Chapter 1069: Blazing Devil

Chapter 1069: Blazing Devil

All along, people were optimistic about Heavenly Emperor Lin. In fact, compared to the imperious Jikong Wudi, Lin was much more amiable. Moreover, he came from humble origins, so there was a sense of closeness felt by many people.

However, his background was also his biggest flaw compared to Jikong Wudi’s group.

“Sigh, if Heavenly Emperor Lin had the same background as Jikong Wudi’s group, he wouldn’t need to flee just because of an immortal grass. Look at Jikong Wudi, he directly attacked a palace and took a cauldron away. This is the power of an imperial lineage.” Someone commented with emotion.

Everyone knew that in the competition for the Heaven’s Will, outside of one’s own strength, their backgrounds mattered a lot; it was a direct influence on their chance of success.

Compared to Zhan Shi and Heavenly Emperor Lin who were relatively inconspicuous, there was another person who commanded the limelight — the Jewel Pillar Mortal King.

Recently, he had been fighting against the imperial troops around here. He would jump into the fray time and time again, gaining many victories.

At the same time, he was chased around by the great army here while stricken with grave injuries. No matter what, he became fiercer the more he fought with a world-sweeping momentum.

“What is the Mortal King doing? Imperial troops only care about digging metals; they are too lazy to deal with us.” Someone noticed his actions and stated: “He isn’t seizing treasures or metals, so what's the point of struggling against the imperial troops?” [1. Remember, the word “imperial” in this world is not related to Immortal Emperors. Maybe I should have used royal for it instead...]

“He is just training.” A paragon watched everything and explained: “He is polishing his flaws, most importantly, his speed. If his speed could increase, then he would be much more frightening; nothing would be capable of stopping him.”

Someone murmured: “Does he want to take revenge against Li Qiye?”

Everyone knew about his beating from Li Qiye at the terrace a few days ago. Li Qiye himself said that the Mortal King was too slow.

In fact, it was no secret. The Hell Suppressing Physique had infinite weight which resulted in its flaw of being slow. Many people who cultivated this physique all tried to find a way to make up for this shortcoming.

“That’s for sure.” Someone who knew the Mortal King well spoke: “He definitely cannot swallow this anger after losing three times to Li Qiye, but the last time was the worst. Moreover, the sacred school had been wanting to bring Chen Baojiao back to marry the Mortal King, so this is both a feud between the sects as well as a personal matter. The Mortal King will have to obtain vengeance. One of them will have to die!”

“Li Qiye is too heaven-defying though.” Even the people from the previous generation could only say this about the situation. They knew that the Mortal King had nothing going for him against Li Qiye.

Contrary to the Mortal King’s peers, Bing Yuxia was the most leisurely. She didn’t seem to be treasure hunting at all with her large female entourage. They took many breaks during their scenic stroll. Gathering medicines and plants was only part of their relaxed process.

Of course, no one wanted to provoke her. It was a big relief to others that she wasn’t causing trouble herself.

Li Qiye led the girls to a very remote and barren land. It was a volcanic region painted in a crimson shade. One could see lava gushing all over the place.

He ordered the girls to take him next to a huge volcanic crater. The hot magma rising and flowing here could melt all things.

They descended as far into the crater as possible. Before them was a molten sea of magma with nothing else in sight.

The Devil King sat on his palanquin and coldly scowled. His flames surged to the sky with an aura capable of tearing apart this molten sea.

“Blazing Devil, do I need to go down myself?” He uttered coldly.

“Splash!” The magma whirled and revealed a long stairway that reached into the depths.

The girls raised the palanquin and followed the staircase. At the end of the pathway, they found that below the molten sea was a huge palace.

“My Lord…” A dark cultivator was kneeling in this palace. He was made from the condensation of magma and had a fiery body.

Li Qiye coldly looked down at the prostrating devil and scornfully spoke: “What now, Blazing? You think I am a fake?”

“I wouldn’t dare, My Lord.” Blazing Devil quickly bowed again.

“You don’t dare? If you didn’t, then I shouldn’t have needed to speak.” With that, his devil flame instantly erupted like a Devil King awakening from his slumber, capable of tearing this underworld apart.

“My Lord, please calm down. This lowly one was wrong, please punish me!” Blazing Devil’s body grew limp from fear. His forehead touched the ground and he didn’t dare to move at all.

Li Qiye glared at him and slightly waved his sleeve: “Rise, I don’t blame you. Recently, some ignorant fools have indeed been posing as me.”

At this time, how could Blazing dare to doubt Li Qiye? For dark cultivators like them, other things could be disguised, but not the devil heart. This was the most fundamental essence of their very being. In the Devil World, very few people had a devil heart of this level, but Heaven Relinquish was one of them!

After Blazing stood up, the imperious Li Qiye glanced over this palace and spoke emotionlessly: “You have picked up quite a treasure. This palace wasn’t yours back then.”

Blazing smiled dryly and replied: “My Lord, after the old Devil King went to the Evil Slaying Platform, this place lost its master, so this lowly one became bold and decided to stay here. If My Lord likes it, this lowly one will hand it over to you right away.”

“I didn’t come today for your broken palace. If I wanted it, I would have taken it long ago, it wouldn’t have been your turn to stay here.” Li Qiye said conceitedly.

“Yes, yes. My Lord is the one who holds the key to the Dark Maxim Palace, a little palace like this, of course, can’t get into your sight.” Blazing hastily replied.

Li Qiye batted his eyes and coldly asked: “You were born underground, correct?”

“Yes.” Blazing answered right away: “That was a story from long ago. This lowly one is one of the few dark cultivators born down here.”

Li Qiye took out an item then threw it to him before speaking dismissively: “Have you seen this thing before?”

The item was the thing Mei Suyao took from Vedas Vajra and was finally put together successfully by the Mortal Monarch.

Mei Suyao was not surprised to see the complete form of this item. Since Li Qiye wanted it, he must have known of its effects.

Blazing carefully looked at it. After a while, he murmured: “I’m afraid this lowly one has never seen this thing before.”

“Look closer, there should be a similar type of runes underground like the ones on there.” Li Qiye coldly spoke.

Blazing looked again. After pondering for a long time, he was jolted and exclaimed: “Yes, I think there was a place like this.”

“Tell me the exact location.” Li Qiye commanded.

Blazing mused it over before answering: “This lowly one dares not deceive My Lord. It was too long ago, so I am not sure. I think that place should have runes like this, but I am not one hundred percent certain.”

“Draw a map. As long as you remember the terrain, it should be simple.” He ordered once more.

Blazing naturally didn’t dare to snub Li Qiye. He held a calligraphy pen and began to draw. After each stroke, he tilted his head in contemplation and made many modifications since he didn’t dare to make the slightest mistake.

After drawing for some time, he finally finished it and handed it to Li Qiye to let him take a look. Li Qiye checked it meticulously and gently nodded: “This should be right.”

Keep in mind that Li Qiye had stayed in the Lesser Imperial Devil World for a long period in the past, so he understood it quite well. However, he wasn’t completely certain of the location he was searching for. After narrowing the range with Blazing’s drawing, he finally knew where it was.

After putting the drawing of the terrain away, he coldly glared at Blazing: “If I remember correctly, this inner earth gave birth to a Fire God's Calmheart.”

“That, that, heart of the fire god…” Blazing felt quite awkward once Li Qiye brought up this topic.

Li Qiye coldly stared at him: “I have calculated with my fingers. Since the last sacrifice, the heart here has reached maturity.”

“Yes, that’s true…” Blazing coughed nervously.

Li Qiye waved his sleeve gently and commanded: “Go fetch it.”

Blazing didn’t know what to do, so he only stood there while hesitating.

“You have been protecting it through the long years, so I won’t mistreat you. I, Heaven Relinquish, never owe anyone a favor.” Li Qiye imperiously declared: “I will grant you a devil wish!”

“My Lord wants to climb the Evil Slaying Platform!” Blazing startlingly murmured after hearing this.

“That’s right.” Li Qiye chillingly confirmed without batting an eye.

Blazing stood there in a daze. After a while, he spoke: “Ever since the God-Tyrant Devil King went up there, no other kings have done so. If My Lord is going this time, who will be the future holder of the key to the Dark Maxim Palace?”

“You don’t need to know that. Just leave behind a devil wish.” Li Qiye’s eyes turned cold.

Blazing didn’t dare to make Li Qiye unhappy. He immediately took out the Fire God's Calmheart. He knew that his refusal was useless. Who could actually stop Heaven Relinquish if he wanted to seize it by force?

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