Chapter 1027: Buddhist Debate

Chapter 1027: Buddhist Debate

“The sacred monks are starting.” Even though no one could see the actual debate, they immediately understood what was going on after seeing the three giant Buddhas appear above the Zen Void Temple.

“Minor-trinal Surangama Sutra.” An expert versed in the dharma looked at the three Buddhas above the temple and instantly knew which scripture they were debating. He murmured: “Rumor has it that the monk most-versed on this sutra at the Zen Void Temple is Sacred Monk Kong Hui. Some even say that he is only one step away from ascending. If he can ascend to the Buddhist kingdom, then he can obtain true eternal life!”

“I know Sacred Monk Kong Hui.” An old sect master with gray hair gently sighed: “He is the tenth generation sect master of our sect, not to mention being an invincible Emperor Candidate during his youth. Later on, he joined Spirit Mountain and became the abbot of the Zen Void Temple.”

The crowd was astonished to hear this. An Emperor Candidate was able to compete for the Heaven’s Will, yet he still joined the mountain to ultimately become a monk.

However, while the crowd was still jolted, the three Buddhas suddenly lost their radiance and disappeared along with their chants.

The knowledgeable expert exclaimed in horror: “Sacred Monk Kong Hui has been defeated.”

Many were amazed. Someone who had witnessed a debate before stated: “Isn’t this, isn’t this way too fast? I was at a Buddhist city and witnessed two high monks debating. They took a full eight days and eight nights.”

“It was not a match of the same level.” The knowledgeable expert gently sighed: “This unknown monk with hair is too strong. His dharma understanding is unfathomable and defeated Kong Hui with just a few Buddhist mantras.”

Sure enough, Li Qiye and Wo Longxuan left the Zen Void Temple a bit later with a high monk seeing them off.

“So fast, it was basically over in just the blink of an eye. I wonder what treasure he obtained from the temple...” Someone murmured after seeing the two leaving.

After exiting the Zen Void Temple, Li Qiye went to the Divine Void Temple, one of the eight, and easily passed the Buddhist gate.

Someone curiously wondered: “Don’t tell me he wants to challenge all eighteen temples on Spirit Mountain?”

Li Qiye’s debate went without any surprise at the Divine Void Temple. He easily defeated the sacred monk there, so he went to the Heart Void Temple next…

Afterward, he challenged all the remaining temples of the Eight Void Temples. This scene left everyone outside of Spirit Mountain dumbfounded.

“This… this is too heaven-defying. Where did this sacred monk come from? He still has his hair during his training.” Many turned silly at Li Qiye’s strong display throughout the Eight Void Temples.

“He is going to the Six Tribulation Temples now.” A spectator spoke after seeing Li Qiye walking away from the Eight Void Temples.

“He is actually going to challenge all eighteen…” A sect master who understood Buddhism murmured: “He can’t just be a sacred monk. This might be someone at the level of an Arhat or Bodhisattva.”

An ancient being muttered: “If he could go through all eighteen temples, then his dharma must be boundless. He can directly ascend to the Buddhist kingdom for eternal life.”

Eternal life was very tempting to any expert on the verge of death. Nothing was more important than continuing to live.

Someone else was full of envy: “He took on the void temples and now the tribulation temples, does he want to take all the treasures on Spirit Mountain?” Having said that, he began to salivate.

Everyone knew about the huge amount of treasures and merit laws in these temples and even the coveted Buddhist relics. Li Qiye had defeated the void temples in one breath, this meant that he had at least received eight extremely heaven-defying treasures.

But little did they know that he simply didn’t want any of these treasures. He didn’t come to debate for the treasures. This was only the beginning, a warm-up session during his trip at Spirit Mountain.

Countless eyes were on the mountain during his debates. Outside of seeing if Li Qiye could challenge the other temples, they also wanted to watch what the others could do.

“Jikong Wudi came out.” A keen-eyed spectator shouted while Li Qiye was inside the tribulation temples.

Many people turned to look. Sure enough, Jikong Wudi came out of the Grand Heaven Temple in an easy and comfortable manner.

Prior to this, Jikong Wudi already had incredible visual phenomena accompanying him, with myriad laws and control over the rhythm of the universe.

However, after coming out from the Grand Heaven Temple, he was even more extraordinary. His temperament was calm while he stood, looking down on the world with disdain. Nothing could enter his sight; it was as if he had countless Bodhisattvas protecting him and the blessing of the supreme dharma. Even the judgment of the high heavens wouldn’t be able to harm him.

“He has successfully sculpted an attainment and obtained a Bodhisattva's enlightenment fruit!” A discerning paragon murmured.

Many people felt a chill and muttered as well: “Jikong Wudi, is he really going to be invincible? Three saints aptitude — this is enough to make him invincible. I’m afraid we won’t be able to find anyone who can truly defeat him anymore. Now that he has the enlightened fruit as well, it will increase his power to another level.” [3. Wudi = invincible, unmatched.]

“Only a Buddhist Lord’s enlightened fruit is better than a Bodhisattva’s fruit, but how many people across all the eons actually managed to get one?” A young genius became dejected: “Jikong Wudi’s three saints aptitude was already strong enough, but now he has that fruit too. How can other people handle this? With this, both the Jewel Pillar Mortal King and the others would find defeating Jikong Wudi even more difficult than reaching the heavens!”

“The truth is that not many people can get the Bodhisattva's fruit either.” A big shot from the previous generation shook his head: “I’m afraid from now on, even the Mortal King won’t be able to defeat Jikong Wudi.”

Someone immediately shushed: “Shh, Jewel Pillar is coming.”

The Mortal King landed right outside of Spirit Mountain at this moment. He stood with both hands posed behind his back like a giant. His Hell Suppressing Physique had reached half completion, so he gave others the sense of having immeasurable weight. No enemies would be able to move him.

He watched Jikong Wudi leave the Grand Heaven Temple with a serious and profound gaze. Who knew what he was thinking?

At his current level, he was a threat to the rest of the world. He stood outside of the mountain and not too many dared to come closer. The younger generation stared at him in awe.

“Buzz—” Next, several visions emerged. Each of them was earth-shattering as if countless Buddhas were descending.

In a short period of time, Li Qiye actually finished challenging the tribulation temples. Starting with the Divine Tribulation Temple and ending at the Mortal Tribulation Temple, the whole process only took two hours.

People were at a loss for words when they saw these phenomena appearing one after another. The lights in the six temples dimmed after each time.

Even Jikong Wudi and the Mortal King turned somber upon seeing this astonishing spectacle.

“This is no Arhat or Bodhisattva, it has to be a Buddhist Lord. Who else could defeat the tribulation temples in such a short time? Buddhist debates are the most profound dharmic art.” A sect master murmured.

“It’s okay.” A young expert patted his chest and felt lucky: “At least he is a sacred monk and trains in the dharma. Otherwise, if he cultivated, he would be able to sweep through all of us!”

People became filled with curiosity about the monk’s identity. A Buddhist practitioner keeping his hair. Just who was this man that was able to sweep through all of these temples?

“He wants to go to the three Grand Temples now.” Someone murmured as Li Qiye approached the Grand Earth Temple.

“If he can actually defeat all eighteen, then it will definitely be a miracle.” Some were eagerly waiting for this miracle to appear.

“Amitabha…” After Li Qiye entered this temple, a Buddhist chant came out from the Four Buddhas Temple. A radiant sacred monk personally flew to the sky in order to escort a young man out.

This young man walked with a special pace, each step was perfectly measured. His steps were firm and decisive. It felt as though even if the sky were to fall down, it wouldn’t hinder his path.

“Zhan Shi…” Someone exclaimed after seeing the youth: “Zhan Shi did it. He was actually able to withstand the Buddhist law inside the Four Buddhas Temple, he was able to endure the chants of the sacred monks!”

“So heaven-defying, a successful scripture hark. Just by this feat, he has definitely proven himself to be a future Immortal Emperor candidate.” The older generation praised him as well.

The Four Buddhas Temple was the leader of the eighteen temples. The sacred monks there were all incredible, though no one knew just how strong they were. Legend states that anyone who heard even a single word from these sacred monks would instantly burst into tears and kowtow on the ground to join the Buddhist faith!

“Zhan Shi actually listened to a whole scripture. Just how strong is his dao heart?” Anyone would feel a chill after hearing this. They were amazed by his fortified dao heart.

Both Jikong Wudi and the Mortal King were serious when they saw Zhan Shi walking out.

For them right now, talents were not as important, the dao heart was the crucial aspect. Both had the qualifications to compete for the Heaven’s Will, but the person to have the last laugh would not necessarily be the one with the highest talent. This had been the case for tens of millions of years. The Immortal Emperor was not always the most brilliant one, but they surely had the most persistent dao heart in that generation!

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