Chapter 1051: Vaisravana Vajra

Chapter 1051: Vaisravana Vajra

The people inside the Buddhist City were startled to see this Vajra approaching. Both Buddhist worshipers and mortals dropped to the floor in worship.

“Who is that?” Someone murmured while looking at the Vajra. Not to mention the younger generation, even many of the older paragons didn’t know who it was.

“Vaisravana Vajra, the legendary guardian Vajra of Spirit Mountain.” An old God-Monarch recognized him and spoke: “Even though the guardian protector of Buddhism is Skanda Vajra, no one has seen him before. However, Vaisravana Vajra is indeed the guardian of the mountain.” [1. Vaisravana is one of the Four Heavenly Kings, not a Vajra. The author is using the names/titles of these figures and adding Vajra to them. His prefix means “All-hearing” — the Heavenly King that can listen to the entire world.]

“Is he unbeatable?” The junior of this old God-Monarch saw the presence of the Vajra and was in awe.

“Very powerful.” The monarch muttered: “Rumor has it that before this Vajra came to Spirit Mountain, he had no match in the entire nine worlds. Some even speculated that he was able to assail an Immortal Emperor. However, no one knew the details. After joining Spirit Mountain, he never took action again, but he was still ranked top among the mountain’s protectors. The common belief outside is that this Vajra is the most powerful in terms of strength in the mountain! The eighteen Vajras combined might not necessarily be able to defeat him.”

Eventually, everyone saw the Vajra approach Li Qiye’s abode.

“He wants to see Evil Buddha…” Someone exclaimed after seeing the Vajra’s destination.

Even though everyone saw the Vajra going there, none of them dared to approach to spy on the meeting.

Another murmured: “All along, I heard that the Vajras and Bodhisattvas in Spirit Mountain won’t leave it. But now, the strongest Vajra actually left, this is insane.”

“Maybe Evil Buddha made too big of a commotion by borrowing the power of Spirit Mountain. This enraged them, so Vaisravana Vajra is coming down to take him in to avoid further trouble.” Someone was really looking forward to it.

In fact, many people wanted this to happen. It would be great if Spirit Mountain could imprison Evil Buddha. This would allow the crowd to finally breathe easy.

Li Qiye still sat there quietly after Vaisravana appeared in his room. He only gave a quick glance to the vajra who was carrying his ceremonial weapon.

Li Qiye smiled lightly and said: “What now, does Spirit Mountain want to move against me?” He was still carefree in the face of the strongest Vajra.

“Sacred Teacher already has control over the power of the plateau, Vaisravana is not a match for you.” The Vajra placed his palms together and bowed: “I came at midnight without an invitation, I hope Sacred Teacher can understand.”

Li Qiye remained seated in the master chair and spoke: “I understand, so tell me why the Radiant Bodhisattva sent you here.”

“Sacred Teacher, you are taking control of our plateau’s power.” Even the Vajra that had jumped out of this mundane world couldn’t help but smile wryly at this time.

“I can’t be blamed for that.” Li Qiye smiled: “If the Bodhisattva thinks I am abusing the plateau’s power, then there’s nothing I can do about it. One thought to become Buddha, another to become Devil — this issue does not lie with me, it is ingrained in your plateau. I am not forcefully taking your plateau’s power, for this is the fundamental principle of Spirit Mountain. I have become Buddha, so this place accepts me.”

“Since I have such a great power in my grasp, I would be a fool not to use it.” Li Qiye continued: “If your Spirit Mountain or the Buddhist Kingdom wants to complain, then go find Di Shi or that broken pot. Of course, whether you all can see them or not is a different matter.”

“We dare not complain.” The Vajra replied: “The Bodhisattva only hopes that Sacred Teacher will refrain from using the power of the plateau so trivially. When you do so, you gather the force in its entirety. This makes the millions of monks here worry that you are forcefully stripping them of their faith.”

“I see what the Bodhisattva is trying to say.” Li Qiye smiled: “Well, I’m afraid I can’t comply. When I challenged your temples, I was only using them to sharpen my dharma, to perfect my transformation into Buddha. I don’t have anything I want from Spirit Mountain.” He paused for a bit to look at the Vajra and gently shook his head: “But now, your Spirit Mountain wants something from me. Since I never took anything from you, you can’t ask me to stop using the power of the plateau.”

Li Qiye couldn’t help but chuckle before starting his next point: “After defeating those juniors who aren’t too shabby, I trust that the big shots behind them are coming. I want to try to use the real power of the plateau at least once. Today was only using a butcher’s blade to kill a chicken, sigh, it was not satisfying at all.”

“I actually hope for Emperor Assailants to come so that I can use the chance to kill those who are blind.” With that, Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and revealed a gentle smile.

If Jikong Wudi’s group heard this, who knows if they would feel lucky or sad that Evil Buddha only used so little power to defeat them.

If Li Qiye truly channeled the power of the plateau, then not to mention Jikong Wudi’s group, even giants capable of assailing Immortal Emperors would be slaughtered.

The power of the plateau was beyond their imagination. Only Immortal Emperors would know of its limit. Otherwise, Immortal Emperor Hao Hai wouldn’t have stopped coming to the plateau for all those generations.

After hearing this, Vaisravana pondered for a moment before asking: “What does Sacred Teacher want?”

Li Qiye finally revealed a true smile and said: “What I want is very simple, that thing in the other space. If your Spirit Mountain gives it to me, then I can guarantee not to use the power of the plateau again from now on.”

Even though Vaisravana had severed his ties with the mundane world, he still had to sigh softly. If Spirit Mountain didn’t give something up, this guy definitely would not stop.

He understood that the Sacred Teacher was only playing around with this power against the numerous experts. He simply didn’t care about defeating the enemies or borrowing the plateau's power, his intent was actually on that other item.

Li Qiye dismissively said: “I am someone who has always been merciful, don’t you think? If I really wanted to rob that item from you guys, I would have done so long ago. After all, since I am such a sentimental and considerate person and your Spirit Mountain took in several old generals and sages of mine, I didn’t flip your mountain over just for the item.”

He looked at the Vajra and continued: “I’m quite reasonable as well. Even though I have some grudges with your Nihility Temple, I have never directed it at your Spirit Mountain. Of course, although I won’t go bother you all, I will be more than happy to slaughter all of those Immortal Emperor’s generals and invincible Godkings if they are without eyes and come to provoke me in the near future.”

“The power of the Buddhist Funeral Plateau… this is good. Let the world witness the invincible might of the plateau, the strength of our Buddhism. What do you think, Vaisravana?” Li Qiye leisurely smiled.

“The Bodhisattva has anticipated Sacred Teacher’s wish.” Eventually, Vaisravana spoke helplessly: “So, he has sent me here to hand it over to Sacred Teacher so that you can go to that place. However, whether you can obtain that other thing or not has nothing to do with Spirit Mountain.” With that, he handed a Buddhist container over to Li Qiye.

Li Qiye opened it for a look and then closed it before smiling: “It is still the Radiant Bodhisattva who understands me the most. He is truly extraordinary with peerless wisdom. If he didn’t join Spirit Mountain to become a monk at your plateau, I would have wanted to groom him into an Immortal Emperor.”

Vaisravana didn’t know what to say. Being watched over by an existence like this Sacred Teacher was the same as being a fish on the chopping block. He was a hawk who would not let go until he spotted and caught the rabbit.

“Your Spirit Mountain can rest easy, I am a man of my word.” Li Qiye put the box away and smiled: “I have taken your item, so from today onward, I shall not use your Buddhist Funeral Plateau’s power.”

“Thank you, Sacred Teacher.” The Vajra formed a mudra and bowed towards Li Qiye.

Li Qiye smilingly said: “You all can relax now. Tell those other monks to keep chanting in peace. Something like today won’t happen again, no one will try to strip them of their faith.”

The Vajra didn’t say anything else. He bowed again and left.

Meanwhile, the people in the city were all watching Evil Buddha’s place; they were looking forward to an earth-shattering fight between Vaisravana Vajra and him.

Unfortunately, such a battle did not happen. They only watched the Vajra leave with no discernible change in his calm demeanor.

They didn’t know what actually happened in there. They only felt that it was a shame that no battle had taken place.

However, on the second day, many temples in the plateau received a message. From now on, there would be no more absorption of the Buddhist affinity in this area. The countless monks here could continue their days as usual while chanting and meditating.

“Is it true?” Many cultivators heard this news as well. One person curiously asked: “Does that mean Evil Buddha won’t be able to use the power of the Buddhist Funeral Plateau anymore?”

While many were quite skeptical of this news, another rumor quickly spread in a short amount of time.

“Evil Buddha has quietly left the Buddhist City, and no one is certain of his direction.” No one knew who the first was to receive this message, but it traveled across the city like wildfire.

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