Chapter 1052: Venerable Ninesword

Chapter 1052: Venerable Ninesword

“Evil Buddha left the city?” The crowd crazily celebrated after hearing this message.

“Evil Buddha has really left the city!” People were able to breathe easy after this news was confirmed.

“Haha, it looks like he was banished by Spirit Mountain.” Thinking about the visit of the Vajra last night in addition to the news sent to all the temples at the plateau, the cultivators in the city unanimously thought that Evil Buddha had been banished.

“Borrowing external force will never end well. The only correct path of cultivation is to rely on oneself.” Some laughed gloatingly: “Evil Buddha is smart. After losing the power of the plateau, he should be a nice turtle and shrink his head into his shell, or else he won’t survive past tomorrow.”

People then tried to figure out Evil Buddha’s destination. They had all kinds of different thoughts. Some believed that with his banishment, his combat prowess must have weakened a lot. If they could use this opportunity to kill him, they would become famous right away. Of course, others were also looking for him with different intents.

His departure was a huge relief, even for people like Jikong Wudi. He used his own strength to fight against the world, fortifying his existence as a shadow that loomed over their minds.

Even though many people were searching for his whereabouts, he seemed to have evaporated into thin air after leaving the city. No one knew where he went.

“Haha, at least he knows his own circumstances, running away like a dog with his tail tucked between his leg.” Someone sneered.

“If someone reports the whereabouts of Evil Buddha, the reward is one Virtuous Paragon weapon. Take his head and it will be a God-Monarch’s treasure.” While the crowd was excited, the Soaring Heavenly Saintess suddenly showed up and sent out this bounty.

The crowd glanced at each other. Back during the competition for the Buddhist lotus, the saintess ran away like a dog that had lost its owner, not daring to show her face.

But now, after hearing about his banishment by Spirit Mountain, she suddenly put such a high bounty on his head! Many were quite surprised by her choice of action and became tempted. After all, a treasure from a God-Monarch was too much to pass up. Plus, Evil Buddha should be much weaker now, taking his head might not be a difficult matter.

Of course, some were dismissive of her as well. When Evil Buddha was at his zenith like the sun at noon, she ran away while pissing her pants and hid in her rat hole without uttering a single word.

Now that Evil Buddha had lost his advantage, she came here prancing around. They didn’t like such wretched behavior.

Regardless of the opinion of others, the saintess had to do this. When she tried to establish her authority and show off her might, Evil Buddha completely annihilated her. If she didn’t kill him, it would be too detrimental to her wish of becoming the future representative of the Soaring Immortal Sect in the Mortal Emperor World. Her aspiration would become a fool’s wish. Thus, no matter the price, she must take his head.

Therefore, after several days without any news of Evil Buddha, she raised the bounty: “Those who have information about Evil Buddha’s whereabouts will be rewarded with two Virtuous Paragon’s Life Treasures. Those who bring his head will receive a God-Monarch’s treasure as well as a set of ancient armor!”

This increase in rewards made even more people search for Evil Buddha; even more desired the treasures now.

In the eyes of many experts, Evil Buddha wouldn’t have run if he still had the power of the plateau. This was the best time to take his head.

“A bunch of naive fools.” South Emperor, who was still staying behind at the plateau, heard this news and laughed: “They don’t even know the kind of behemoths they are facing. It looks like some people want to be massacred.”

Jikong Wudi’s group only smiled after seeing the saintess make her move. Even though they wanted to defeat Evil Buddha as well, they still maintained a graceful bearing befitting their status. To do something like what the saintess was doing was a huge disgrace and would be an affront to their reputation as geniuses!


“Thud, thud, thud…” A very strange sound came from the Buddhist City. It was as if someone was knocking on the sky with a particular rhythm.

After a while, someone finally saw a person walking from the horizon. He walked very slowly like an eighty year old man floundering about.

In fact, this newcomer looked just like an old man, at least from the perspective of a mortal.

This wizened man had winter-white hair and a bamboo branch in his hand. He slowly came from the horizon while seemingly struggling with all of his might due to his staggering.

However, contrary to his appearance, the old man was walking extremely fast. In fact, each of his steps spanned ten thousand miles.

“Who is that man?” Many saw this old man approaching from the distance. After each step, he would knock with the bamboo branch in his hand as if he was afraid of falling down from the sky. They were quite puzzled by this.

No one could recognize this old man, yet they didn’t dare to look down on him either.

Eventually, many saw Zhan Shi personally go out to welcome this old man into his abode.

“Old Immortal, rumored to be the strongest and oldest ancestor of the Rampaging Divine Mountain.” An ancient God-Monarch guessed his identity after seeing Zhan Shi going out to see him.

“Legend states that the Rampaging Divine Mountain was created by Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng. Who knows if this is true or not? But if it is, then their oldest and most powerful ancestor must be very terrifying.” A Virtuous Paragon turned serious after speaking.

Zhan Shi came from the Rampaging Divine Mountain located in the Western Desolate Wasteland. It was a very mysterious lineage with numerous myths surrounding it. Some believed that this place was created by Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng, but few actually knew the truth.

“This old geezer came as well.” South Emperor saw this oldest ancestor from the mountain and smiled: “I wonder how much he actually learned from his ancestor. However, it is all for naught. If he actually obtained Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng’s legacy, then it would be worth seeing. Alas, his ancestor was only an old servant of the emperor.”

South Emperor was one of the very few who knew about the Rampaging Divine Mountain’s origin. It was not created by Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng, but his old servant instead. Of course, this old servant had been personally taught by the emperor before.

“Screchh!” An eagle’s cry echoed across the nine firmaments. After the Old Immortal from the divine mountain came to the Buddhist City, the cry of this eagle disturbed everyone. They all went outside to take a look.

A gigantic Demon King was flying at swift speeds. Its wings blotted out the sun, causing the region to be drowned in darkness. A beastly aura assaulted everyone in the sky, giving the sensation that millions of Heavenly Eagles were soaring closer.

“Another big shot is coming.” Many people couldn’t sit still after seeing this Demon King flying towards the Buddhist City. Virtuous Paragons and eternal existences recognized this Demon King and were quite shocked.

“Heavenly Eagle Demon King…” An ancestor was aghast after sensing the murderous and powerful aura from the Demon King and murmured: “This is a vanguard from Immortal Emperor Ta Kong’s legion! Which one of Immortal Emperor Ta Kong’s generals is coming?”

The spectators were shocked after hearing this and had to take deep breaths. People knew that the Space Trample Mountain was Jikong Wudi’s backing, and it was quite powerful. Jikong Wudi didn’t let people down either. With an aptitude that consisted of three saint level constitutions, he was destined to become a deity of this generation.

Today, an unparalleled character finally arrived to the dismay of the crowd.

“Venerable Ninesword is coming.” A God-Monarch behind the scenes knew the Space Trample Mountain very well and spoke: “The Heavenly Eagle Demon King is a great demon below the venerable as well as his scouting vanguard. His arrival means that the venerable is coming as well.”

Sure enough, not long after the Heavenly Eagle Demon King came to the Buddhist City, a rumbling sound came from the distance. A chariot soared through the sky.

This chariot was not luxurious and instead was quite simple and old. There were no superfluous decorations for it was laden with battle scars from swords and broken arrows. Without a doubt, it had seen many battlefields.

An old man was sitting on the chariot with nine divine swords on his back. Even though he didn’t emit a heaven-shattering aura and had his eyes closed, people knew that the moment he opened his eyes, the world would have to change its color.

Even Virtuous Paragons quivered after seeing this old man. An expert’s intuition told them that this old man ahead was extremely frightening and mighty.

“Venerable Ninesword, an invincible general under Immortal Emperor Ta Kong.” An ancestor murmured with an aghast expression.

The city became silent right away. First, Old Immortal came, and now it was Venerable Ninesword’s turn. Which other powerful existences were about to arrive and shock the crowd? As for the cultivators with humble backgrounds, they were clever enough to hide without saying a word.

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