Chapter 1049: Only Domination

Chapter 1049: Only Domination

Bing Yuxia quickly leaped back and stared at him in horror. This Evil Buddha didn’t only achieve the impossible by piercing through her Heaven Cutting technique, the part that shocked her was that only one person would do something like this!

“Girl, wait until you perfect your Heaven Cutting, then you can come back and challenge me. You still have a long, long way to go.” Li Qiye patted his palms that still carried the fragrance and smiled.

After leaving the fight, she stared at Evil Buddha and immediately realized many things. No wonder why Evil Buddha seemed so familiar, as if they had met before.

With Bing Yuxia out of the fray, Jikong Wudi’s group of three glanced at each other and took deep breaths. They all came forward at the same time.

Each of them took one corner to form a horn-shaped formation to surround and destroy Li Qiye by delivering a fatal blow.

If even these three couldn’t defeat Evil Buddha, then others would fall into despair for the bleak future of the competition for the Heaven’s Will.

Time stood still. Everyone held their breaths while watching this top-level battle of the younger generation. They were eager to see the result.

Jikong Wudi, Heavenly Emperor Lin, and Zhan Shi all stared intensely at Li Qiye. They didn’t attack right away as they were looking for an opening.

“It seems like you all don’t wish to attack first.” Li Qiye noticed their intent and smiled: “Fine, I’ll go first.”

With that, he formed the Anjali Mudra. In an instant, an endless amount of Buddhist light blossomed along with chants. All the sacred monks in the plateau sang for him once more just like before.

The light engulfed the three geniuses and seemed to be casting a layer of gold on their bodies.

Even those watching on the distant horizon were shocked and exclaimed: “Conversion!”

“Boundless Supreme!” Lin Tiandi let out a long yell while chanting his daoist scripture. In the blink of an eye, a magnificent light descended from above as if a world of immortals was opening. It wanted to illuminate the entire plateau.

“Heavenly Emperor Lin is truly amazing, he is actually using a different immortal law to resist the Buddhist conversion.” Someone praised quietly while watching the immortal light try to purify the Buddhist light.

Though Lin’s light was quite powerful, it was far inferior to the Buddhist’s brilliance. At this moment, Li Qiye’s light was the culmination of the entire plateau. Thus, when the immortal light came down, it was slowly purified and dyed a pure gold. It was about to become a part of the Buddhist light.

“Long live the Supreme!” He took out a physical immortal scripture and flipped the pages then began to chant again. The nearly-converted immortal light lit up once more. This allowed it to barely stop the Buddhist conversion.

“Now!” Jikong Wudi shouted. He understood full well that even if the scripture in Heavenly Emperor Lin’s hand was incredible, it still couldn’t withstand the power of conversion. They only had a split second’s opportunity.

“Buzz!” Zhan Shi took several steps forward with the most powerful offensive rhythm he could muster. Even though he didn’t attack just yet, his pace was leading the rhythm of the grand dao. The world moved to his whim while his steps seemed to be stomping on the dao hearts of others to an unbearable extent.

With that, he took out a halberd and, with a shout, rushed forward to attack. There were no profound techniques or fancy variations. The halberd carried an unstoppable momentum. It was not just a thrust from a weapon, it was also Zhan Shi’s will. He moved forward, unfaltering and heroic.

“Revered One of the World!” Li Qiye didn’t look at the direct attack from the halberd. He simply created the mudra again by placing his palms together. A Buddhist wheel flew out from behind his head.

“Boom!” Zhan Shi’s halberd struck the wheel to no avail. His attack could thrust through all things, but it couldn’t penetrate this wheel.

“Die!” Jikong Wudi made his attack and unleashed the ancient talisman that he obtained from the Emperor Era Hall. He had completely grasped its profundities.

“Buzz—” The talisman stretched out and myriad eras passed by in the blink of an eye. No one could clearly see his attack as it arrived right in front of Li Qiye, aiming for his forehead. It was only one foot away by the time people realized.

“Watch over all sentient beings!” Li Qiye chanted a Buddhist phrase as the attack was about to pierce his head. At this moment, time seemed to slow.

Without a doubt, the talisman’s effect was to alter time in order to accelerate Jikong Wudi’s death blow. However, before contact could be made, a magnificent light rushed out from Li Qiye’s forehead like an ocean. Even if Jikong Wudi was swift, he would need millions of years before he could fly through this endless Buddhist ocean.

“Zzz—” Among the endless ocean, a Buddhist eye opened and emitted a shining radiance. It illuminated all living beings in order to grant them salvation.

Jikong Wudi was immediately frozen under this eye as his body exuded a Buddhist light.

“Bang!” While Li Qiye was dealing with Jikong Wudi, Zhan Shi let out a loud battle cry and unleashed his raging halberd to destroy the world with an endless barrage of fire. Facing such a fierce offense, even the Buddhist wheel suffered damage.

Heavenly Emperor Lin, on the other side, felt that the situation was quite unfavorable. He shouted and mustered his strength to open the scripture again.

“Rumble!” Boundless immortal runes descended. Each rune was as immense as a towering mountain. It combined with Zhan Shi’s strongest halberd thrust to break through Li Qiye’s defense.

“Ahh!” As the invincible attack was on its way, Jikong Wudi screamed loudly and gouged his own chest to grab his heart. He threw it on the ground and ran away at an incredible speed.

Jikong Wudi thought he could have killed Li Qiye using that great opportunity with his ultimate attack. He was only inches away from piercing through Li Qiye’s forehead.

However, he couldn’t escape the power of conversion from Li Qiye’s ultimate dharma. The moment that eye opened, he would instantly be converted. Alas, Jikong Wudi lived up to his name. At the crossroads of life and death, he destroyed his Buddhist heart. Although he suffered grievous losses from doing so, he still managed to decisively escape.

“Rumble!” Under the combined bombardment of Heavenly Emperor Lin and Zhan Shi, the Buddhist wheel shattered and the sea was about to break.

“Skanda, rise.” Li Qiye let out a chant that echoed across the world.

“Boom!” A gigantic figure emerged from within Spirit Mountain. A huge Vajra stood on top of the mountain with a skyward Buddhist light. [1. It says Vajra here, but Skanda is a Bodhisattva on the Wikipedia page.]

Protector Skanda was the guardian deity of Buddhism. At this moment, all the affinity of the plateau condensed into this figure that was the legendary Skanda.

Skanda shouted. Even though he was thousands of miles away, his vajra weapon was not limited by distance.

“Boom!” With a deafening blast, the immense divine runes of Heavenly Emperor Lin were annihilated. Zhan Shi’s endless barrage of thrusts collapsed as well under the attack of this vajra weapon.

No matter how domineering and strong their attacks were, they shattered before Skanda’s might. Nothing could withstand his attack.

Both Lin and Zhan Shi were blown to the horizon while vomiting blood.

“Clank!” A sword hymn resonated throughout the nine heavens. Right as Skanda defeated Lin and Zhan Shi with one strike, Bai Jianzhen made her move. Her sword slashed through the sky, causing the stars and myriad existences to lose their light.

This imperceptible sword was simply too fast. However, people still quivered before the unknown since they could feel the horror of its edge that was capable of destroying all things.

Once the exchange became clear to the spectators, they saw Li Qiye’s fingers holding onto something as if he was picking flowers from the ground. However, he was not picking flowers and instead was tightly clasping Bai Jianzhen’s sword.

“You have reached the essence of the dao of the sword and know when to deliver the fatal blow. Unfortunately, your opponent is me.” Li Qiye easily held onto her sword while she couldn’t move it the least bit.

Despite all of this, Bai Jianzhen was still coldly glaring at Li Qiye without any emotion. She was as cold as the steel edge of a blade. Nothing could shake her emotions.

At this time, she abandoned her sword and shouted: “Die!”

Her sword dao emerged. She slightly turned her hand and her dao turned into a heavenly sword. With this, she became an entirely different person, a Sword Goddess that loomed above the nine heavens. Her sword could sweep through myriad laws.

“Dum—” Myriad realms quaked before the heavenly sword. It turned into countless swords that frantically attacked with an endless bloodthirst. The entire world shook before them.

“Mad Sword…” The world turned into a sea of swords with Bai Jianzhen at the center. They rampaged inside like torrential whirlwinds, leaving nothing behind.

It gave off the feeling of a mad tyrant with her sea of swords destroying an entire civilization and world. Anyone would shiver before such rage. The end of days had come.

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