Chapter 1060: Mei Suyao’s Path

Chapter 1060: Mei Suyao’s Path

Li Qiye was not reserved and accepted the imperial robe. He smiled: “It looks that old geezer really understands me.”

“The ancestor said that it might have some use for Young Noble’s trip to the Lesser Deva World.” Mei Suyao smiled.

He continued on: “That old man is really not bad. However, he still hasn’t grasped the true meaning of the Buddhist Funeral Plateau as well as the Lesser Deva World. They are both places where external items are useless, only the dao heart matters.” Li Qiye pointed at his heart: “The imperial robe is only a proof of entry, a ticket. However, I do appreciate his thoughtfulness.”

Mei Suyao gently nodded and didn’t say anything else. Adding her own comments would only be showing one’s slight skill before an expert.

He looked at her and chuckled: “What does your Eternal River School want?”

She shook her head: “The ancestor does not seek anything from Young Noble, he only wants to show our good faith.”

“The old geezer… a bit interesting.” Li Qiye smiled and asked her: “Then what do you wish for?”

Mei Suyao pondered for a moment before gently shaking her head: “I won’t hide it from Brother Li, I do not wish for anything.”

Li Qiye stared straight into her bright eyes: “I want to hear what is truly on your mind, regardless if it is out of consideration for your progenitor or the goodwill of your old geezer. I can solve quite a few things.”

She wondered a bit more and gently sighed before lifting her head to meet his gaze in a calm and natural manner: “To tell the truth, I’m at a loss. I’m not sure what I want.”

He looked into the depths of her eyes and slowly spoke: “You have lost your goal and do not know where to go from here.”

“Perhaps you can put it that way. My heart desires more than the heavens, yet my life is thinner than paper. I really do not know.” She gently sighed.

“You are mistaken.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “If what you say is true, then everyone in this world should be lamenting since the statement applies to everyone. The crux of the issue is that you are too arrogant.”

“I won’t deny that.” Mei Suyao revealed a wry smile that did not take away from her charm: “I started cultivating at a young age and have always worked hard for the day when I can compete for the Heaven’s Will to become an Immortal Emperor, to stand at the peak, above myriad races and the nine worlds.”

“Alas, I understand that the throne of this generation is not meant for me.” She sighed: “With Young Noble here, all of my efforts are for naught. Regardless of one’s powerful ambition, in the end, both ambition and will shall be nailed into the ground and only a lamentable wail can be heard. Even struggling is in vain.”

“You can try going all out.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Even though the war for the Heaven’s Will is ruthless, I can spare you in the future battles out of consideration for your school.”

“What’s the point?” She bitterly smiled: “Young Noble should know that I am not belittling myself. Among the countless geniuses in this generation, I can defeat people like Jikong Wudi and Zhan Shi. I am even confident in fighting against the descendant of the Soaring Immortal Sect. Even South Emperor does not deter me, I can let it all go and take him on in the future!”

“Yes, what you lack is time and time alone. There is still some time before the Heaven’s Will war. With your talents, becoming an Emperor Candidate is definitely not a problem, so you really do have a chance of fighting against South Emperor. The outcome will depend on your own fortune.” Li Qiye nodded and acknowledged her claim.

She was born with an immortal bone and cultivated the Alaya Fragrant Dao from the Eternal River School. As long as there was enough time, she indeed had the chance to fight against a top existence like South Emperor.

“But Young Noble exists in this world, so everything is for naught.” She gently sighed and bitterly spoke: “Just like you said, my immortal bone can communicate with the gods and understand myriad dao. In the past, I was blinded by pride and couldn’t see through Young Noble’s depth. Today, I have returned to the origin and comprehended great mysteries. Your momentum is unstoppable with a unique physique across all the eons, a peerless fate palace system, the ultimate dao heart, and also an understanding of the ages… Every aspect is incomparable. Challenging you is just a waste of time.”

Even though Mei Suyao didn’t know Li Qiye’s true identity yet, she was aware of his physique, palaces, and dao heart. They all made it impossible for anyone to oppose him.

She was once completely confident, but once her immortal bone gained the ability to see through all things, she understood that even with greater self-confidence, she wouldn’t be able to change the outcome.

“This immortal bone located at your soulbone is truly remarkable. Today, you have truly comprehended its profundities.” Li Qiye gently nodded. Very few people could see through his constitution, but Mei Suyao was able to do so today.

This was all due to the change of her dao heart. It returned to the origin, the natural path. This allowed her to comprehend the essences of her fragrant dao as well as the immortal bone. With this, she was able to deduce everything in this world.

“Sometimes being ignorant and always arrogant is not a bad thing. At the very least, these things can keep me walking forward with courage.” She spoke woefully.

She had lost her goal since she couldn’t become an emperor. There were no more ambitions or aspirations. Not knowing a goal is the same as not having one at all.

“Always walk forward on the endless grand dao and you will surely find an unexpected harvest.” Li Qiye smiled.

Mei Suyao disagreed: “This is a battle where the conclusion is already known. It doesn’t matter how colorful the process is or how one struggles. Ultimately, the result will still be the same. Losing to you or becoming a pile of bones on the path towards the throne... To be frank, for millions of years, this path has already seen too many deaths. My bones being added to the pavement won't matter, and them being omitted is equally meaningless.”

She slowly said: “It is not that I have lost the will to fight. Even if I keep on cultivating like this, I can still become an Emperor Candidate and a Godking, but it all seems so dull.”

Li Qiye smiled and asked: “What will you do after becoming an Immortal Emperor? When you stand at the top, what will occupy your thoughts?”

Mei Suyao pondered over this question then looked Li Qiye straight in the eye to say: “If you want me to answer this right now, I can only say that I do not know. In the past, I would have said while standing proudly at the top of the nine worlds, I will illuminate the entire generation and herald a brilliant age. But now, I don’t know.”

“This shows your maturity and understanding the nature of the grand dao. Even at the very end, you will still be like you are now, a dull existence.” Li Qiye smiled: “But there is something that you aren’t aware of. All things in nature, all origins and even the apex, they are only the beginning.”

“Only the beginning?” She was confused by this answer.

“Come, have a seat.” He gestured her over and patted his thigh.

She didn’t hesitate at all and sat on him. When she felt his thigh, her face blushed and showed a faint shade of pink. Li Qiye was the only man she had been so intimate with.

However, he had no debaucherous intentions and only lifted her flawless face before speaking in a serious tone: “Be ready and fortify your dao heart.”

Mei Suyao took a deep breath and nodded solemnly: “I’m ready.”

At this time, Li Qiye opened his eyes. They lit up in a dazzling manner, as if a new world was opening. Mei Suyao felt her body being sucked into a magnificent world full of wondrous legends.

It was an era of the dao, one with gods and devils bathing themselves in blood. In this place, people were powerful enough to blot out the sky. Mythical tales described this place where fresh blood drowned out everything. Corpses and bones were piled to the sky. Here, there was laughter and boundless sadness…

Mei Suyao’s soul was in disarray as she experienced endless vicissitudes, joys and sorrows, darkness and light…

Her hands somehow tightly hugged Li Qiye’s neck. It was a very tight embrace as her tears dripped onto his robes. She unknowingly cried then smiled then cried some more…

After a long time, Li Qiye finally closed his eyes and closed off this world. Her mind returned to the real world.

At this time, she didn’t say anything and only leaned on his shoulder with her hands still clutching his neck. Her tears continued to quietly flow down her pretty face and onto his wet clothes.

Li Qiye gently stroked her silky hair and said: “There is no end to this world or the grand dao. Immortal Emperor is just the beginning.”

“You were enlightened and have come to understand your immortal bone on top of mastering the Alaya Fragrant Dao. You thought you had seen the entire world and all the dao. In actuality, you have only been looking at a corner of this world, a small section of the dao.” Li Qiye slowly spoke.

“Thank you, Young Noble.” She leaned on his body using his shoulder as a pillow. Her tears had yet to dry while she thanked him from the bottom of her heart.

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