Chapter 1057: Blood Everywhere

Chapter 1057: Blood Everywhere

Li Qiye kept smashing the guy on the ground until he was on the verge of death. Only then did he stop and speak: “Go back and tell the Jewel Pillar School that if they dare to talk about Chen Baojiao’s business again, I will personally destroy them.”

Having said that, he casually threw the Mortal King outside.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” A burst of earth-shattering explosions resounded. The Mortal King was thrown very far. His body pierced several mountains before disappearing from everyone’s sight.

All the people present shivered after seeing the king being thrown away like a piece of trash. They were speechless and stared at Li Qiye in awe.

It didn’t matter whether he was Evil Buddha or Fiercest, Li Qiye was ferocious all the same. This was a guy who would kill gods and devils if they were to stand before him. Nothing could hinder his path.

After taking care of the Mortal King, he clapped to get the dirt off his hands. Then, his eyes fell upon the Soaring Heavenly Saintess. After seeing this, many people were startled. They understood that Li Qiye had turned his focus towards the saintess.

First was taking care of the Mortal King, now it was time to oppose the Soaring Immortal Sect. This was both decisive and arrogant, as if he looked on the world with disdain.

“Well, I did promise the monks of Spirit Mountain to not disturb them in their meditation.” Li Qiye said dismissively: “Unfortunately, time and time again, some people think that I have become a soft persimmon that anyone can crush. I heard that someone has placed a bounty on my head. Very well, my head is right here on my neck.”

With that, he tapped on his neck.

The saintess was ghastly pale, but she couldn’t back down when everyone was watching. Moreover, she had the Soaring Immortal Sect as her backer. Thinking about her uncle-in-law, she immediately became courageous and shouted: “Li, don’t act all arrogant. If you dare to assault everyone, the people in this world won’t spare you and the Soaring Immortal Sect won’t spare you either. At that time, you will die without a grave. Even your Cleansing Incense Sect will have a calamity befall—”

“Ugh...” Before she could finish, her neck was gripped by Li Qiye. Her body was lifted up high so she couldn’t move at all.

His speed was swift to the point where no one could see him clearly. Even the Night Scorpion God-Monarch standing behind the emissary found it too late despite wanting to help.

“I am someone who only likes to listen to flattery and sycophants, but sometimes, I also like it when people curse me. To tell the truth, if you called me a bastard or a little animal, I could act as if I didn’t hear it and only treat your words as a fart.” He gripped her head and slowly shook his head: “However, if someone threatens me, then I won’t be happy. And if I'm not happy, then it will not be pretty. I might even destroy their entire family!”

Having said that, he let out a chilling glare towards the saintess.

“Uncle, save me…” The saintess finally felt fear with her life hanging by a thread. She felt that a death god was beckoning for her at this moment.

The emissary shouted: “Junior, let her go now to avoid making a huge mistake.”

Li Qiye maintained his grip and stared emotionlessly at the emissary: “And if I don’t?”

“Death is the punishment for killing a Soaring Immortal disciple!” The emissary spoke gravely: “If you let her go, we can let bygones be bygones.”

“Yes…” The saintess felt her courage surge again after the emissary stood up for her and had to add: “I am a Soaring Immortal disciple—”

“Snap!” Her words couldn’t come out since her neck was wrung by Li Qiye.

Her pretty eyes widened in disbelief. Even in death she still couldn't believe that this was the moment of her doom. She was still full of spirit, dreaming about joining the Soaring Immortal Sect. It was her time to represent the sect to order the rest of the Mortal Emperor World!

This stunned all the spectators. The emissary had recognized her as a disciple of Soaring Immortal. This meant that she could definitely join it.

But now, Li Qiye has snapped her neck. This was killing a disciple from Soaring Immortal in front of everyone. Just how arrogant and overbearing was this?!

No one was more imperious than Li Qiye, the guy who had just challenged Soaring Immortal. The other supreme geniuses like Jikong Wudi wouldn’t dare to do so, but Li Qiye did it without a care.

Li Qiye nonchalantly threw away her body and spoke: “ Even if you are the daughter of an Immortal Emperor, I’ll still kill you if you provoke me.”

It was an incredibly tyrannical statement that caused everyone to take a deep breath. However, no one dared to say anything. Not long ago, Li Qiye killed the Storm God, the daughter of an emperor.

“Buzz!” While Li Qiye was distracted with talking, a glint flashed. Someone moved at an unbelievable speed to try and pierce his forehead to deliver a fatal blow.

This strike was too fast, beyond visual perception. The ambusher was the Night Scorpion God-Monarch. He wanted to use this opportunity to kill Li Qiye. Though the saintess was dead, the emissary was still there. If he could successfully kill Li Qiye, it would be quite beneficial for him.

“Watch it!” Chen Baojiao and Li Shuangyan both yelled, but it was too late.

“Pluff!” Blood spurted everywhere. A forehead was pierced, but it was not Li Qiye’s, it was the God-Monarch’s.

His eyes showed disbelief and didn’t know who pierced his forehead. The opponent’s speed was a hundred times faster and was more accurate than him. The person didn’t use any techniques or laws. It was the most simple thrust and it instantly penetrated all of his defenses to send him to his end!

At this time, people finally saw the one who attacked. It was an iron man whose body was made out of exquisite parts. Only his head was that of a human.

There was too big of a gap between a God-Monarch and the Mortal Monarch. He only needed one move to kill the scorpion.

“Splash!” Blood splattered again. The Mortal Monarch ripped out the scorpion’s head along with his spine and casually threw it to the ground without showing the slightest trace of emotion.

From beginning to end, Li Qiye didn’t even bat an eye while standing there calmly. Everyone held their breaths at the sight of a God-Monarch being slaughtered like a helpless chicken. This scene was simply too horrifying and sent chills down everyone’s spines. This existence that looked like a man made out of metal was too horrifying!

“Your arrival has scared away all of those little pests.” Li Qiye gently shook his head.

The Mortal Monarch didn’t say anything. He stood there with a chilling air next to Li Qiye. His eyes, however, swept through the sky a little bit.

Li Qiye slowly approached to the Soaring Immortal Emissary. The emissary’s expression sank. He coldly said: “Junior, what are you doing?”

Li Qiye glanced at the guy and smiled: “We initially had no enmity with each other. You didn’t know me and I didn’t know you, so we could have had peace together. Unfortunately, I heard people say that you are the Heavenly God Sect’s backer and want to maneuver against my sect. Then there is no other choice, I am someone who finds it very difficult to show mercy to my enemies.”

The emissary was jolted. However, he still put on a calm expression and spoke: “If you want to resolve this grievance, then we can sit down and talk instead of threatening me! My Soaring Immortal Sect has never accepted anyone’s threats—”

“Whoosh!” Just like before, another victim couldn’t finish speaking before Li Qiye pierced his chest. His cultivation was much weaker than the Night Scorpion God-Monarch. Although he was an emissary, he was only an ordinary one and was not powerful at all!

The emissary had to look down at his chest in disbelief. He didn’t expect that Li Qiye would kill an emissary like him so quickly and without any precursor.

“Pluff!” Li Qiye instantly took out his heart and looked at him with scorn: “You are too weak to be prancing around in front of me. Not to mention an ordinary emissary, even if the Chief Ambassador of the Nine Worlds personally came, I still wouldn’t put him in my eyes.”

With that claim, he casually threw the heart away.

“Bang!” The emissary’s body fell to the ground. It could be said that he died an indignant death. Even though he was only an ordinary Virtuous Paragon, he was still the representative of the Soaring Immortal Sect in the Mortal Emperor World. No matter who they might be, even imperial lineages would have to show him some consideration and reception, let alone attack him.

Even at the time of death, he couldn’t understand where this junior came from to actually dare to kill an emissary from Soaring Immortal!

The scene remained quiet all the same. One could even hear a needle dropping to the floor. Outside of faint breathing, there were no other sounds.

Li Qiye slowly sat down in the chair that the emissary sat in earlier and wiped his hands clean. He lazily glanced at everyone and spoke: “Anyone else have a problem with me? Feel free to speak up at any time.”

Everyone was silent and dazed while staring at Li Qiye. It didn’t matter what name they chose to call him, Evil Buddha or Fiercest. He had reached a level of wanton brutality and would dare to kill just about anyone! At this time, who would dare to have a problem with him?

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