Chapter 1056: Unbeatable Style

Chapter 1056: Unbeatable Style

At this time, the atmosphere was tense to the extreme. Both sides were anxious and many great powers beneath the terrace didn’t dare to utter a single word.

To these great powers, no matter whether it was the Soaring Immortal Sect, the Mortal King, or the girls, these were all people who they couldn’t afford to provoke. They could only stand to the side and watch. No one tried to meddle or persuade them not to fight.

The earth suddenly shook as if something had slammed into it.

“Ahh—” Miserable screams resounded from outside the terrace, creating a scene of chaos.

The experts glanced at each other in confusion after hearing this commotion. Who was it, to actually cause trouble outside? At this moment, all the geniuses were here, along with the emissary from the soaring sect. Whoever dared to cause trouble truly didn’t know life from death.

Jikong Wudi frowned and issued an order: “Demon King, go outside to see who is causing trouble and capture him for me.”

Even though the emissary was presiding over this event, the Space Trample Mountain was actually responsible for keeping order.

In fact, it was more than strong enough. Everyone knew that Jikong Wudi was here and that Venerable Ninesword was back at the Buddhist City. These troublemakers must be tired of living to come here!

After receiving the order, the Heavenly Eagle Demon King shouted and spread his wings, blotting out the sun. He instantly flew out of the terrace. A bit later, it became quiet.

“Good, it is peaceful again.” Jikong Wudi looked at the group and said: “We’ll continue the meeting. No one will be able to disturb this event from now on. Otherwise, I’m sure the emissary will give out the order to take them down.”

Jikong Wudi was quite imposing at this moment. He indeed had the strength to do so since among the younger generation, one would be hardpressed to find someone on his level. Moreover, the venerable was in the city as well. Who would dare to maneuver against their Space Trample Mountain? Who would dare to oppose them at this moment?

Jikong Wudi tried to build a good relationship with the Soaring Immortal Sect as well. In his opinion, earning this sect’s support would definitely be favorable for him in the future.

“Well said, no one, regardless of who they may be, will disturb this event!” The Mortal King gravely added: “Otherwise, they will be dealt with.”

At this time, everyone clearly saw that Jikong Wudi and the Mortal King were siding with the Soaring Immortal Sect.

Meanwhile, the Soaring Immortal Emissary — in the most prestigious seat — stared at Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao while raising his voice: “If you two ladies apologize to me, I trust that everyone will understand and act as if nothing happened…”

“Boom!” Before he could finish the sentence, the sky turned black. A gigantic figure came flying at a great velocity and smashed a crater into the ground, startling everyone and forcing them to retreat.

“Heavenly Eagle Demon King…” When everyone finally took a look, they saw that this figure that fell from the sky was the demon king who just flew outside earlier.

Blood began to flow through the cracks on the ground where the demon king was lying while a person was standing on top of him.

This person had his foot pressing on the eagle demon’s head so he couldn’t stand up. Such a scene was too shocking. Keep in mind that this demon was a vanguard of Venerable Ninesword, someone who had swept through the world with Immortal Emperor Ta Kong. He was an extraordinary demon king, yet he was being trampled upon by someone else.

“Evil Buddha!” Someone shouted in horror after seeing the person on top of the demon king.

The group of geniuses were shocked and immediately stood up. Everyone knew that Evil Buddha had been chased away by Spirit Mountain, so he quietly left the city. No one expected him to come back and instantly trample the Heavenly Eagle Demon King. Wasn’t this too domineering?

Jikong Wudi’s expression took a turn for the worse. The demon king was their vanguard, but he was being stomped on by someone else in front of everyone.

The demon king wanted to get up, but Li Qiye stomped on his neck. One could hear a bone cracking. The demon king immediately screamed miserably.

Anyone who heard this scream would shiver and feel a tingling sense of pain as well.

“Evil Buddha, you are too presumptuous!” Jikong Wudi had to shout out. This Buddhist’s actions were a merciless slap towards their Space Trample Mountain.

However, Li Qiye was too lazy to look at Jikong Wudi. He got down from the demon king’s body and leisurely looked at the Soaring Immortal Emissary: “You better look in a mirror and carefully evaluate yourself before asking my people to apologize.”

Such words left the crowd puzzled. Many didn’t actually understand what he was saying due to the sheer amount of perceived impudence.

At this time, Li Qiye waved at Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao: “Girls, come over here, your Young Noble will find out who was bullying you two and take charge of this matter.”

The two didn’t say another word and immediately stood behind him.

“Ha!” Bing Yuxia clapped and laughed: “I knew you smelly brat were pretending to be a monk.”

“That’s right.” Li Qiye glanced at her and smiled leisurely: “It has been a bit boring being a Buddhist Lord, so it is time to switch my identity.” With that, he revealed his true appearance.

“Fiercest Li Qiye!” Someone blurted out after seeing him.

In just a second, everyone’s eyes went wide. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Even Jikong Wudi’s group turned silly.

“Evil Buddha is Fiercest Li Qiye!” Someone murmured. This news was too difficult for many people to accept in a short period.

Jikong Wudi’s group had grimaces even more unsightly than before. They would rather be defeated by Evil Buddha than Fiercest Li Qiye.

Among those present, only Mei Suyao sat there calmly. She knew something like this would happen the moment Li Qiye came.

Li Qiye looked at the crowd for a bit before revealing a friendly smile while slowly saying: “It is time to take care of some overdue business.”

With that, his eyes fell upon the Mortal King: “I heard someone say earlier that our Baojiao is a disciple from the sacred school?” He turned and looked at the crowd to declare: “Now, I will say this only once, don’t try to gild your face with gold. The next time your school tries to do something like this again, I will personally go to your school and annihilate it!”

This declaration left the Mortal King with an extremely ugly expression. The guy told everyone about his intention to destroy his school. This was not just a slap to their face, but the pinnacle humiliation.

As the school master, how could he swallow this anger? He couldn’t help but shout: “It doesn’t matter whether you are Evil Buddha or Li Qiye, your words are too arrogant. Daring to humiliate my school? I—”

“Since you don’t seem to understand what I’m saying, I’ll teach you what I mean.” Li Qiye interrupted and reached for him with one hand.

“Open!” The Mortal King let out a battle cry. The Hell Suppressing Physique immediately erupted to suppress the heavens and shatter myriad dao. He lifted his leg that carried the weight of a thousand stars to crush Li Qiye.

At this moment, explosions resounded. Under the might of this physique, even the void itself broke apart as it couldn’t withstand this terrifying force.

However, with a loud bang, the Mortal King’s thigh was caught by Li Qiye. Remember that the Hell Suppressing Physique had boundless weight, especially at half completion. The weight of his leg was the same as millions of the stars in the sky. Yet, in this split second, Li Qiye easily grabbed his thigh.


Before anyone could regain their sanity, Li Qiye immediately lifted him up and mercilessly slammed him into the ground left and right. He smashed and smashed again with full malice, causing the earth to shatter into pieces!

Though the Immortal Physique was very tough, the Mortal King was still battered into a bloody pulp under such ruthless smashes.

A spectator shouted in shock: “Impossible!”

Everyone knew that this physique had infinite weight and no one could lift its user off of the ground. However, the Mortal King, at half completion, was being dragged around by Li Qiye like a little chicken, as if he was as light as a feather.

They didn’t know that Li Qiye was using the Sky Destroyer Physique. If the Hell Suppressing Physique had infinite weight, then the Sky Destroyer Physique had limitless power. The two of them supported and deterred each other like the elements.

Alas, the king’s physique law was far weaker than Li Qiye’s own. Compared to Li Qiye’s Sky Destroyer, the king’s Hell Suppressing could only accept the beating.

“You dare to show off with only this much speed?” Li Qiye continued smashing the guy on the ground, causing blood to spray everywhere.

It was well known that the Mortal King’s physique was invincible, but it was also obvious that his speed was insufficient. This was one of the weaknesses of the Hell Suppressing Physique. It had infinite weight, but it was much slower compared to the other Immortal Physiques!

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