze and spoke dismissively.

Shen Menghui took a deep breath and bowed towards Li Qiye: “Sir, our disciple was ignorant and has offended you, please forgive him.”

He knew full well that Li Qiye was a sworn enemy of their sect, but at this point, he had to acquiesce. There was a great saying — as long as the verdant hills remain, there is no lack of firewood. He just needed to endure this anger and bow to the enemy.

“Forgive him? Is it so simple?” Li Qiye spoke dismissively while sitting up high.

Shen Menghui took a deep breath and replied: “Our kingdom is willing to compensate for the disrespect. Just say the words and we will try our best.”

“I am someone who does not show mercy to those who want to kill me.” Li Qiye smiled: “However, since you are showing such sincerity, I will be a nice guy just once. Bring Immortal Emperor Qing Xuan’s true treasure here and I shall spare him.”

Shen Menghui’s expression soured after hearing this. This was blatant extortion! An emperor’s true treasure was a priceless item, the defining treasure of their Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom.

Not to mention a common disciple, maybe even a descendant like him was not worth a true treasure.

“Sir, this is unreasonable extortion.” Shen Menghui deepened his tone. [1. The idiom is talking big like a lion, meaning starting with an exceedingly unreasonable demand; it also describes a greedy person.]

“Unreasonable?” Li Qiye smiled: “In my eyes, imperial true treasures are no different from scrap metal, but your disciple wished death upon me. Is my life only worth one true treasure? I am willing to forgive him only because you are young yet still possess some sensibility.”

At this time, no one dared to interject or utter a single comment. This disciple from the ancient kingdom almost made everyone here die. It was already nice of them not to teach him a lesson, let alone speak on his behalf.

Li Qiye waved his sleeve and coldly declared: “Kill him.”

Shen Menghui was startled. If Li Qiye actually killed a member of his sect right now at this key moment, he would appear to be incompetent.

“Sir, everyone should take a step back and enjoy the high sky and vast sea. We are willing to offer a Virtuous Paragon’s treasure for his life. As long as Sir is willing to forgive him, everything will be fine.” Shen Menghui spoke with a sour expression: “Sir, you do not need to create another powerful enemy for yourself. The grand dao is long, having one more friend is not as good as having one less enemy.”

Li Qiye stared at him and smirked: “Are you saying that being enemies with your ancient kingdom is me courting death?”

Li Qiye laughed and glanced at him casually to say: “Earlier, I thought you were a smart prodigy. But now, I don’t know what to say to you except for one thing: the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom is nothing in my eyes!”

Such words were full of disdain for the ancient kingdom. However, the present was completely different from the past; who would dare to mock Fiercest Li Qiye nowadays?

Shen Menghui’s expression turned ugly at Li Qiye’s response. How could he, the kingdom’s successor, quell this anger rising from inside?

“Sir, our kingdom is a lineage with two emperors, not just anyone can knead it or take a bite.” His cold expression was accompanied by a tough attitude.

“A lineage with two emperors is nothing to be proud of.” Mei Suyao slowly interjected. Her demeanor was natural without any arrogance. She simply used the most ordinary tone to state the truth.

Alas, she was still transcendent and extraordinary, like a fairy lost in the mortal world. Her words were as pleasant as immortal hymns, but her plain response left people breathless. Who could act arrogant after hearing Mei Suyao say this? Regardless of their own noble upbringing and background, they were not worth mentioning compared to Mei Suyao’s own.

Not to mention that she was from the Eternal River School, a sect with three emperors, she herself was enough to carry herself with pride across the land. In the eyes of many, the low-profile Mei Suyao was even more powerful than Jikong Wudi!

They naturally felt that she was qualified to make such a statement. Moreover, her words were without embellishment or underlying intents.

Shen Menghui was tongue-tied by her claim. He felt his face burning like he'd been slapped.

“Kill.” Li Qiye lowered his glare and commanded: “Kill anyone who tries to save him as well.”

Shen Menghui’s expression took a turn for the worse. He was currently riding a tiger and had to follow through with saving the disciple. However, not to mention Li Qiye, he wasn’t even a match for Mei Suyao standing in front of him. The wiser choice, alas, would leave him with a stained reputation.

“Who dares to kill my kingdom’s disciple!” At this second, eight figures descended from the sky. A terrifying aura swept through the world, causing people to shudder uncontrollably.

The eight old men immediately stood in front of Shen Menghui. They were quite aged and didn’t have much time left, but the auras exuding from their bodies were still quite formidable.

Someone blurted out: “Azure Mysterious nine ancestors, no, eight ancestors.”

The crowd quickly created a gap between themselves and these old men because they knew a battle was about to begin.

“Ancestors…” Shen Menghui was ecstatic to see the eight ancestors and became relieved.

The ancient kingdom had a group referred to as the Nine Ancestors. These were nine extremely powerful beings. Of course, it didn’t include the most powerful one, the Divine Ancestor.

However, there were only eight left in this group because back at the Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground, the eighth ancestor died to Li Qiye’s hands.

It was precisely for this reason that the two sides had an irreconcilable feud.

“You are Li Qiye…” One of the eight ancestors coldly glared at Li Qiye who was sitting haughtily on his palanquin.

“And?” Li Qiye gave him a look.

Another ancestor threatened: “Junior, it is not too late to let go of our disciple. Otherwise, you shall suffer the consequences.”

The ancestors naturally wanted to kill Li Qiye. However, they weren’t completely confident.

Li Qiye didn’t want to waste his breath with these ancestors and commanded: “Too much nonsense, kill him.”

The eight ancestors weren’t happy with this response. They were famous characters that were treated with respect no matter where they went, but right now, even though they were personally here, Li Qiye didn’t give them any consideration at all. It was simply a slap to their faces.

“Goddess Mei, you must think twice.” Another of the eight ancestors stepped up and raised his voice.

Suddenly, the atmosphere was tense to the extreme. The crowd moved even further away from the inevitable battlefield. Once they were at a safe distance, their apprehension turned into an eagerness to watch the fight that caught the breath in their throats.

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