Chapter 1059: Bing Yuxia’s Beauty

Chapter 1059: Bing Yuxia’s Beauty

At this time, the mood in the room was slightly somber. Li Qiye had been sitting there in a daze before he eventually smiled faintly to say: “You are right, I might die in the final battle in this generation. That will be my end, the closing of the curtains.”

“I believe in Your Excellency.” The monarch spoke: “I trust that ultimately, you will be able to stand above the high heavens and become the one and only across all the eons.”

“Perhaps the result doesn’t matter.” Li Qiye smiled: “I just need to keep on working hard and I will definitely get my answer one day!” With that, a gleam flashed in his eyes as his spirits rekindled.

The monarch understood that Li Qiye had always maintained an invincible temperament. Even when he became sentimental, it would pass by very quickly.

“If you want to live through this generation, do you have any wishes?” Li Qiye looked at the monarch and asked: “If you want anything, just tell me.”

“Your Excellency, I have no wishes.” The monarch gently shook his head: “After returning, I will teach some juniors and enjoy the rest of my years. Even though I have no direct descendants, all of the disciples in the valley are my children.”

“I am happy that you are able to see things so clearly. Not everyone can be so open-minded before death.” Li Qiye smiled and was sincerely glad for the monarch. For millions of years, countless invincible Godkings didn’t mind paying any cost to prolong their life.

The monarch bowed deeply towards Li Qiye and spoke: “If Your Excellency ever requires my service in the future, I will be waiting at the Heaven’s Secret Valley.”

“Let this be our farewell.” Li Qiye sighed softly and patted the monarch’s back: “I’ll see you off.”

The monarch didn’t say anything and quietly walked alongside Li Qiye. Perhaps this was the last time he could walk next to His Excellency, his last chance to assist him.

When they reached the gate, the monarch beckoned for Sikong Toutian. The guy immediately ran over and kneeled.

The monarch spoke: “You are coming back with me.”

After hearing this, Sikong Toutian put on a painful expression and looked pitifully over at Li Qiye.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but scold the thief: “The Mortal Monarch thinks that you are worth grooming, so he wants you by his side. This is your fortune, something that people can’t even dream of.”

“Thank you, Ancestor…” Sikong Toutian bowed. He had no other choice at this time. He was also aware that it was a wondrous creation. For people from the Heaven’s Secret Valley, to be taught by the Mortal Ancestor was a great honor, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

However, he was a restless person. He was afraid that he would be stuck back at the valley for a long time. This thought alone gave him quite a headache.

Li Qiye left the city with the Mortal Monarch. They traveled together for a very long distance before the monarch bowed again to say: “Your Excellency, please stop.”

Li Qiye paused to look at the monarch. He sighed in the end and commented: “Even if you see a friend off for a thousand miles, in the end, you will still have to part. Take care.”

The monarch bowed one last time before flying away with Sikong Toutian.

Li Qiye stood there quietly with his eyes fixated on the departing monarch until he disappeared into the horizon. At this time, he sighed once more.

For millions of years, parting was a common occurrence to him. He had sent many friends away and thought that he would be numb after all this time. However, his heart remained sentimental.

Despite being wrapped in layers of calluses, it was still beating and full of life.

“Time is compassionless, but humans are full of emotions.” In the end, he lamented and returned to the Buddhist City.

Li Qiye went back to his abode and Bing Yuxia immediately pounced on him while mercilessly beating on him: “Smelly Qiye, you actually dared to molest me! Watch how I’m going to deal with you.”

Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh while slapping her buttocks and squeezed them: “Damned girl, if you keep on messing around, I’m going to push you onto a bed and have my way with you.”

Bing Yuxia blushed after hearing this and felt her body becoming hotter. She kicked him hard and said: “Smelly Qiye, you are just a pervert!”

Li Qiye leisurely replied: “Little girl, don’t judge me with your narrow view. Your beauty alone isn’t worthy of my attention. It could even be said that being molested by me is your honor.”

She was angered by his taunt and put her hand on her waist to retort: “My ass. Li, this lady, no, this Young Noble is the one who doesn’t care for you.”

Seeing the cross-dressing girl ahead in her pouty gesture left Li Qiye smiling: “Girl, you should be thanking me. If I didn’t point out your mistakes, you wouldn’t be as accomplished today.”

“Hmph.” She snorted. However, she still secretly admitted this. Without his pointers, she wouldn’t have been able to comprehend their Icy Feather Palace’s Heaven Cutting Tablet to this degree.

Li Qiye smilingly told her: “Hey, while I still have some time, stay here. I do like you a lot.”

“Bah, get that idea out of your head. I won’t be your woman, so stop daydreaming.” She angrily glared at him: “I have so many beauties around me that I can’t even enjoy them all.”

Li Qiye laughed: “Where did your mind run off to? Who says anything about me wanting you to become my woman? I would have to think about it quite a lot. Look, in terms of figure, you are not a match for Baojiao. In terms of facial features, you aren’t better than Shuangyan at all. Plus, who would like someone who acts like an unruly brat all day?”

“Li Qiye…!” She gritted her teeth angrily after hearing this and glared at him.

Li Qiye gently waved his hand: “Okay, little girl, I won’t play with you. To tell the truth, when I actually have some time, you should be good and stay by my side. I can teach you about cultivation, there is still a long way for you to go while learning about the Heaven Cutting Tablet.”

“Why are you so nice to me?” She became a bit curious and stared at him. It wasn’t like she didn’t know Li Qiye. Even a genius like her wouldn’t necessarily get into his eyes. Plus, she knew that in order to earn Li Qiye’s favor, one must pay a huge price.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Because I like you.”

“Please, who would believe that nonsense?” She naturally didn’t think that her charm was at this level. Li Qiye simply had no shortage of women. She knew this full well.

“There’s no reason, maybe I’m just in a really good mood today.” Li Qiye gently touched her face. Even though she was cross-dressing, it didn’t take away from her beauty.

“Or maybe I really like your frank character.” Li Qiye leisurely smiled while actually feeling sentimental inside.

Sending the Mortal Monarch away made him remember many things. Looking at Bing Yuxia reminded him of Immortal Emperor Bing Yu back then. This made him a bit emotional. Even though time was compassionless, it did leave him with many things.

She looked at him and softly asked: “Have something on your mind?” Don’t look at her usual penchant for cross-dressing and masculine demeanor and be fooled. Sometimes, she was also very caring and acted with a difficult-to-describe gentleness.

She caught a glimpse of loneliness before it quickly disappeared from his eyes.

“Nothing really. Maybe I am now old and have become a little sentimental.” Li Qiye smiled faintly.

“Hold it.” She punched his shoulder and said: “Calling yourself old at this age? Don’t you feel embarrassed at all for saying that?”

Li Qiye looked at her and chuckled without saying anything else.

At this time, Chen Baojiao came in and informed Li Qiye: “Young Noble, Goddess Mei wants to see you.”

He slapped Bing Yuxia’s butt and said: “Okay, go. If you want to repay me, you can carry my palanquin next time.” [1. This will make even more sense in a few chapters.]

The victim of such indecency fiercely glared at him before leaving.

Li Qiye waved his sleeve and told Chen Baojiao: “Let her come in.”

A moment later, a fragrant breeze floated by. Mei Suyao came with her transcendent appearance and saw Li Qiye. She gently gave him a gesture of blessing again in a gentle and calm manner.

“I have to admit that you are getting more and more likable. Sensible and understanding.” Li Qiye noticed her peerless charm and chuckled: “This is not letting your immortal bone down.”

“To be in your good graces is my honor.” She calmly answered with a faint smile.

Li Qiye asked: “Go ahead, what is the matter?”

Mei Suyao took out a trunk and handed it to him: “The ancestor found an item in our treasury. He asked me to bring it to you with a message — this is a token of our Eternal River School’s goodwill.”

Li Qiye opened the trunk and found a powerful imperial aura surging inside. There was an imperial robe folded neatly within.

Li Qiye gently rubbed it and smiled. He closed the trunk then looked at Mei Suyao: “It seems like your old geezer is really putting a lot of thought into this.”

This imperial robe belonged to Li Qiye. He wore it all the time in the past. Later on, it was lost outside and he didn’t try to find it again. It was because he had too many treasures; if he had to find every single one, it would seem a bit meaningless.

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