Chapter 1068: A Sword’s Sharpness

Chapter 1068: A Sword’s Sharpness

After accepting the fragmented sword, Bai Jianzhen was dazed for a moment before she spoke: “I already have a sword, it is of the finest rank.”

Bai Jianzhen was not being conceited when saying this; her sword was indeed incredible. Her sacred ground didn’t have a lot of treasures, but they did have an abundance of swords. If there was a place with the best swords in the world, then it would certainly be her sacred ground. Otherwise, how could they have produced a Sword God?

“Swords are not about their sharpness or power.” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “For example, I know of your Immortal Emperor Ye Ti’s sword. It is powerful to the point of being invincible, but such a sword is not necessarily suitable for you.”

Having said that, he looked at her and continued: “A sword has to be unsheathed naturally without any restraints and in accordance with one’s desires. Both the Mad Sword and Buddhist Sword lies in your state of mind, your sword heart.”

Bai Jianzhen hugged her sword while quietly taking in Li Qiye’s advice with great attentiveness.

He lightly said: “The most important thing is that in the future war, both true treasures and life weapons will not necessarily be the most suitable, but the Fragmented Bamboo Sword in your hand right now is definitely the best one for you.”

She didn’t say much and put away the bamboo sword before bowing to Li Qiye. She finally learned of Li Qiye’s generosity today and understood why the other girls still chose to follow him despite cultivating Immortal Physiques.

With her peerless dao of the sword, a single glimpse was enough for her to tell that the bamboo blade was extremely precious. It was comparable to even nine heavenly accumulation destiny stones or maybe even more valuable. Otherwise, a heaven-defying existence like the dark saint wouldn’t be guarding it in this place.

However, Li Qiye gave something so valuable to her this easily while she had only just joined him and had yet to make any notable contributions. How could people not follow a lord that was so generous to those under him?

Li Qiye let the girls carry his palanquin again. Along the way, they met a few regular cultivators and experts. Their eyes revealed their astonishment after seeing the female bearers.

Needless to say about Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao, they had Immortal Physiques and great mastery of the sword and saber. Meanwhile, Bai Jianzhen was the contemporary Sword Goddess and Mei Suyao was the number one beauty from a sect with three emperors. They were dazzling stars no matter the location.

But today, they were carrying a palanquin for someone. It was truly unbelievable. Even a Godking was not qualified to enjoy such a privilege.

The even more shocking part was that the person sitting on the palanquin was not Fiercest Li Qiye but a Devil King full of evil aura.

“Where is Li Qiye?” A stunned spectator murmured at this sight.

“Haha, Li Qiye must have provoked the great Devil King and got annihilated while the girls were captured.” A youth sneered gloatingly.

“Fool, how can you become a sect master with this kind of vision?” His senior slapped him and coldly said: “That person is Li Qiye.”

Many experts from the previous generation noticed the girls’ natural demeanors and understood that the person on the carriage was Li Qiye.

“What is he doing? First he disguised himself as a Buddhist Lord, and now he is playing as a Devil King?” A Virtuous Paragon saw the Li Qiye shrouded in evil energy and became quite puzzled.

Very quickly, their question was answered. Wherever Li Qiye went, the dark cultivators would prostrate on the ground. Even if they didn’t come out, their reverence was obvious.

“He is pretending to be a Devil King.” An old paragon understood right away: “What is the best identity to take to travel freely at the Devil World? Naturally, it is a Devil King.”

This was a source of inspiration to many people, especially the powerful older generation. They immediately changed their appearance and let their disciples carry their palanquins to pretend to be Devil Kings.

After the transformation, they went to fool the dark cultivators, trying to trick them out of their spirit medicines. However, not one was successful.

“The White Bell Ancestor wanted to copy Li Qiye. He turned into a Devil King and tried to fool a dark cultivator protecting a Myriad Era Vine. Alas, he was immediately killed on the spot.”

“Not just the White Bell Ancestor. An eternal existence copied Li Qiye too and wanted to catch an Immortal River Clam, but the devil guarding that location sucked away all of his blood energy.”

“Indeed… The Cloud Saint Child also pretended to be one. He hadn’t done anything yet, he only walked by a sleeping dark cultivator, but the thing woke up and chopped him to death.” Someone laughed while recalling the event.


In a short day, those who tried to imitate Li Qiye all died miserably. Their deception was without reward, unless death was considered a sweet release.

“Why is it that Li Qiye can pretend to be a Devil King and be treated so well by the dark cultivators? They’re even kneeling on the ground respectfully! But when we do it, the only fate that awaits us is death, what kind of joke is this?!” A great power’s disciple exclaimed bitterly after a senior from his sect failed and died.

“Because he has a devil heart.” An eternal existence saw through the mystery and murmured: “One thought to become Buddha, another to become Devil. At this time, he is a devil, there’s no need for pretension. He’s even a Devil King at that.” He went on: “Just like back at the plateau, he was not playing as Buddha, he was one! Thus, he was able to control the power in that place.”

“This brat is too devilish and heaven-defying.” Another perceptive ancestor spoke with emotions: “Many people trained for thousands and thousands of years just to begin the process of converting to a Buddhist heart, but he immediately changed into one right away. Buddha and Devil at his whim for his heart has both… just what kind of terrifying dao heart is this?”

Many people knew that the conversion process was not completed overnight. The popular phrase was supposed to be only a legend, but now, Li Qiye was able to carry it out to their dismay.

Of course, outsiders didn’t know that in the distant past, Li Qiye spent countless years to become a devil. This process and pain were beyond imagination.

While Li Qiye was infiltrating the Devil World as the Heaven Relinquish Devil King, there were also a few notable others in the lesser world.

The most eye-catching one was Jikong Wudi. Under the protection of Venerable Ninesword, he entered a palace and managed to steal an ancient imperial cauldron at the Imperial Border.

“Jikong Wudi is quite a badass.” Many people lamented while talking about this: “He entered so swiftly and made his way into a palace then forcefully snatched a cauldron? Truly a great vanguard.”

Such actions, however, caused more people to become vigilant. An ancestor murmured: “The kingdom of the Imperial Border has many powerful existences. Jikong Wudi wasn’t the only one who contributed. His army had great merits in this assault as well.”

“Hmm, an old cauldron shouldn’t warrant such a grand maneuver from him. Perhaps there is something else going on behind the scenes.” A different paragon spoke.

A junior curiously asked: “Something else?”

The senior angrily glared at the kid and knocked on his head: “Use your damned brain instead of just swinging your fists around all day! Just what kind of existence is Space Trample Mountain? Jikong Wudi doesn’t lack treasures, so why did he suddenly attack a palace? Why the need to show off his might? He, or perhaps Venerable Ninesword, simply wants to show others that their sect is strong enough to fight just about anyone!”

“Yes.” A different senior nodded: “Recently, Fiercest’s momentum has soared since Jikong Wudi’s group all lost to him. Right now, even Goddess Mei and Sword Goddess Bai are siding with him. This is enough to show that no one in the younger generation can oppose him.”

“Li Qiye’s might is making the other geniuses insecure.” The paragon continued: “I’m afraid all the young ones right now are worried that one day, Li Qiye would suddenly go crazy and make mincemeat out of them all. Right now, Jikong Wudi’s attack on the palace is the same as the Space Trample Mountain giving everyone a warning — no matter how powerful you are, you cannot touch Jikong Wudi since their mountain has the strength to fight anyone!”

Besides Jikong Wudi, other geniuses also took actions that attracted a lot of attention. However, they were more subdued compared to attacking a palace.

For example, Zhan Shi had been staying at the Imperial Border the entire time and observed all the battles that were going on.

“What is Zhan Shi trying to do? He’s not looking for treasures or medicines.” People became curious since Zhan Shi was using all of his energy to observe fights.

“He wants to build an invincible legion on top of becoming an Immortal Emperor.” A sect master personally went to check on Zhan Shi and said: “He has a powerful legion that consists of eight members. Moreover, all of them are the same age as him. I heard this team has challenged Jikong Wudi before and came out with their bodies intact.”

A different person who was maintaining a low profile was Heavenly Emperor Lin. He entered the Devil World and stole an immortal grass from a dark cultivator. By the time they reacted, Lin had already long escaped.

Many people felt sorry for him: “I feel that Lin Tiandi has more potential than anyone else. What a shame that he is a vagrant cultivator.”

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