Chapter 1055: Direct Confrontation

Chapter 1055: Direct Confrontation

Before the event officially began, the honored guests quickly sat down. Mei Suyao also came by herself around this time, keeping a very low profile.

However, she couldn’t hide her presence even if she wanted to for she was otherworldly like an immortal. No matter where she went, she would attract all gazes. Thus, the guests turned towards her.

The younger ones became intoxicated after looking at her. In the contemporary times, many people considered her to be the prettiest beauty in the Mortal Emperor World. Countless youths lost precious hours of sleep because she was haunting them in their dreams.

“Goddess Mei is here!” Someone couldn’t help but exclaim after catching a glimpse of her.

In the past, she traveled with great panache in the form of visual phenomena and had many fans chasing her. Now, she was solitary with a natural demeanor, as if she had returned to the origin.

The emissary went to greet her before gracefully sitting down again. Meanwhile, many of the youths here couldn’t divert their eyes from her.

Chen Baojiao and Li Shuangyan arrived a bit after Mei Suyao. Although they were not as supreme as Mei Suyao, they were still kingdom-toppling. Anyone would have to praise and marvel at the sight of them.

“Cleansing Incense Dual Blades Messengers are here, so where is Fiercest?” Someone wondered after seeing the two ladies.

Everyone knew that Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao were part of Li Qiye’s crew, so when they appeared, the crowd looked behind them to see if Fiercest was there as well. To the disappointment of many, there was no one behind them.

The group of great geniuses like Jikong Wudi also glanced over to look for Li Qiye as well.

These days, Li Qiye’s notoriety had spread far and wide. The group had no choice but to watch out for this opponent.

After seeing Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao sitting down, the Soaring Heavenly Saintess snorted and coldly asked: “Your master Li Qiye isn’t coming?”

She felt that she was in a commanding position with great status. At the same time, their sects were mortal enemies. This was exacerbated by Chen Baojiao and Li Shuangyan leading their disciples to wipe out several branches of her sect. The saintess couldn’t swallow this anger and wanted to use this opportunity to counter.

“Out Young Noble is busy, so we are attending in his stead.” Chen Baojiao directly responded to the saintess’ provocative tone.

Li Shuangyan, on the other hand, was just sitting there like a cold glacier, too lazy to answer the saintess.

“Hmph, don’t tell me he’s too afraid to come.” The saintess sneered: “I heard he has enemies everywhere. Now that all the heroes in the world have gathered here, he is probably afraid of people seeking revenge so he chose to act like a cowardly turtle.”

Before coming, Chen Baojiao had already guessed that the saintess would use this opportunity to show her aggression. Their conflict was inevitable due to the history of their sects.

Chen Baojiao harshly stared at her and countered: “Our Young Noble isn’t afraid of anyone! You are not qualified to comment on our Young Noble. I dare you to say it in front of him.”

“Hmph, Fiercest or whatever, there’s nothing special about him.” The saintess mocked: “I don’t even put him in my eyes, so why should I talk to him? Who the hell does he think he is?”

Mei Suyao, who was sitting to the side, quietly shook her head after hearing this. The saintess was too inexperienced. After obtaining this measly bit of power, she immediately raised her tail without knowing what kind of person she was opposing!

“Your words alone warrant decapitation!” Chen Baojiao’s eyes suddenly turned fierce. She immediately stood up and walked forward while holding her saber, the glints lighting up the venue.

“Such a big tone!” The saintess currently had a great backing and also a God-Monarch protecting her. She was full of confidence and was not afraid of Chen Baojiao. She sneered: “This is the territory of the Soaring Immortal Sect, not a place for you to run amok!”

She wasn’t very bright, but she was well-versed in using other people’s prestige for her own goals.

The emissary slightly frowned. He was a bit unhappy with the saintess’ conduct. However, she was still his junior in the end. Even if she was in the wrong, he couldn’t sit by and watch.

“Young Miss, this is not the place for you to swing your blade.” The emissary lowered his tone. His speech carried a commanding persuasiveness.

The Mortal King told Chen Baojiao: “Junior sister, take a step back and all will be well.”

She coldly glared at him and uttered: “Who is your junior sister?”

The Mortal King didn’t become angry. He flatly said: “Junior sister, I know you were bewitched by the others back then so you have some grievances with our school, but in the end, you are still from the Jewel Pillar Sacred School…”

Ever since her Immortal Physique reached half completion, the school had wanted to drag her back. Some ancestors even hoped that she would marry the Mortal King.

However, she didn’t bother giving them any face. In her eyes, she had severed the relationship long ago.

She interrupted him without showing any sensibility: “There’s no need to utter such unctuous words. Don’t act like you are my senior either since I have no relations to the sacred school.”

“Mortal King, you should be annihilating a traitor like this!” The saintess fanned the flames after seeing the two argue.

“Little tramp, come out here and I’ll decapitate you in three moves!” Chen Baojiao was impulsive and hated people who brought up her being a traitor the most. She paid a huge price back then to leave the sacred school. She was exiled from her home and family! Thus, her anger immediately erupted after the saintess twisted the story.

“Enough!” The Soaring Immortal Emissary shouted then scolded Chen Baojiao: “This isn’t a place for you all to go wild!”

“Is that so?” Chen Baojiao glared at him: “It is not difficult if you want me to show respect to your sect, you just need to keep a tighter leash on your dogs!”

“So insolent.” Jikong Wudi slowly spoke at this time: “This event for everyone in the world shouldn’t be ruined because of just one person like you. I don’t care who your master is, you should bow your head and apologize this instant.”

Before Chen Baojiao could answer, Li Shuangyan stood up with her eyes sweeping through the crowd and declared: “If some people want to release their dogs to bite us, then we’ll beat these dogs down regardless of whether they’re from the Heavenly God Sect or the Soaring Immortal Sect. We won’t show any consideration for their masters!”

Regardless of who they were facing, Li Shuangyan would always stand together with Chen Baojiao. She would never let anyone bully her sister!

Someone noticed that the two girls were prepared to fight against the world on their own and quietly whispered: “They are definitely crazy enough to be people on the side of Fiercest, they’re exactly like him.” Their attitude made others think of Fiercest Li Qiye.

The Fiercest would always act extremely arrogant regardless of who he was facing.

The emissary spoke with a chilling voice: “Mortal King, if it is someone from your school, then your school should deal with her. Otherwise, my Heavenly God Sect will discipline her instead. Things won't end so easily if that were to happen.”

The Mortal King smiled and stood up while looking at Chen Baojiao: “Junior sister, you were just tricked by the others. It is not too late to return with me now, don’t make me take action.”

Li Shuangyan coldly laughed and retorted: “If the Jewel Pillar Mortal King is so confident, then bring it on. Today, we’ll suppress your Hell Suppressing Physique so that you will never be able to rise again!”

Her words were domineering and imposing. She didn’t really care for this genius that had a half completion Hell Suppressing Physique!

Although his physique was amazing, there was still a gap between it and the Void Imperfection Physique taken directly from the Physique Scripture. If Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao attacked together, they absolutely could kill him.

“Two great Immortal Physiques to take down another!” Everyone’s heart skipped a beat. They all knew that both girls had half completion Immortal Physiques as well. Their joint effort would definitely subdue the Mortal King.

The Mortal King’s eyes turned cold as he showed a slight grimace.

“If Miss Li wants to fight someone, then even though I am weak, I will still exchange a few moves with you.” Jikong Wudi slowly uttered at this time.

He had a feud with Li Qiye, so without a doubt, he was on the Mortal King’s side.

“If you want to fight someone, then I will exchange a few moves with you!” Another clear voice resounded. The speaker was the cross-dressing Bing Yuxia. She was still holding a beauty’s hand at this moment while looking down on Jikong Wudi. Regardless of the situation, she would unconditionally be on Li Qiye’s side. After all, their relationship was quite strong.

In just a moment, several supreme geniuses became involved in this storm, causing the crowd to look at each other. They vaguely felt that these geniuses had already begun to form alliances for the sake of competing for the Heaven’s Will.

Meanwhile, Zhan Shi sat there still as a rock and Heavenly Emperor Lin only smiled without making a comment. Mei Suyao slightly shook her head. She understood that the emissary wanted this to happen. Nothing could be better for their Soaring Immortal Sect than these supreme geniuses of the Mortal Emperor World killing each other; they would benefit from this whole dispute.

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