Chapter 1031: Invincible Dharma

Chapter 1031: Invincible Dharma

At the peak of Spirit Mountain, the Radiant Bodhisattva was illuminating the sky. Many people held their breaths while watching from the horizon. Meanwhile, worshippers were kneeling on the ground on the mountain. There was no way to return from Buddhism under the shining radiance of the Bodhisattva.

Who could know how the debate was going? Though the temple allowed anyone to spectate, no one was willing to go inside due to its great influence. Even those with powerful dao hearts like Zhan Shi would be converted, unable to defend their beliefs.

“Buzz—” One second passed by after another. With a soft sound, the light above the temple disappeared along with the Radiant Bodhisattva’s reflection.

“How did it go?” Someone couldn’t help but ask after seeing the lights disappear.

No one could answer him. Everyone watched the Buddhist gate of the temple with bated breaths. Time felt particularly slow to the nervous spectators. One second lasted a century.

Eventually, a person walked out of the gate, causing many eyes to widen. He had long hair with a leisured expression. It was Li Qiye, or rather, Chu Yuntian.

“The Radiant Bodhisattva lost.” Someone murmured after seeing Li Qiye.

“How can that be…” The monks at the plateau were aghast and had to take several thumping steps back.

“Even the Radiant Bodhisattva couldn’t defeat this young man in the debate. This is so incredible…” The monks glanced at each other in shock.

The Radiant Bodhisattva was considered the one closest to being a Buddhist Lord. Many people were certain that he was next in line at the Buddhist kingdom. But today, he was defeated by a nameless practitioner who still had his hair. Such a scene left these monks in disbelief.

To cultivators who knew about the dharma and the monks at the plateau, defeating the Radiant Bodhisattva with merit laws and combat was one thing and perhaps understandable. After all, he had only studied the dharma since youth.

However, a scripture debate was a monk’s strong suit, especially someone like the Radiant Bodhisattva who should be peerless in this aspect. However, he lost at his own specialty — this was quite difficult to believe.

Even those who didn’t understand the significance of his defeat trembled. They felt that Li Qiye was too heaven-defying for being able to defeat the Bodhisattva in a dharmic debate.

“What kind of treasure will he get?” Many people wanted to know. Some looked over at Zhan Shi.

Zhan Shi won the scripture hark, so there were those who wanted to know what he received from the temple. The crowd knew that the Four Buddhas Temple was the top among the eighteen. A treasure from there was definitely supreme.

Li Qiye slowly walked down from the mountain. The worshipers here all prostrated with their heads touching the ground. They didn’t stand up for a very long time, for they were lost in Buddhism and couldn’t turn back.

The cultivators in the distance watched quietly as Li Qiye left the mountain. This meant that he didn’t wish to train in this area.

A youth looked on and curiously asked: “If this person with his boundless dharma enters the world, what will happen? What if he competes for the Heaven’s Will as well?”

Many quietly contemplated this issue. An older cultivator answered: “Hmm, I’m afraid there is no precedent for that.”

Competing for the Heaven’s Will was the business of cultivators. If a monk that only trained in the dharma came to compete for it, what would be the result? Would the Heaven’s Will recognize such a person?

It appeared to be an unanswered question. In just a moment, the crowd looked around at each other. Although there was no answer, people like Jikong Wudi and Lin Tiandi looked quite solemn.

“Can he actually compete for the Heaven’s Will? He is a monk, not a cultivator, how can his dharma fight for it? Maybe he will be killed by another expert. The competition for the Heaven’s Will is ruthless and will only be decided when there is a single man left standing. It is not a merciful ordeal, chanting and singing Buddhist hymns won’t do.” A young cultivator spoke with disdain.

In the eyes of many youths here, someone who trained in the dharma couldn’t compete with cultivators in this aspect, especially the most brilliant cultivators.

“Not necessarily.” A Virtuous Paragon shook his head: “Don’t look down on Buddhist practitioners. If that was the case, the Buddhist Funeral Plateau wouldn’t have stood strong for so long. Through the ages, many Immortal Emperors have appeared along with imperial lineages. They kept on replacing one another across the river of time. Some were destroyed completely, but the plateau remained standing.”

The paragon’s words struck the crowd. Both young and old felt a chill. Everyone knew that the plateau, especially Spirit Mountain, had untold treasures. Countless invincible people, including Immortal Emperors, had come to this place, but the plateau still continued to exist until now. If it wasn’t strong enough, it would have been destroyed by someone already.

“If he comes into this world, would he be able to compete against geniuses like you guys?” Someone saw Li Qiye leaving the mountain and murmured.

No one wanted to answer this question because the most promising geniuses for the Heaven’s Will were all in this place — Zhan Shi, Jikong Wudi, Lin Tiandi, and the Jewel Pillar Mortal King…

“I also want to see this peerless dharma of his.” Someone spoke with a powerful tone at this time. Even though he didn’t emit his frightening aura, his voice alone was quiver-inducing.

The crowd looked back and found that it was the Jewel Pillar Mortal King. His eyes were quite profound at this moment as he gazed at Li Qiye walking away.

Everyone became excited upon seeing his expression. He was known as the War God as well as the War Fanatic. They knew about his great belligerence, so it would be a great show if he were to challenge the youth with the boundless dharma.

After leaving Spirit Mountain, Li Qiye took his time walking away. His Buddhist light was hidden in his aura of normalcy. He felt quite carefree, as if he wasn’t a Buddha or Li Qiye but only Chu Yuntian.

He was quite relaxed. The duel against the Radiant Bodhisattva was using a butcher’s blade to kill a chicken. His goal was not the eighteen temples or Nalanda, it was the Nihility Temple!

No matter what, he must grab that item from the Nihility Temple. However, the old monks in that temple were not so easily trifled with. Alas, in this generation, he was confident in his ability to defeat them in scripture debates.

He headed for the Buddhist City afterward. Wo Longxuan, who ran to the horizon earlier, also came to meet up with him.

However, before she could make contact, she was blocked by a group of people. They all had the same uniform with powerful blood energies. They were quite young, and it was clear that they were from the same sect.

“Robbery? This is the sacred ground of the Buddhist faith.” She was not afraid and cheerfully smiled at the group that blocked her.

An expert slowly stated: “Girl, take off your veil. We’re performing a routine check.”

She batted her eyes and leisurely said: “Routine check? For what?” Then she smiled at Li Qiye who was coming closer: “Master, there is a group of bandits here wanting to perform a routine check, should you enlighten them? Don’t you Buddhists have this saying, relinquish your knife to become a Buddha?” [1. Idiom; repent and be absolved of one’s crimes.]

Li Qiye glanced at the group and idly said: “Since when did the Nantian Clan mingle at the Buddhist Funeral Plateau? With just your clan, you think you are qualified to perform routine checks here?”

These people were disciples from the Nantian Clan. It was located very far away, yet they came all the way here to perform these checks.

“This king is the one giving permission, that’s their qualification.” An arrogant voice resounded as a young man approached with a confident stride. He wore a crown and showed an imperious expression.

Many people noticed them the moment Wo Longxuan was stopped by this group. They saw this young man, prompting one to whisper: “Isn’t that the new crown prince from the Nantian Clan?”

Back then, Nantian Young King from the clan died to Li Qiye. Later on, they selected a new crown prince.

“Their clan is reaching too far above their own abilities. They dare to perform inspections at the plateau?” Someone from the previous generation frowned. A lineage from the Grand Middle Territory running to the Barren Earth and daring to perform these checks? This couldn’t be justified.

“Ancestor, you have just come out so you aren’t aware of the current situation. The circumstances are different now.” A sect master softly spoke to his ancestor. He glanced over at the Mortal King in the horizon and continued: “In the present times, the Nantian Clan, the Jiangzuo Clan… and the Jewel Pillar Mortal King are very, very close. So close that the disciples from these clans have pledged allegiance to the Mortal King.”

Such a thing was not strange at all. The Mortal King was very famous at this moment. These clans were optimistic about him and thought that he could compete for the Heaven’s Will.

The ancestor gently shook his head and said: “Just this alone is not enough for them to interfere with the Barren Earth’s business.”

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