Chapter 1018: Meeting The Middle Continent Princess Again

Chapter 1018: Meeting The Middle Continent Princess Again

She stood still and looked at him before smiling: “I’m following to take a look at what kind of person you really are.”

She was no longer concealing her goal. She understood that hiding or lying in front of Li Qiye was a foolish idea.

“The person behind the Mortal King is probably still looking for you. If you are smart, then leave this place and return to your cliff. You are not the Mortal King’s match and definitely not that person’s match.” Despite his calm demeanor, he had a transcendent temperament.

“I also want to see who he is as well.” She smiled. Unfortunately, her face was hidden so no one could see her kingdom-toppling smile.

Li Qiye only looked at her for a bit. In the end, he didn’t say anything and turned around to continue onward. Wo Longxuan followed right behind him. Judging from her appearance, she was determined to go wherever he went.

Of course, Li Qiye didn’t really care. He couldn’t feel that there was a person right behind him at all. Meanwhile, she felt something completely different. Each of his steps seemed very slow, but the truth was that they were extremely swift.

The even stranger part was that it wasn’t Li Qiye moving, but the entire Buddhist Funeral Plateau. It was as if Li Qiye was the center of the plateau. He stood in place, completely still, while the entire plateau moved for his sake.

The even more mystical aspect was that Li Qiye did not emit any Buddhist lights or visual phenomena. However, there was an indescribable feeling while standing behind him — a Buddhist aura, both majestic and gentle. It gave the sudden sensation that it was not Li Qiye walking but a supreme Buddhist Lord.

The sun was rising from the horizon as Li Qiye slowly trod forward. A golden light from the grand dao was pouring out from behind him. These golden rays scattered as if they wanted to save all living beings.

This feeling of grandeur made Wo Longxuan breathe deeply to compose herself and protect her dao heart. Otherwise, it would be affected by him despite its resilience.

Many were affected by the Buddhist affinity from the plateau. However, for someone at her level, unless they came to challenge the eighteen temples, this affinity was negligible.

But now, Li Qiye wasn’t using any Buddhist arts or chanting sutras, yet he was already greatly affecting her. The Buddhist affinity that emanated from his body had reached an unbelievable magnitude. If he started chanting or using Buddhist laws, she didn’t know how long she would be able to hold out for.

How could Wo Longxuan not be astonished by this? Someone of her level understood the distinction between illusions and reality. However, the scene before her was neither an illusion nor reality, it was an indirect sign, telling her that this Chu Yuntian had a terrifying Buddhist affinity. Or rather, he had obtained a Buddhist heart! [1. Similar concept to dao heart. Daoism versus Buddhism.]

“You cultivate the Buddhist dao?” Wo Longxuan couldn’t help but ask while following right behind him. Keep in mind that one couldn’t reach this such a powerful level overnight.

“I am Buddha, so there’s no need to cultivate.” Li Qiye answered: “All myriad dao have one origin while one law creates myriad dao. I am the law, a law of Buddhism; my words are the Buddhist dao.”

The volume of his voice was quite low, but in Wo Longxuan’s ears, his answer echoed to the nine layers of the firmament. It was as if a Buddhist Lord was speaking, a speech capable of changing the universe and causing myriad laws to resonate.

She protected her dao heart to avoid being affected by him while curiously inquiring: “Are you trying to join Nalanda? Or maybe you came from there?”

The Nalanda Temple was the leading area for those of the Buddhist faith. No one could compete with it. At the plateau, anyone who had some achievements in Buddhism would join Nalanda. However, not just anyone was able to enter.

“Go there?” Li Qiye laughed again: “I am Buddha, so why do I need to join another monastery? The end of the path of Buddhism is me, so I don’t need anyone to teach me.”

His words silenced Wo Longxuan. This ordinary man in front of her was extraordinary. Maybe he was right, he was Buddha himself or at least a great Buddhist Lord!

The two continued on their way without talking. Eventually, Li Qiye arrived at a temple that was neither large or small. The weathered walls and roof tiles were quite old and had lost their luster.

Nevertheless, the temple was still emitting a burning Buddhist aura as if it was one with the momentum of this world. Any wise person could see that it was not so simple.

Standing outside, Li Qiye carefully looked up before entering the temple with Wo Longxuan right behind him.

Although she was not versed in feng shui, the moment she stepped inside, she could feel that this temple was quite extraordinary. It seemed to be one with the world, giving off an indestructible toughness. It resembled an impregnable citadel rather than a temple of worship.

There were no pilgrims inside and very few monks. As an expert, Wo Longxuan was able to sense that there were monks sitting inside the rooms of the temple even though they were absent from the main mall.

“May I ask if Benefactors are here to burn some incense or to sleep for the night?” After Li Qiye entered the temple, an old monk finally came to greet him with both hands clasped together.

Li Qiye looked at him and flatly said: “I want to see your master.”

Still with the Buddhist gesture, the monk gently shook his head: “I’m sorry, but Benefactor came at the wrong time. Our abbot is in closed meditation and won’t meet guests. Please come back another day.”

“I don’t want to see your abbot.” Li Qiye shook his head: “I want to see your master, Bu Lianxiang!”

“Who might Benefactor be…” The old monk’s eyes turned serious the moment he heard this. A radiance flashed within his pupils like the rays at the far reaches of the horizon.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Tell her an old friend is visiting.”

Having said that, his Buddhist energy soared outside. A golden lotus slowly blossomed below his feet. A golden spring oozed from the ground while Buddhist hymns resounded like the chanting of a million monks.

Even though there were no changes to his body, he appeared to be incredibly grand like a gigantic Buddha capable of shouldering the blue sky with a single stomp. His sutras would grant salvation to all living beings.

This wasn’t an illusion but extremely tangible Buddhism. Only an unfathomable mastery of the Buddhist faith would result in these phenomena.

“Amitabha, so High Buddha is visiting.” The monk placed his palms together and bowed: “Please wait, this little monk will go inform the master.” Having said that, the old monk left.

Li Qiye recalled his Buddhist aura and assumed his ordinary form. Nevertheless, he still gave off a sublime presence.

A bit later, the old monk came back and respectfully gestured with his palms once more while bowing: “High Buddha, the master will see you.”

He then led the way for Li Qiye. Li Qiye followed with Wo Longxuan right behind him. She was quite curious about who Li Qiye wanted to meet.

A bit later, the monk led them to an arch entrance. He stood there without entering and gestured for Li Qiye to go inside.

The two of them stepped beneath the arch and found that there was a heavenly grotto inside. It was a place of nature, not an old building like one would imagine.

A great river ran before them with sparkling water. However, the sparkles here were not from the water, they were from the silver within. The entire river seemed to be full of silver as if it had fallen to the mortal world from its place in the nine heavens.

A woman was meditating on top of the river. The lotus below her was blossoming and emitted colorful rays that illuminated the depths of the river. Meanwhile, at the bottom of the river were countless visual phenomena, as if a supreme treasure was about to open.

She appeared to be over thirty and had an elegance that couldn’t be described with the brush. Her style was supreme and accentuated her mature charm that would cause hearts to beat faster!

Wo Longxuan could be called a great beauty of the current generation; her features were kingdom-toppling. However, she was still lacking compared to the woman ahead.

She didn’t recognize who the woman was, but if Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao were here, they would know right away. It was the Middle Continent Princess!

Outsiders would be astounded to find out about this. The princess was buried in the Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground as an Earth Immortal, yet she was able to make it out alive.

Without a doubt, the princess had chosen the correct underworld boat back then and was successful in prolonging her life. As for how many years she was able to gain, this was not known.

Li Qiye secretly heaved a gentle sigh while looking at the princess sitting on the lotus with her unchanging appearance. After many years, some things still wouldn’t change. Even if they did, they would remain unforgettable.

It was a misunderstanding back then as well as an ill-fated turn of events. It began with him, so it should be ended by him.

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