Chapter 1067: Wooden Sword Dark Saint

Chapter 1067: Wooden Sword Dark Saint

“Young Noble wants to go meet Heaven Relinquish...” Li Shuangyan’s expression changed. After looking at her Young Noble, she knew just how terrifying this Devil King was. If the two met while Li Qiye was still in this disguise, the consequences were easy to imagine.

“No, Heaven Relinquish will come and see me.” Li Qiye smiled: “Legend states that he has been missing for a long time, but I know he is still here in the Devil World!”

“You are trying to bait him out.” Mei Suyao immediately understood Li Qiye’s true purpose.

He chuckled: “That and grabbing some treasures along the way. It would be foolish not to do so since the medicines here are indeed supreme.”

“Young… Young Noble, just what is the Evil Slaying Platform?” Bai Jianzhen spoke. Her “Young Noble” was forced compared to the others, but in the end, she still chose to say it. Since she had decided to stay behind, she had to put aside her arrogance.

Moreover, even the number one beauty, Mei Suyao, was not reserved, so why would she need to be? In terms of background, talents, and creations, Mei Suyao was above her.

“Evil Slaying Platform.” Li Qiye glanced into the distance at eventually murmured: “It is a very interesting location. Don’t worry, after taking care of a few matters, I’ll take you guys there.”

Having said that, he withdrew his gaze and ordered: “Continue, Heaven Relinquish will appear soon.”

The group moved on with the palanquin. The places they went to rarely saw visitors due to their great peril.

Eventually, they came before a vast emptiness. The sky here was shattered in several places. It was easy to see that a supreme war took place here.

After crossing this shattered space, they found a huge mountain with a bamboo forest at the peak. The gentle breeze caused the bamboo to flutter, giving a very pleasant feeling.

Eventually, the girls carried Li Qiye to the summit. The moment they reached it, they felt a frightening sword intent.

There was a middle-aged man sitting there in a meditative pose with his eyes shut tight. In front of him was a wooden sword.

However, the terrifying sword energy did not come from this man or the wooden sword on his knees, it came from a green bamboo branch right in front of him.

It was a tiny bamboo branch only three feet long. There were some leaves on it while the branch itself had a yellow tint. It was quite thick, but judging from the yellow hue amidst its green body, it was apparent that it had been growing for many years.

This inconspicuous branch emitted a terrifying sword intent. Anyone would tremble after feeling this power that, once unleashed, was capable of slicing a Virtuous Paragon to pieces.

The middle-aged man opened his eyes the moment Li Qiye was brought to the top of the mountain. Bai Jianzhen quivered after seeing the sword glint that flashed in the man’s eyes.

She was praised as the Sword Goddess with incomparable achievements on this road. Thus, once she saw the sword light in his eyes, she knew that he was extremely gifted in the dao of the sword.

“Heaven Relinquish Devil King!” The man uttered after seeing Li Qiye on the palanquin. He didn’t stand up to greet Li Qiye as he was still very proud.

Li Qiye acted as if he could stand shoulder to shoulder with the high heavens. He slightly glanced at the middle-aged man and spoke: “Wooden Sword Dark Saint, after so many years, your crappy manner still hasn’t changed. Cold and arrogant like a pebble in an outhouse, refusing to bow even after seeing me!”

The middle-aged man didn’t speak and instead closed his eyes. He was a Dark Saint, so compared to Heaven Relinquish, there was still quite a gap. However, his pride didn’t allow him to bow.

“After so many years with no news of you, I thought you must have boarded the Evil Slaying Platform.” The dark saint spoke.

“Soon. The bald donkeys are about to take action, so I have to board the platform soon.” Li Qiye sat imposingly on his throne with a suppressive momentum as the king of all devils.

The man’s eyes slightly shifted after hearing this. He lifted his head to look at Li Qiye. After a while, he slowly said: “You finally want to board the Evil Slaying Platform!”

“Many people have boarded it, so my joining the fray shouldn’t be that surprising.” Li Qiye slowly responded: “I have been quiet for countless years since I didn’t want to tread lightly into that place. However, my preparations are now sufficient, it is time to follow the footsteps of the Devil Lord.”

The dark saint pondered for a long time before asking: “What do you need?”

Li Qiye’s eyes fell on the small bamboo branch and spoke: “I want your Fragmented Bamboo Sword.”

The dark saint’s eyes rolled again as he stared at Li Qiye: “This is a bit unexpected. Just a little thing like this can enter your sight.”

The girls were quite alarmed after hearing the dark saint. They were afraid that he had seen through Li Qiye’s disguise.

However, Li Qiye was unperturbed. He still acted imperiously and coldly glared at the guy: “Since I want to board the Evil Slaying Platform and have taken quite a liking to these little girls, I want to give them something nice to play with.”

“Devils like us do not have emotions.” The dark saint stated coldly.

The girls held their breaths and became quite nervous. They were really afraid of being caught now. It looks like this dark saint was much harder to trick than the devil dragon.

“This is the gap between you and me. Your current state can’t even catch up to me, let alone thinking about catching up to the Devil Lord.” Li Qiye spoke emotionlessly: “You are no different than those bald donkeys! This is the best you can do!”

“You think you can become the Devil Lord?” The dark saint narrowed his gaze a bit.

Li Qiye haughtily replied: “Devil Lord? This is not worth contending over. We have an even better destination, so what’s the point of competing for it against those donkeys?! The Devil Lord is gone, the Imperial Lord is gone, so it is time for me to go as well!”

The dark saint fell into quiet contemplation. Perhaps this was a question that had always weighed on his mind.

“I actually enjoy your bad temper a bit, so I came to say hello. Whether you want to give it up or not, I shall have your Fragmented Bamboo Sword.” Li Qiye’s eyes became cold after declaring in a tyrannical manner.

The dark saint didn’t say anything in the end. He directly pulled the bamboo branch from the ground and threw it at Li Qiye.

“I don’t want to owe you a favor, so leave behind your wish.” Li Qiye spoke insipidly.

The dark saint hesitated for a moment. Eventually, he carved down his prayers and then turned around to disappear into the horizon.

After confirming that the dark saint was truly gone, the girls finally heaved a sigh of relief.

“That was pretty close, we were almost caught.” Even Li Shuangyan who was usually calm murmured.

Li Qiye smiled and gently shook his head: “Shuang’er, you’re truly underestimating your Young Noble too much. Even if I wasn’t disguising myself as Heaven Relinquish, I can still handle him.”

Back then, he was also a supreme Devil King with the same illustrious fame.

“Who are the Devil Lord and Imperial Lord?” Chen Baojiao asked: “Are they the masters of the Lesser Imperial Devil World?”

Li Qiye didn’t answer and only smiled. He pointed a finger towards Mei Suyao so that she could answer Chen Baojiao: “Legend states that the Devil Lord is the master of the Devil World and the Imperial Lord is the master of the Imperial Border. However, this is only limited to the legends, no one has actually seen them before. Some even speculate that they do not exist and they are just a baseless rumor.”

“No, the Devil Lord and Imperial Lord do exist.” Li Qiye sat on his palanquin and gently shook his head.

Chen Baojiao was quite inquisitive: “What kind of existences are they? Very unbeatable?”

“Who knows? No one has seen them before.” Li Qiye’s eyes were quite profound at this point while staring at the far distance.

“In addition, the Buddhist Funeral Plateau has a Buddhist Lord as well.” The reticent Bai Jianzhen also joined in: “Same as before, no one has seen the Buddhist Lord either. Just what kind of existences are these three?”

Mei Suyao couldn’t answer this question either. This was an eternal secret that even Immortal Emperors couldn’t figure out.

“There is a difference in opinions on this matter.” Li Qiye withdrew his gaze and elaborated: “There are two distinct beliefs about the Buddhist Lord. One is the Buddhist Lord that people always talk about, the ruler of the Buddhist Kingdom.”

“What about the other one?” Li Shuangyan’s curiosity was aroused.

Mei Suyao softly answered in Li Qiye’s stead: “The other belief is that there is an even higher existence at the plateau. However, no one has seen this person before, just like the elusive Devil Lord and Imperial Lord of legends.”

“What is all this about? So mysterious.” Chen Baojiao muttered.

Li Qiye gently shook his head: “It is not a legend, this person definitely exists. Of course, ordinary people wouldn’t be able to meet this Buddha.” Having said that, Li Qiye handed the Fragmented Bamboo Sword to Bai Jianzhen: “This bamboo branch is the greatest sword, so take it.”

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