Chapter 1058: Only Rampant Arrogance

Chapter 1058: Only Rampant Arrogance

At this time, only Jikong Wudi scowled while staring coldly at Li Qiye. Even though he didn’t say anything, his attitude revealed it all. The enmity between them had solidified even further.

“You want to challenge me, right?” Li Qiye looked at him then glanced over at Zhan Shi’s group and smiled: “I welcome it at any time. But remember this, I will not always be so merciful. On the next challenge, remember to bring a coffin to avoid dying without a grave.”

Jikong Wudi carried an unsightly expression. Back at the Heavenly Dao Academy, he and Li Qiye had a feud. Not long ago, he was almost converted and had to dig out his heart just to escape. Today, Li Qiye crippled the Heavenly Eagle Demon King before everyone. This feud had reached an irreconcilable level.

In the end, he didn’t say anything and carried the demon king away.

Even though there was a furious flame raging in his heart, he still contained it. Challenging Li Qiye right now was extremely unwise. He had lost once already and needed sufficient preparations before challenging Li Qiye again!

“The path for the grand dao is endless. I will challenge Brother Li again in the future.” Zhan Shi also wanted to leave. The difference was that he was still as calm as ever, unlike the furious Jikong Wudi.

Even though he had lost to Li Qiye as well, they had no life-and-death hatred. On the contrary, he believed that winning and losing were normal for cultivators. Thus, he was still able to speak calmly towards Li Qiye.

Li Qiye gently nodded and looked at Zhan Shi: “I don’t mind sparring, but if you want to compete for the Heaven’s Will, my former statement will apply — prepare for death with a coffin. If it’s not you, it will be others who shall die on the path for the Heaven’s Will.”

Zhan Shi gently sighed and didn’t say anything before turning around to leave. He understood Li Qiye. In fact, this had been the case for many generations now. There was no friendship on this path since there was only one Heaven’s Will. Unless one decided to exit the competition, it would be a fight to the death, just like Li Qiye had said.

“The green hills are still there along with the clear flowing water. Brother Li, see you again.” Heavenly Emperor Lin left as well after clasping his hands towards Li Qiye.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile while looking at Heavenly Emperor Lin and leisurely said: “You are truly someone who can maintain a cool demeanor.”

Others might not understand what Li Qiye meant, but Heavenly Emperor Lin naturally got the point. He only smiled freely and floated away.

Many people praised the emperor’s demeanor. He had lost to Evil Buddha before but was still so carefree and nonchalant; there were no traces of hatred or resentment.

Bai Jianzhen was the next to leave. She stared at Li Qiye for a bit without speaking. They had known each other even longer than some of the others here.

“I remember that we still have one sword left in our duel.” Li Qiye looked at the sword-hugging woman and smiled.

Back at the Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground, they had a duel of three sword moves. They only had time for two before the Nantian Young King interrupted the third.

Bai Jianzhen remained silent when the past was brought up. She quietly hugged her sword without replying, showing a demeanor as cold as her blade. In the end, she also left without a care.

The last to leave was Mei Suyao. The people here were holding their breaths to see if she wanted to do anything. Among the current geniuses, none had won against Li Qiye.

Jikong Wudi, the Mortal King, Heavenly Emperor Lin, Zhan Shi, Bai Jianzhen, and Bing Yuxia had all lost. The only person not included in this list was Mei Suyao.

Someone quietly murmured: “Maybe Goddess Mei has a chance. Back then, the Mortal King challenged her twice and lost both times. After that, he never dared to challenge her again. Rumor has it that she has cultivated an invincible dao. Without becoming an Emperor Candidate, the Mortal King has no chance of beating her.”

The crowd was full of anticipation because they wanted to see Mei Suyao challenge Li Qiye. She was the only one in this current generation who still had a chance of defeating him.

Unfortunately, Mei Suyao didn’t challenge him, disappointing the crowd. She gave him a gentle gesture of blessing before drifting away as well.

“Goddess Mei has not competed for anything in recent years.” Another gently sighed. This sentiment rang true across the experts from the Hundred Cities. They felt that she had changed too much. It could be said that people had almost forgotten her in recent years due to her low profile.

“Okay, the event is over, everyone can leave now.” Li Qiye clapped his hands and smiled at the crowd.

No one here dared to say anything. At this second, who would want to mess with Fiercest? Everyone quickly left one after another.

“Ladies, you guys go back first.” Bing Yuxia told the beauties next to her and followed Li Qiye.

“Let’s go back.” Li Qiye smiled and stood up to leave.


“Li Qiye…” Back at his mansion, Jikong Wudi had an ugly grimace and gritted his teeth.

In his eyes, losing to Li Qiye was not a shameful matter. The only grudge was that Li Qiye humiliated him before everyone. He had a triple saints aptitude and was praised as a deity by others. How could he swallow this blatant and public humiliation?

“Young Noble, how about we ask the Sword Ancestor to kill Li Qiye?” A strategist spoke.

“No.” With a fierce glare, he coldly uttered: “I will personally dispose of him one day. I swear it!”

“Don’t make a move against Li Qiye for now.” At this time, Venerable Ninesword came by. Aside from Jikong Wudi, everyone else here quickly prostrated.

The venerable slightly waved his hand and told the group to leave. Only him and Jikong Wudi were left in the room.

He told Jikong Wudi: “The iron man beside Li Qiye is very powerful.”

Jikong Wudi asked in a serious tone: “Ancestor knows his identity?”

The old man gently shook his head: “I’ve only heard about a distant legend, I’ve never seen him before. I don’t know how Li Qiye managed to bring out an old man that has been slumbering for so long.”

“It seems like this iron man wants to be Li Qiye’s dao protector.” Jikong Wudi’s eyes lit up with a cold gleam. Just thinking back at how the iron man killed a God-Monarch so easily… This was absolutely a terrifying existence.

“I will personally watch his movements.” The venerable lowered his tone: “If he isn’t Li Qiye’s dao protector, then everything will be simple. And even if he is, it's fine as well. We’ll just have to invite the prime general to come out!”

The prime general was the most powerful general under Immortal Emperor Ta Kong. Legend states that he was a real unbeatable Godking! Some even said that outside of losing to Immortal Emperor Ta Kong, no one else could defeat him.

“No one can stop Young Noble’s path, the Heaven’s Will is yours alone.” The venerable told Jikong Wudi.

With a cold glint in his eyes, Jikong Wudi was completely confident as well: “I’ll personally cut down Li Qiye. That’s the only way to get rid of this hatred in my heart!”

“Yes, that day will come.” The venerable spoke: “Young Noble should lay low for now, give me time to see what that iron man wants to do.”

Jikong Wudi gently nodded and didn’t say anything else.


Back in their abode, Li Qiye waved his sleeve, signaling all the girls to leave. Only the Mortal Monarch stayed behind.

He had assembled the treasure well for Li Qiye: “Even though I spent more time than expected, I didn’t let Your Excellency down and have finally put it together flawlessly.”

Li Qiye took a look and put it away before speaking to the monarch: “Are you really not going with me to take a look?”

“There’s no need…” The monarch sighed softly and shook his head: “What’s the point of seeing it? All have been destroyed by the river of time. Seeing it might not make me feel any better, I’ll just leave it as a nice remembrance.”

Li Qiye nodded and didn’t force the guy. Eventually, he spoke: “I have obtained some decent Blood Era Stones from the Heavenhoof Ravine, a few pieces are from Immortal Emperors. It wasn’t easy for you to come out this time, so bring these immortal stones back with you. Maybe they will be able to keep you sealed for another period of time.”

“No.” The monarch refused: “I want to reach my end in this generation.”

“For what?” Li Qiye stared at the monarch with confusion: “Your lifespan hasn’t withered yet. If you seal yourself, you can still live on.”

“What’s the point of holding on?” The monarch smiled wryly: “My old friends have all passed away. The only person who understands me in the current generation is Your Excellency, and I know that you will head towards that ultimate battle. Maybe I won’t be able to see you again in a future generation.”

Li Qiye went quiet for a moment before gently nodding: “You have followed me for so long, so I won’t hide it from you. In this generation, regardless of life or death, I will fight to the very end for an answer.”

“I’m tired as well.” Li Qiye sighed softly while sitting on his chair: “After living for so long, sometimes I wonder what it is I’m living for. Outside of the final battle, I don’t have any other aspirations.”

The monarch stood there quietly, keeping him company.

“Unify the nine worlds? Becoming an Immortal Emperor? Destroying the deities?” Li Qiye felt a bit helpless and smiled wryly: “None of these is what I want.”

The monarch didn’t say anything. He knew that Li Qiye had done all of these things before, they were not worth pursuing in his eyes.

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