Chapter 1048: One Challenging The Horde

Chapter 1048: One Challenging The Horde

Despite being protected by the imperial weapon, he was nearly mangled by the pressure. At this time, his position was revealed and he couldn’t hide any longer.

He was driven to insanity. As a God-Monarch from an imperial lineage with an imperial weapon, he was confident in even challenging a Godking without an equal weapon. However, a junior crushed him so easily.

He held his weapon and ran away, not wanting to stay for a second longer. Evil Buddha’s horrifying might far exceeded his imagination.

“Face Buddha’s wrath, the sword that shall sweep through the sky.” Buddhist lights bloomed from Li Qiye’s body and lit up the entire plateau. He chanted and derived the dharma while the monks in this place sang for him. The Buddhist affinity accumulated for generations became blessings on his body.

With this mantra, he spread out his palm. Another Buddhist ray emerged like a stout tree.

“Clank!” A sword assaulted the sky as it swept forth. The stars and the galaxy were split. This one sword was extremely mystical and caused gods and devils to bow their heads.

“Whoosh!” Blood sprayed high up in the air. The God-Monarch’s head rolled far away on the ground. His eyes were still wide open. Despite running tens of thousands of miles away in an instant, he still couldn’t dodge the Buddhist Sword.

An escaping God-Monarch, despite having an imperial weapon, would have a weakened defense. After he was killed, the weapon didn’t pause at all and instantly disappeared into the horizon.

The world stood still once more while the Buddhist lotus quietly floated above the lake. At this moment, no one dared to cross the line at all. Li Qiye took his time walking to the lotus and nonchalantly stood on top of it.

At this moment, he gathered the affinity of the plateau again. Its rhythm swayed to his will. He became extremely holy while standing on the lotus. Anyone who was close to him would have the urge to prostrate and join the Buddhist order.

Despite Li Qiye’s attempts to limit his aura to prevent it from converting people, it was still immensely terrifying. No one dared to come close.

“One thought to become Buddha, another to become Devil.” In the Buddhist City, South Emperor watched the whole event and said: “He is Buddha, capable of controlling the entire plateau. So many ignorant fools running to their deaths.”

The whole world was silent while Li Qiye stood on top of the lotus, undisturbed. As for the Soaring Heavenly Saintess, she had run away long ago.

He glanced past the crowd and slowly asked: “Anyone else want to take this Buddhist lotus?”

At this moment, the majority of the experts looked at each other in order to figure out what to do. No one dared to take half a step past this pond of thunder. Jikong Wudi, Zhan Shi, and the Mortal King were silent with ugly expressions.

“Very well, oh Merciful Buddha. It seems like all of you are still unwilling, I will give you young ones a chance.” Li Qiye saw their cold expressions and unwillingness to leave. He smiled: “You, you, you, and all of you, come together.”

Li Qiye casually pointed at Jikong Wudi’s group, including Bing Yuxia and Bai Jianzhen.

This challenge astounded the crowd. Jikong Wudi, Zhan Shi, Heavenly Emperor Lin, the Jewel Pillar Mortal King, Bing Yuxia, Bai Jianzhen — all the supreme geniuses were here.

But now, Evil Buddha wanted to fight all of them by himself. The crowd had no choice but to turn silly. His showing was truly invincible.

A paragon murmured: “This is truly the number one among the younger generation, who can compete with him?!”

Who else right now would dare to challenge all the other geniuses here? Such a person didn’t exist until Evil Buddha showed up.

The group of geniuses was silent. Even though they were powerful and confident, they didn’t feel certain at this moment. They knew that this Evil Buddha was capable of controlling the entire plateau and its power to suppress all of them.

“We can give it a try.” While Jikong Wudi’s group was feeling uncertain, Bing Yuxia let go of the beauty in her embrace and exited her chariot.

Bai Jianzhen also stood up from the shade while readying her sword. A sharp glimmer flashed in her pretty eyes, revealing her frightening sword intent. She completely changed in this moment, turning into an unsheathed sword with incomparable sharpness. Anyone would shiver while looking at her.

The Mortal King shouted: “I will go first.” He was the first to step up to Li Qiye. He wanted to discard the annoyance brewing inside him after suffering the previous two defeats by challenging Li Qiye.

The first time, he underestimated the power of the dharma and was almost converted. The second time, he lost to a single finger from South Emperor.

“Very brave.” Li Qiye smiled after seeing the Mortal King being the first to rise to the challenge: “Even though you have been an eyesore all this time, Buddha will be merciful today and shall spare your life.”

“Don’t be so arrogant!” The Mortal King shouted after Li Qiye viewed him as a fish on the chopping block. He had fought experts from all over the world, so being looked down on by Evil Buddha like this was truly shameful!

“Buzz—” A ray of light bloomed. After his shout, a treasure appeared above his head. It was as white as jade and poured down a sacred imperial power capable of suppressing gods and devils.

“An imperial weapon.” Though people didn’t recognize its background, even the foolish ones knew that it was an imperial weapon.

Everyone knew that the sacred school had never produced an Immortal Emperor. However, Jewel Pillar had an imperial weapon right now. This was indeed worth musing over.

“Very smart method, refining the finger bone of an Immortal Emperor who cultivates the Hell Suppressing Physique into a Life Treasure. It can avoid conversion as well as increase your own physique’s power.” Li Qiye smiled after seeing the weapon. He naturally knew who it belonged to.

“Seal!” The Mortal King didn’t waste time speaking and shouted. Light erupted from his body in the form of strings. The Hell Suppressing Physique suppressed the entire world. Even the void was trembling and the area lost its brilliance.

At this point, he turned into a gigantic prison in an instant. A dark light floated around this huge cage, causing the celestials to dim.

“Pop!” When this cage came down, the void shattered. Nothing could stay intact under its pressure. Even gods and devils could only accept being imprisoned for an eternity.

The Mortal King had exerted his physique to its limit. Anyone would be horrified after seeing this. The absolute suppression from this physique was horrifying. The grand dao shattered and myriad laws screamed.

“Amitabha.” Li Qiye didn’t even move while facing this physique cage. He only chanted and formed a Buddhist mudra with both hands.

“Boom!” Thousands of Buddhist laws from the plateau shot into the sky. Each of them was as grand as a waterfall that had Buddhist images engraved on them. It was a very spectacular scene.

“Clank!” In the blink of an eye, the waterfalls came together to form a Buddhist mudra. Everyone here felt that the plateau was sinking. Even its vast territory couldn’t handle the weight of this seal.

“Boom!” The physique cage couldn’t out-suppress Li Qiye. Under the smashing of the mudra, it shattered completely. The Mortal King was blown flying while spurting blood. Even though the Hell Suppressing Physique was extremely tough, people could still hear his bones breaking.

He was smashed flying and disappeared into the horizon.

“The Mortal King is really unlucky.” Many went silent after seeing this. The Mortal King had challenged Evil Buddha three times and all three ended in his defeat.

The rest of the geniuses stared at Li Qiye. They didn’t have a strategy to deal with him, but fleeing without putting up a fight was not their style either.

Li Qiye looked at them and chuckled: “Are all of you coming together or one at a time?”

“I’m going!” Bing Yuxia rushed forward and immediately flipped her delicate hand.

“Boom!” A monstrous stone tablet fell from the sky. It had countless runes etched on the surface. The world was sealed along with myriad dao upon its arrival.

In this split second, she severed all things. Myriad laws lost their power while myriad dao lost their colors. One could even say that she had severed Li Qiye’s connection to the Buddhist Funeral Plateau. At this time, he couldn’t control its power and had lost its protection.

“Did she do it?” The crowd was ecstatic at this sight because Evil Buddha was too heaven-defying. People wanted to see a miracle that resulted in his defeat.

Jikong Wudi, Lin Tiandi, and Zhan Shi were all startled at her method of severing the connection. This was the first time they saw Bing Yuxia doing this.

“Pop!” However, no one clearly saw what Evil Buddha did right afterward. His hand crossed through time and space. Even the tablet capable of cutting through all things couldn’t sever this hand.

This penetrating hand instantly slapped Bing Yuxia’s sweet buttocks. One slap and one squeeze, all at the mercy of his whim.

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