Chapter 1017: Seeking Buddhism

Chapter 1017: Seeking Buddhism

Wo Longxuan had to comment: “Who is this person behind him? Is it an ancestor from the Jewel Pillar Sacred School?”

Li Qiye shook his head: “An ancestor from the school? I’m afraid not. Even though the school has many physique laws, it can’t reach this level of proficiency in so many different aspects. The person knows the dao techniques of this world too well, not just anyone can accomplish this!”

Wo Longxuan contemplated again. She lost completely this time against the Mortal King. It was just like Chu Yuntian said, the king found the right merit laws to restrain her so that she was at a complete disadvantage and had no way to reverse the tides.

“There’s no need to be dejected. The saint child isn’t bad and the person behind him is quite heaven-defying.” Li Qiye spoke: “However, if you can comprehend the mysteries of your bloodline, defeating him won’t be difficult!”

She softly sighed and replied: “Perhaps, but even if that day comes, it will be a very long time from now.”

She was not someone who wallows in despair upon defeat. However, her situation was not optimistic due to her grave injuries. Even if she could return to the Grand Sea, she still needed many years to recover. Comprehending her bloodline would require an even longer period of time.

“Take this, my medicine can heal your injuries quite quickly.” Li Qiye casually threw a small bottle to her. Its tiny size would make others think that he was acting quite stingy!

At first, she didn’t really care and only opened it unconcernedly. When the bottle was opened, a sweet fragrance capable of making people feel refreshed drifted out. The ointment inside resembled the fat of a dragon with flashing glimmers.

Wo Longxuan was shocked by this ointment. Even if she wasn’t knowledgeable about medicine, she still knew that this ointment was supreme.

“What, what is this medicine?” She stared at Li Qiye in amazement.

Li Qiye chuckled in response: “Heaven Restoration Salve. It can cure your wounds in a short amount of time.”

“Heaven Restoration Salve!” She was startled: “I have heard of this medicine before. Legend states that it is the best medicine in the nine worlds, but no one has ever been able to refine it.”

Having said that, she stared at Li Qiye in disbelief. She didn’t have the tiniest inkling of Chu Yuntian's identity!

What was even more stunning was that Chu Yuntian casually gave her such a precious medicine. Keep in mind that they didn’t know each other. She didn’t think that her charm was great enough for someone else to easily hand over the best medicine in the nine worlds either.

She eventually calmed down with great difficulty and took a deep breath before staring at him: “Why are you handing me this priceless medicine?”

She couldn’t guess what the man was thinking at all. He was a mystery that couldn’t be explored.

“Because I don’t want you to die.” Li Qiye leisurely said: “An ancient bloodline, old to the point of being untraceable. I really want to see how pure this bloodline can eventually get.”

“You truly know about my bloodline?” She stared at him. In fact, even her Sleeping Dragon Cliff didn’t know too much about this bloodline. This was because it had been a very long time since a bloodline as pure as hers had appeared. They were no longer the same cliff as back then, no longer the legendary dwellers of the sea.

“At the very least, much more than your cliff.” Li Qiye said with a smile: “Someone with this bloodline hasn’t appeared in your cliff in a very long time, so all of you have almost forgotten that your ancestors came from the sea!”

“Fellow Daoist is so knowledgeable, this little sister hopes that you can teach me a thing or two about my bloodline.” She was not a fool. On the contrary, clever was a suitable word to describe her.

He couldn’t help but smile: “Teach you? Of course I can teach you. The question is, what's in it for me? I can occasionally act as a good person, but not always. If you want to harvest, you must work for it. I need my efforts to be rewarded!”

This response left her silent. She didn’t know anything about this Chu Yuntian, and she couldn’t make any promises to someone she knew nothing about.

“Recuperate well.” He glanced at the silent girl and smiled before standing up to go to the Sutra Room to read more scrolls.

She stayed behind in the temple to recover while using the Heaven Restoration Salve. Her injuries healed very quickly. They were quite serious; even her dao foundation was damaged.

Judging from her injuries, even if she fled back to the Sleeping Dragon Cliff and used their incredible ointments, it would take as long as ten years before she could heal. However, under the medicinal effect of this salve, she was completely cured in just four to five days.

This completely astonished her. This salve was simply too heaven-defying. She couldn’t help but murmur its name: “Heaven Restoration, Heaven Restoration, if you can restore even the heavens, what can’t you do?”

She had heard of this name from the older generation. However, it was only an item from legends. She knew that it was the best medicine in the nine worlds. The truth was that even her ancestors didn’t know what it was, let alone seeing it with their own eyes. They had only heard of the name. Even the best alchemists couldn’t refine the Heaven Restoration Salve.

But now, Li Qiye gave the number one medicine to her so that she could see its true effects. How could she not become frightened?

After making a full recovery in just a few short days, she actually didn’t leave and remained in the temple. Outside of wanting to know the monster behind the saint child, she also wanted to find out just who this Chu Yuntian was.

During this time, Li Qiye stayed in the Sutra Room. Although there were other heavenly grottos here, they couldn’t seal the phenomena that appeared in this library.

The room continued to emit a Buddhist radiance. Although the amount was very small due to the seal, each bit was very palpable. Each Buddhist string of light seemed to be made from gold. These golden strings didn’t only have a golden shade, they also emitted a metallic sound like falling gold powder.

The phenomena exceeded just these lights. Outside of the room, one could hear Buddhist chants as if the territory inside had become a kingdom of Buddha. It gave the illusion that a Buddhist Lord was chanting inside. Each word became a supreme Buddhist mantra and law, each phrase became its own world!

Within a few days, even these grottos could no longer seal the phenomena inside. Following these images, the first golden lotus grew out from the ground. Several days later, more lotuses bloomed as a golden spring oozed out from the courtyard. This billowing golden spring represented the highest symbol of Buddhism.

This scene didn’t only frighten Wo Longxuan, even the cold old abbess was startled. The descriptions in the legends about someone capable of spewing out lotuses and making golden springs surge from the ground couldn't be superior to this. [1. Some idioms serving as adjectives for magnificent sceneries here. They can be used to describe a holy person or a great rhetor as well.]

Though neither woman could see the scene inside the Sutra Room, just these oozing golden springs and golden lotuses growing everywhere allowed them to easily imagine what was going on. Perhaps that place had become a Buddhist Kingdom with tens of millions of worshipers, millions of battle monks, and a hundred thousand meditating Bodhisattvas…

Eventually, the phenomena disappeared. One could hear a squeaking sound as Li Qiye came out from the Sutra Room. At this time, the current Li Qiye was not too different from before. He became even more ordinary looking, a transformation back to the origin.

Despite seeming even more ordinary, when one stood close to Li Qiye, they would inexplicably feel an unspeakable Buddhist affinity. It was as if a supreme Buddhist Lord was converting and enlightening you in a natural and mysterious process. People would suddenly feel an impulse to prostrate and convert to the Buddhist order.

Wo Longxuan was a genius as well as the sect master of the Sleeping Dragon Cliff. Her dao heart was extremely strong. However, when she stood close to Li Qiye, her dao heart suddenly felt a ripple with his image; an image of him looking like a Buddhist Lord.

“What is this black magic!” Wo Longxuan jumped from shock and stared at him.

At this time, Li Qiye was very gentle and calm. The world became tranquil wherever he stood. Even time didn’t dare to disturb him.

“This is the Dharma, a salvation for all existences.” Li Qiye smiled. He was clearly not a monk, but his smile gave the illusion that he was a Buddhist Lord who loved all living beings!

Wo Longxuan’s mind quaked. She took a deep breath and channeled her dao law to repel all distractions and calm these ripples in her mind. Nevertheless, she was still astounded.

Li Qiye hadn’t used any laws, just his words alone were able to move her heart. This was far too terrifying. Even the boundless Dharma of the legends wouldn’t be any more influential than this.

Eventually, he put the key back and stood before the Bodhisattva statue. He placed his palms together and bowed his head before leaving. Now, nothing was holding him back.

The whole time, the old abbess remained seated in the same place without saying a word.

After exiting the temple, Li Qiye turned around and asked: “Why are you following me?”

Wo Longxuan was right behind him. Moreover, she had changed her appearance and was shrouded in a black attire.

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