Chapter 107 : Emperor’s Possession (1)

 Chapter 107 : Emperor’s Possession (1)

At this moment, the entire scene was silent. Seeing the situation today, Royal Nobles were no longer enough. If an Enlightened Being was to enter the Evil Infested Ridge, then this would not be a positive thing for many grand sects. Plus, only cultivators under the Ancient Saint Realm could enter the ridge, so this meant that Enlightened Beings were the strongest.

“Enlightened Being — so what! Ferocious weapon — so what! Not worth a single coin.”

Li Qiye elegantly waved his hand and said:

“Elder Gu, take out the item and destroy everything. I am talking about grand matters with the young lady, don’t delay my business.”

Hearing Li Qiye’s words, even though Gu Tieshou hesitated for a moment, he still took out the painting of the ancestor.


The moment the portrait came out, the emperor’s aura appeared. The ancestral painting was flowing on top of Gu Tieshou. At this moment, it encompassed all living beings and ruled over the heavens. At this very second, even the gods had to prostrate before its might.

“Emperor’s aura –”

Everyone was frightened and caused loud commotion. The ones with weaker cultivation couldn’t help but kneel straight down on the ground.

“Emperor’s aura! Right, right, is this an Emperor Treasure?”

Under the pressure of the emperor’s aura, even Virtuous Paragons couldn’t reach the apex.

“The portrait of Immortal Emperor Min Ren–”

A sect master from a grand sect lost his colors and murmured:

“A personal portrait painted by the Immortal Emperor himself…”

“Even though this is not an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure, it was personally painted by him. Inside lies endless thoughts and efforts from the Immortal Emperor, so its emperor’s aura is still incredibly startling.”

The old turtle of the Flying Dragon Lake muttered.

Both Marquis of the Eastern River and Nantian Hao were in astonishment. Looking at the supreme immortal features of Immortal Emperor Min Ren, Marquis of the Eastern River appeared to be unsettled. One could only look up to an Immortal Emperor, but what was even more shameful to the Jiang Zuo Clan was that Min Ren was the one who ultimately defeated their Virtuous Monarch Jiang Zuo and took away his chance to carry the Heaven’s Will.

As for Nantian Hao’s chilling expression, the Nantian Clan claimed to be the descendants of Immortal Emperor Fei Yang, but like Li Qiye had said before, after carrying the Heaven’s Will, Immortal Emperor Fei Yang never came back to the Nantian Clan!

Seeing the unparalleled portrait of an Immortal Emperor, many cultivators had to prostrate themselves. Even masters like the old man from the Violet Cloud Sect bowed his head from the distance. This was a sign of respect towards the supreme Immortal Emperor.

“The Immortal Emperor’s portrait…”

At this moment, Enlightened Being Si Tu, as the national teacher of the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom, also took a step back from amazement.

For emperor’s possessions, even though they were not as precious as an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure, they were more readily obtainable compared to the Life Treasures. It was also easier to activate, unlike the Life Treasure that needed blood energy to channel.

Although an emperor’s possession would be worn out (many became useless after one use), but once it was activated, even a Virtuous Paragon would be in trouble.

At this time, Enlightened Being Si Tu, Dao Child Shengtian, and many Royal Nobles’ expressions became ugly and had to retreat to the back. As for the spectators, they didn’t even dare to come close. Everyone would be crushed once the emperor’s possession was activated.

This atmosphere caused many people to be breathless; who would dare to be reckless under the presence of the emperor’s aura?

This was the secret power of an Immortal Emperor’s lineage and the reason why people were always cautious of them. This was also why these lineages could stand strong for millions of years without disappearing.

“Using an emperor’s possession to bully other people, what kind of skill is this? If your Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect is capable, then use your own power to fight us instead.”

Dao Child Shengtian took a deep breath and said.

Li Qiye glared at him and replied:

“I just love using emperor’s possessions to bully others, you got a problem? If you have a problem, then come and bite me. If your Heavenly God Sect is so great, then find something to stop the emperor’s aura. If you could stop my emperor’s aura, then that would be called skill. If you can’t do it, then call your ancestor and watch whether I will annihilate him or he will annihilate me.”

Of course, at this moment, Li Qiye hoped that the Heavenly God Sect’s ancestor would appear because right outside of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, he had too many methods to use to murder.

Dao Child Shengtian vomited blood from anger and wished that he could strangle Li Qiye to death, but under the presence of the emperor’s aura, he couldn’t do anything. In this moment, in the eyes of Shengtian Dao, Li Qiye was even more disgusting than a lowly cockroach acting arrogant.

“Elder Gu, amiability makes one prosperous, amiability makes one prosperous.”

Enlightened Being Si Tu’s expression was not any better, but he had no choice but to smile as he said:

“Everyone is just trying to co-exist in this world. If one can’t see others while looking down, one just needs to look up. Everyone should take a step back and notice the high sky and vast ocean. Why the need to talk about killing each other?”[1.  Second idiom should be simple. First idiom is harder – it means that people are living close together, and will always see each others, just by looking around, so they should get along]

Even though Enlightened Being Si Tu was the strongest here, he had to accept defeat under the power of the emperor’s aura. All were inconsequential smokes and clouds under the suppression of the emperor’s aura.

“Amiability makes one prosperous?”

Li Qiye laughed and said:

“I have never acted amicably for my prosperity before; whoever stops me will have to die! So what if we are living on the same territory? The Heavenly God Sect or the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom, if the two try to stop the Grand Dao of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, then I shall massacre both!”

Li Qiye’s words made many people lose their colors as they glanced at each other; this was clearly provoking the Heavenly God Sect. Would the Heavenly God Sect be able to swallow this disrespect?


Enlightened Being Si Tu glared at Li Qiye. As an Enlightened Being and the national teacher of the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom, he was always in a powerful position, but today, this little brat, at the age of fifteen, was looking down on him. How could he not be angry?

“So? Not convinced? If you aren’t convinced, then come and bite me.”

Li Qiye sat properly on the snail’s back and calmly said:

“If everyone has revealed their faces, then there is nothing to talk about. If you want to fight, then fight. I will take on all of you!”

Not only Enlightened Being Si Tu, even Marquis of Violet Mountain and Marquis of Primordial Origins were amazed. This little son of a bitch was not joking, he was actually serious!

They finally realized that they had teased a little demon. This brat essentially didn’t know how high the sky and how vast the earth was. The Heavenly God Sect and the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom were just names to him. He didn’t even care about how his actions would bring about a calamity to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

It wouldn’t be an issue if this little bastard was just arrogant, but what was damnable was that this arrogant brat could command the person holding the emperor’s possession! This was the most terrifying thing.


However, at this moment, there was a sudden change. The stone doors suddenly opened, emitting many lights. The layers of lights intertwined together and turned into endless magical incantations to form a portal.

“Why did the Evil Infested Ridge open before the date?”

The stone door’s sudden opening caused Li Qiye’s expression to become serious. When he buried himself underground, he had tried to communicate with the earth and the emperor’s foundation in order to check the heaven defying existence of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

Even though he couldn’t find the answer he was looking for, he was able to calculate the opening date of the Evil Infested Ridge. However, the ridge was opened before the time of his prediction, and knowing its origin, Li Qiye knew that this was not an auspicious sign.

“The Evil Infested Ridge has opened, the Evil Infested Ridge has opened!”

Someone loudly shouted. At this time, the spectators regained their wits and rushed inside.

“We shall go–”

The grand characters of the big sects brought their disciples inside. Suddenly, they disappeared inside the Evil Infested Ridge.

“We will also go.”

Other people rapidly rushed into the stone monoliths.

“Hurry up!”

In a short period of time, the ridge became chaotic. Many people pushed each other to get inside. Originally, people needed the qualifications before going in; however, because Marquis of Suppressive Might was gravely injured to the point where he couldn’t stand up and the other Heavenly Jewel Kingdom’s members were suppressed by the emperor’s aura and were afraid to offend Li Qiye, they could only watch the small sects and weak characters rush inside. They were truly hesitant to provoke Li Qiye because he could kill all of the Royal Nobles of the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom, and that would be a great loss.

At this moment, Gu Tieshou glanced at Li Qiye. Li Qiye observed the stone door and finally said:

“Go, we shall enter!”

The early opening of the Evil Infested Ridge made Li Qiye perplexed. He no longer cared about Shengtian Dao or Enlightened Being Si Tu.

“Young Lady, would you be interested in going with us?”

Before leaving, Li Qiye looked at Chen Baojiao and asked.

One has to know that Chen Baojiao was the fiancé of Dao Child Shengtian. At this moment, Li Qiye was teasing his fiancé in front of everyone, so Dao Child Shengtian was extremely angry.

“Little Man, who said we wanted to go with you!”

Chen Baojiao glared at him, and then she went inside before Li Qiye. Her old servant quickly followed with his horse carriage.

The group of Li Qiye immediately went into the stone doors and were transported into the Evil Infested Ridge.

After this god of misery went inside, Marquis of Violet Mountain and Enlightened Being Si Tu took deep sighs of relief. At this moment, they just wanted to curse the little bastard Li Qiye one thousand times. This little bastard was a natural little demon king!


Dao Child Shengtian gritted his teeth and his visible killing intent penetrated the air.

“First, we need to take a step back and ask His Majesty for an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure. Then, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect wouldn’t carelessly harm us either.”

Enlightened Being Si Tu consoled Dao Child Shengtian and said:

“We can let the little bastard have his little moment. We should deal with the Evil Infested Ridge first.”

That day when Marquis of Violet Mountain couldn’t stop the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect from killing Dong Shenglong — even with the Imperial Decree — and the Mortal King’s will was destroyed, the Mortal King went to seek his ancestor in anger.

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