Chapter 1071: Shen Menghui

Chapter 1071: Shen Menghui

“Shen Menghui is going in.” Many people held their breaths while watching this young man enter the thick forest.

However, a strange scene unraveled. After he went inside, his gaze swept through the nearest dark monkeys. The monkeys continued to hang on the trees in a sleeping state.

“How can this be?” People found this astonishing since the monkeys closest to him didn’t attack.

“One thought for slumber.” A paragon from the middle territory murmured: “He is truly the descendant of the Divine Ancestor. After being personally taught by him, Shen Menghui can instantly bring these dark monkeys into a state of dreaming where they can’t wake up.

“So heaven-defying! These dark monkeys are so violent, but he can hypnotize this many at once. Maybe he really is qualified to compete for the Heaven’s Will against Jikong Wudi’s group. If only time waited for people…” A youth commented in awe.

Shen Menghui was the current main descendant of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom. Back then, their heavenly prince was killed by Li Qiye at the dao academy, so they had to choose another successor.

In the end, the young Shen Menghui actually won the spot. He was able to show off his skills among his many senior brothers and sisters. Outside of being the descendant of the Divine Ancestor, it was also because of his exceedingly high talents that were even greater than the deceased heavenly prince.

Thus, even though he was only eighteen years old right now, he already had extremely incredible achievements. Some speculated that within ten years, he would be able to catch up to the rest of the supreme geniuses.

In fact, many in the middle region held him in great esteem despite his late debut. Both his fame and cultivation were much weaker than Jikong Wudi’s group, but since he was taken in as a disciple by the Divine Ancestor, he had an unparalleled advantage compared to the others.

The Divine Ancestor was rumored to be the most powerful existence in the ancient kingdom. He was an untouchable Godking. No one had seen him over the long years, so people didn’t know just how strong he currently was.

For someone who didn’t come out for many generations to still decide to take Shen Menghui in as a disciple showed just how great his talents were.

Shen Menghui carefully picked the Dark Wine Fruits. Despite putting the nearby monkeys to sleep, he didn’t dare to act carelessly lest he wake some of them and get trapped in their siege.

While people were watching him pick these fruits, someone else shouted: “Fiercest is here!”

People turned their heads. Sure enough, a palanquin was being carried closer. They saw Li Qiye sitting on it and didn’t dare to share their thoughts.

Li Qiye posed there like a supreme Devil King with an evil flame capable of shattering the sky. Each of his gestures could destroy gods and devils. Even his gaze affected the temperament of this world.

People quickly retreated like a tide since they didn’t dare to be close to him. Those with weaker cultivations felt their legs trembling and even had the urge to kneel.

Even though he was in his Devil King form, everyone knew that it was Li Qiye sitting up there just like how he used to be Evil Buddha a while ago.

“In our generation, only Fiercest would enjoy such great treatment.” Even an eternal existence was impressed by Li Qiye’s style on top of the palanquin.

Of course, envy was in the air. Jealousy ran even more rampant among the younger generation. The Sword Goddess and extremely pretty beauties were acting as palanquin bearers. Just how domineering was this behavior? Such romantic luck drove others red-eyed insane from jealousy. Only Fiercest had the ability to act like this in this day and age.

Li Qiye was in repose and let the girls carry him into the forest. All the dark monkeys jumped down and kneeled on the ground the moment he entered. It was a grand scene. At this time, the horde of monkeys could only prostrate to worship the supreme Devil King.

This sudden change made Shen Menghui jump from shock because even the monkeys that were mesmerized by him woke up right away and joined the ceremony. He didn’t dare to linger and decisively left the forest to avoid being surrounded by the monkeys.

He stood outside of the forest and watched Li Qiye’s back as Li Qiye was carried into the forest, a scowl on his face. His eyes turned cold while gritting his teeth and clenching his fists. Nevertheless, he refrained from doing anything.

Even though he had never seen Li Qiye before, in his mind, the guy had always been his enemy and the enemy of his kingdom!

For every disciple in the Azure Mysterious Kingdom, Li Qiye was their eternal foe. It was a feud beyond reconciliation.

He had killed too many of their kin and even the previous main descendant. The most frustrating part was that he even stole their imperial life weapon, the Imperial Violet Hammer. Getting a defining weapon stolen was a huge humiliation for any imperial lineage. Vengeance must be obtained for their kingdom.

“Buzz!” Not long after Li Qiye entered the forest, a mirror suddenly emerged in the sky. A holy light poured down on Li Qiye’s location.

This development left the girls with serious expressions. They were ready to attack at a moment’s notice. However, nothing else happened after the holy light fell down.

“Fools.” Li Qiye batted his eyes and murmured: “Thinking that I’m a fake Devil King, so they want to disperse my evil aura with that holy light.”

So it turned out that someone among the crowd secretly used a treasure to illuminate Li Qiye with a holy light. Everyone here knew that Li Qiye was a fake, so someone wanted to ruin his disguise. Once the dark monkeys discovered that Li Qiye was not a Devil King, he would be torn into pieces by their endless numbers.

It could be said that whoever tried to do this was truly cruel. He wanted to push Li Qiye to his death. However, this holy light was essentially ineffective. Outsiders didn’t know that Li Qiye was capable of pretending to be Heaven Relinquish due to his devil heart, not just because of his engulfing evil aura.

At this time, the girls carried the palanquin back. Li Qiye slowly turned around with a sweeping glare.

“Shit, which idiot was it?” Many people were quivering in fear and quickly retreated after seeing Li Qiye turning back.

Some people even raised both hands and cried out: “Young Noble Li, it wasn’t me!”

The crowd was pale with fear. Who didn’t know about Fiercest’s notoriety? This was someone who would massacre a whole race after an unfriendly exchange. The Blood-devil Tribe being slaughtered by him was the best and most recent example.

“Who did it? Come out now, don’t make Young Noble Li take action himself.” Even the expressions of those from the previous generation paled.

Who could stop Fiercest once he began to rampage? Even a God-Monarch was child’s play to him, let alone them.

Shen Menghui was shocked at this moment and looked around as well. People were walking backward to maintain a safe distance. Some even raised both of their hands to show their innocence.

No one dared to escape, however. Once they ran, they would instantly become suspect and there would be no chance for absolution. It wasn’t a big deal to be killed by Li Qiye, but if this Fiercest fella decided to bring his anger to their sect as well and start a massacre, then they would be the eternal sinner of their sect.

“I am a reasonable person, come out now and admit your mistake. It is not too late.” Li Qiye spoke softly while sitting on his palanquin.

The crowd kept staring at each other, but no one dared to speak up. Eventually, people started yelling: “Whoever did it just come out, don’t bring everyone else down with you.”

But who would come out at this moment? It was clear as day to everyone that it would be a suicidal move.

“It seems like I have to wash my hands with blood to remind some people about what I can do.” Li Qiye’s eyes turned cold and he immediately stood straight up.

In the blink of an eye, his terrifying evil flames surged and turned into black wings. They spread, seemingly capable of blotting out the world. At this moment he was a supreme Devil King with complete control over life and death!

“Young Noble Li, it definitely wasn’t us! It must be some insidious wretches around here!” Countless people were scared out of their minds. It’s not like they hadn’t seen Li Qiye’s ruthless means before. The cowardly and weak were frightened enough to kneel on the ground. They couldn’t handle the terrifying pressure of the evil energy.

The crowd was silently cursing all the ancestors of whoever tried to scheme against Li Qiye just now. This was simply dragging them down as well! They were nothing but fishes in a barrel if Li Qiye decided to unleash his wrath! The pale crowd didn’t want to die here, but they didn’t dare to run either!

Li Qiye glanced at the group and slowly spoke: “Suyao.”

Mei Suyao acknowledged the command and her figure flashed. “Bang!” Next, someone was thrown to the ground.

“Pop!” Her palm flipped and easily took out a treasure mirror from the person’s fate palace before throwing it down on the ground.

The paled suspect was lying on the ground, petrified.

After seeing the person’s clothes, someone immediately commented: “A disciple from the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom.” In just a second, people glanced over at Shen Menghui.

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