Chapter 1070: Fire God's Calmheart

Chapter 1070: Fire God's Calmheart

A moment later, Blazing Devil carried a box back and respectfully held it before Li Qiye.

Li Qiye didn’t glance at it before he took it and said: “Where is your devil wish?”

Blazing quickly carved it down and gave it to Li Qiye. Li Qiye casually took it and then he got up, wanting to leave.

“My Lord.” At this time, Blazing couldn’t help but open his mouth to say something.

Li Qiye glared at him and said: “Say it, don’t waste my time.”

Blazing took a deep breath and bowed towards Li Qiye: “This lowly one wants to ask My Lord, what is waiting for us in the future of this world?”

Li Qiye indifferently stared at Blazing in response: “What do you think? Or rather, what kind of world do you wish for?”

“I, I don’t know.” Blazing hesitated for a moment to come up with an answer: “A world where we are free.”

“It is not difficult to find out. Just personally climb the Evil Slaying Platform, right?” Li Qiye spoke without emotion: “If you want to reach the best step, then take it slow.”

Blazing turned silent. In the Devil World, anyone could climb the Evil Slaying Platform. However, there were different levels of steps. No one knew what would happen after going up there.

Li Qiye ignored the guy and went back on his palanquin. The girls immediately carried him away.

After they left, Chen Baojiao smiled cutely: “Young Noble, this is killing two birds with one stone. You found out what you wanted to know and obtained a treasure as well.”

“Just part of the process, this treasure is actually incidental. I want Heaven Relinquish to come find me.” Li Qiye revealed a faint smile.

“If the Heaven Relinquish Devil King finds out, I’m afraid he will go all out against you.” Li Shuangyan commented.

Just looking at the Wooden Sword Dark Saint was enough to know how powerful he was. An existence like him was definitely at the Godking level. However, he was actually afraid of Heaven Relinquish. From this, one can extrapolate how frightening this person must be.

Li Qiye calmly sat there and leisurely replied: “He won’t.”

With that, he handed the box containing the Fire God's Calmheart to Chen Baojiao: “Use this item well, it will be quite beneficial to you.”

Chen Baojiao opened it to take a look. It surprised her quite a bit because it contained a beating heart.

“Do I have to eat this thing?” She was quite creeped out by the thought of doing so.

“This is not a heart.” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “This is a Fire God's Calmheart. Although it is called a ‘heart’, it was formed from the fusion of the extreme flames underground. It’s powerful but not violent, hence the word ‘calm’. It is gentle like jade yet brimming with endless explosive power. It is very suitable for your Tyrannical Spring Physique.”

After hearing his explanation, Chen Baojiao carefully checked it again and found that it was not truly a heart. The rhythm was not a heartbeat but rather the pulsing of a divine fire. It seemed to contain an endless fiery power that could explode and destroy an entire world.

“Imperial soldiers embark on an expedition while dark cultivators climb the Evil Slaying Platform.” At this point, Mei Suyao who had been quiet added: “Just what kind of worlds are they going to? Is it outside of the nine worlds?”

Mei Suyao knew more than the other girls. Her Eternal River School had several records about the Lesser Imperial Devil World that other lineages were not privy to.

After hearing Blazing Devil earlier, all kinds of feelings rose in her heart. The records back then uncontrollably popped up in her mind, but she had no answer, so she had to ask Li Qiye.

Li Qiye’s eyes became serious and full of longing. He answered: “Who knows about what is outside the nine worlds.”

“Is it the legendary tenth world?” She asked softly because she knew quite a few things from Li Qiye. He had shown her secrets unknown to others across the eons. Even her school knew very little about them due to their scarce records.

“The tenth world?” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “This is not that simple. Perhaps no one knows where they are going to, outside of the imperial soldiers and dark cultivators who have actually embarked on this journey to a, maybe, different world.”

Li Shuangyan and the others listened carefully, especially Bai Jianzhen. She tried her best to understand the secrets within using this rare opportunity from listening.

“Only when one goes to that world would they be able to know what it is.” He ended with a profound glimmer in his eyes.

The lively Chen Baojiao asked: “Even though I don’t know any of that, why is it that dark cultivators have to go on the platform and imperial soldiers have to go on their expedition?”

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile: “Why is it that cultivators have to compete for the Heaven’s Will? Why do so many people break their heads from fighting just to vie to become an Immortal Emperor? You can think of it as our will or an external temptation. In short, this is their aspiration. Just like us who embark on the road to the throne, we tread forward knowing that there might not be a way back, knowing that we might become nothing but heaps of dried bones paving the path for another.”

The girls turned quiet after hearing this. For millions of years, too many people had tried to become an emperor, but only one could succeed each generation.

“Let’s move on. Does Young Noble need to find a treasure or spirit medicine for Miss Mei as well?” Chen Baojiao didn’t wish to dwell on this heavy topic and smiled coquettishly.

Compared to her time back at the Jewel Pillar Sacred School, the current Chen Baojiao had become very lively. She was already enchanting enough, but her youthful fire made people’s heart sway even more as they became lost in insanity from her beauty.

“I’m already satisfied with learning so much by following Young Noble.” Mei Suyao smiled. She was as pretty as always, especially in her simple yet transcendent state that was so close to the origin.

“Suyao does not lack treasures.” He smiled: “If she wants treasures, she actually does not even need to come here.”

Mei Suyao smiled back. It was true that she followed Li Qiye and carried his palanquin not for treasures, but because Li Qiye had given her something that was more precious than any artifact.

“Okay, we have traveled for quite a while so we should stop and take a bath.” Li Qiye stretched and smiled.

“Nice try.” Chen Baojiao coquettishly quipped as her face became red for some reason.

A huge forest could be found in the southern region of the Devil World. It was lush with green vegetation of a single type. These plants resembled an old tree with leaves and thick branches. The most noticeable aspect was that there were crimson fruits growing from these trees. Each of them was only the size of a thumb. They were translucent and red like carnelian gemstones.

The even more shocking part was that these gem-like fruits exuded a fragrance similar to the intoxicating scent of fine wine. Even strong-willed cultivators couldn’t help but swallow their saliva after smelling them.

Monkeys were hanging around these trees and fruits. They were around the size of cats. They had golden fur, but when they opened their eyes, an evil energy would surge, as if it could devour the soul of just about anyone.

Many cultivators stood outside of the forest, but no one dared to enter. They could only drool and watch.

The reason was very simple, those monkeys weren’t actually monkeys but rather dark cultivators. The moment anyone entered, they would instantly be attacked by the horde.

Someone looked at the red fruits on the trees and murmured: “It would be so nice if those dark monkeys weren’t guarding this forest.”

A Virtuous Paragon from a great power gulped as well: “Right. According to our sect’s writings, these are Dark Wine Fruits, really good stuff that can ferment into immortal wines. This wine can calm the mind and remove evil. It really is incredible.”

The cultivators standing outside all wanted to go pick these fruits, but their lack of courage prevented them from doing so. Of course, the numerous corpses under the trees were a deterrence as well.

Prior to this, many cultivators went inside, but they were besieged by the monkeys. Even a Virtuous Paragon would be ripped into pieces in the blink of an eye against a large group.

Thus, they were relegated to mere spectators. At this moment, they saw a young man enter the forest. He was very young and extremely handsome. His eyes were his most outstanding aspect. They looked just like precious gems, profound and moving as though they could speak. Anyone would instantly be attracted to his eyes.

A cultivator from the Grand Middle Territory shouted: “It’s Shen Menghui from the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom!”

“Just like the rumors, he truly has unparalleled potential. Unfortunately, he was born in the wrong era, or rather too late. If he was born ten years earlier, I think he would be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with Jikong Wudi’s group.” An older cultivator commented while watching this young man enter the forest.

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