Chapter 1050: I Alone Am Invincible

Chapter 1050: I Alone Am Invincible

Mad Sword was Bai Jianzhen’s sword dao. Perhaps she was not the most invincible in the younger generation, but she was certainly incomparable with regard to the sword. She was at the apex, an unsurpassable supreme existence.

In the past, the Mortal King had lost to this Mad Sword Dao and was cornered by her.

“Buzz—” Li Qiye’s Buddhist light soared even higher. The Buddhist light turned into Buddhist swords of endless length. They carried a peaceful and gentle aura.

If Bai Jianzhen’s Mad Sword was a raging storm in the middle of an ocean, then Li Qiye’s Buddhist Sword was a sea of Buddhism. They were two polar opposites. One was furious and the other tranquil.

“Boom!” The two oceans of swords collided. The furious swords quickly entered the Buddhist sea. Upon receiving this blow, the Buddhist sea generated a huge tidal wave.

The tranquil Buddhist sea was agitated by the stormy sea. However, it also affected the other side.

Despite its furious nature, the Mad Sword Dao was shaken by the calmness of the surroundings. It gradually melted under the Buddhist sea’s serenity and gained the same peacefulness.

Bai Jianzhen was shocked after seeing this. Her dao of the sword emphasized fury. Once unleashed, it was unstoppable until everything was destroyed. If the Mad Sword became calm, then it would cease to be the Mad Sword.

Bai Jianzhen’s sword intent rose even higher and unleashed shockwaves throughout the sky. This endless sword intent resembled thousands of waterfalls rushing to the sky in order to empower the Mad Sword.

“Merciful Buddha, Excellent, Excellent.” Li Qiye chanted his dharma. His Buddhist intent instantly engulfed her sword intent, causing it to slow down.

Bai Jianzhen saw that the situation wasn’t good and turned around to leave. At this time, losing was not shameful to her at all. Her departure was extremely fast and there was no trace of her remaining after a split second.

“Bang!” Without Bai Jianzhen’s support, the raging sea of swords instantly moldered, no longer capable of stopping Li Qiye’s Buddhist swords.

“Not bad.” Li Qiye voiced his praise, but he didn’t give chase.

This battle had finally ended. Whether it was the ambush from a God-Monarch or the final battle of the younger generation, everything ended.

Jikong Wudi, Heavenly Emperor Lin… all the supreme geniuses had lost. Even their combined efforts couldn’t defeat Evil Buddha.

“Is he the number one of the younger generation now?” The crowd was silent for a long time while they looked at Evil Buddha. In their eyes, it was impossible for the other geniuses to beat Evil Buddha unless they were able to become Emperor Candidates.

“Maybe, just maybe, one person can take him on.” Someone thought of a different invincible master and murmured: “South Emperor, he might be able to.”

After hearing this, the crowd recalled the tales of South Emperor. Maybe only someone like him would be able to oppose Evil Buddha.

Li Qiye withdrew his Buddhist light and became ordinary once more, transforming from a Buddhist Lord into a mortal. Who would have thought that this normal looking guy was able to sweep through all enemies?

“Anyone else want to try for this lotus?” Li Qiye leisurely glanced at the crowd. However, both those nearby and the spectators on the horizon were quiet.

No one dared to utter a word, they only kept on staring at him. At this point, who would dare to try him? Even a God-Monarch with an imperial weapon had died miserably. Others naturally couldn’t match up to him.

“Such a good lotus yet no one wants it, I guess I have to take it then.” Li Qiye cheerfully smirked and collected the lotus.

Even if others wanted to, they didn’t dare to compete with him. Maybe there was a little hope for someone of the Godking level, but not them.

The only one who stayed behind among his opponents was Bing Yuxia. She stood there and stared at him from start to finish. She was certain of her speculation and knew who this Evil Buddha was.

“What now, girl? You still don’t want to leave?” Li Qiye smiled at Bing Yuxia who was staring at him: “Should I send you off?”

She angrily glared at Li Qiye before turning around to go back to her chariot. With beauties on both sides, she said: “Ladies, time to leave.” With that, her chariot disappeared into the horizon.

Li Qiye glanced at the large lake for a bit but didn’t linger behind. He slowly walked towards the Buddhist City instead.

Many spectators dispersed after seeing him leave. There were also those who stayed behind to wait for the opening of the Lesser Imperial Devil World.

“When can we actually go to the lesser world?” A junior lost his patience while looking at the tranquil lake.

A paragon that had lived for several generations spoke: “Who knows? It depends on how long Spirit Mountain takes to remove the seal. It might take a while this time since Evil Buddha channeled the power of the plateau. That might have had a great impact on Spirit Mountain.”

“Evil Buddha is back.” Someone shouted right when Li Qiye appeared in the Buddhist City. The entire city erupted into a clamor.

Those who saw him took the long way around; no one dared to come close. He was someone who was feared by all people and even made devils nervous.

It was not an exaggerated response to the killing of a God-Monarch and defeating all geniuses. In the eyes of many, no one except the South Emperor could compete with him among the younger generation.

He was the center of attention after entering the city. Both young and old and even a few God-Monarchs hiding behind the curtains had their eyes on him.

Someone curiously asked: “Will Evil Buddha fight South Emperor?”

This was the question on everyone’s minds. In fact, it could even be said that the crowd wanted nothing more than for this to happen. It would be a good thing regardless of who won.

“Jikong Wudi’s group all lost.” A pedestrian murmured. Everyone knew that this group was the most promising to compete for the Heaven’s Will. However, they lost completely. Even Jikong Wudi, Heavenly Emperor Lin, and Zhan Shi fighting together couldn’t hurt Evil Buddha in the slightest, it was an utter defeat.

“I wonder how strong Evil Buddha truly is?” In fact, paragons from the previous generation with keen insight wondered: “If he leaves the Buddhist Funeral Plateau, will he still be invincible?”

The insightful in the crowd all saw that Evil Buddha had never revealed his true power. From beginning to end, he only borrowed power from the plateau!

In this way, his true strength was a mystery. Many people wanted to unravel it, but they didn’t dare to do so.

“Hmph, if he leaves the plateau, he probably isn’t a match for Deity’s group. He is only unbeatable by relying on the plateau.” A few youths stated.

All of the young geniuses had many supporters who unavoidably felt indignant after seeing them lose.

In just one night, the entire city was talking about Evil Buddha. Even after such a great battle, no one knew anything about him, including his identity and real strength.

Because of this, rumors about Evil Buddha started circulating. Some said that Evil Buddha was born in an imperial lineage. Upon birth, a bright Buddhist phenomenon emerged, so he started practicing Buddhism at a young age while keeping his hair. Others said that he cultivated the legendary Heavenly Buddhist Scripture, which is why he is so invincible and never met his match during the Buddhist debates at Spirit Mountain. A more ridiculous version claimed that before even coming into this world, he was a Buddhist embryo. This made him destined to become the only Buddhist Emperor since the start of time… [3. Different word than Di Shi. This one is much more literal.]

Rumors spread everywhere overnight and became more outrageous by the minute. However, they were nothing more than figments of the gossipers’ imagination.


“Boom!” On this night, a Buddhist light erupted above Spirit Mountain. A golden grand dao from the mountain paved the way straight to the Buddhist City.

At this moment, one person walked onto the path. It was a Vajra with a huge Buddhist Kingdom behind him. Inside the kingdom were millions and millions of sacred monks. There were also Buddhist Lords, Bodhisattvas, and other Vajras… All of the living beings there worshiped Buddhism.

The leading Vajra’s appearance filled the entire plateau with chants. They were all reciting scriptures for him.

His appearance caused countless stupas to rise. One could easily see that he had accomplished countless acts of kindness in his life. [4. To understand this sentence, one has to know the idiom it is based on. The idiom is "Saving a life is a holier deed than to build a stupa of seven stories." My interpretation is that instead of worshipping Buddha himself, be a better person, be kind to others.]

The Vajra was carrying a huge Buddhist pestle. This pestle on his back seemed to have endless weight, capable of crushing the sky and suppressing all evil.

Each of his steps caused the entire plateau to quake, as if it couldn’t bear his weight.

This Vajra coming out shocked countless people in the plateau. Even Godkings had serious expressions on their faces.

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